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message 1: by Adam (new)

Adam | 43 comments Has anyone seen this yet? I found it on Netflix Streaming, if anyone has that. It's directed by Kurt Kuenne, who directed this AMAZING documentary called "Dear Zachary: A Letter to A Son About His Father."

"Shuffle" is about a guy who lives his life out of chronological sequence. It's a cool concept, although I can't say I was particularly impressed with it as much as I wanted to be. It's a low-budget film, but the ideas are great.

Here's the website:

You can find it on IMDB too.

message 2: by Tej (new)

Tej (TheyCallMeMrGlass) | 1676 comments Mod
Thanks Adam, definitely one to see solely on that very cool concept.

message 3: by Howard (new)

Howard Loring (howardloringgoodreadscom) | 1174 comments Adam wrote: 'about a guy who lives his life out of chronological sequence'

Shades of Vonnegut?

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