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message 1: by Naoms (new)

Naoms (NaomsBookGeekDavis) This is not to start a controversy, lol. I honestly want to know!

I have a review blog and I am currently writing an opinion piece on men in love stories, especially Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/YA.I’d like to add in opinions, thoughts from fans.

I’d like opinions on why you love certain characters despite certain actions. For example, Edward sneaking into Bella’s bedroom to watch her sleep, before they were even really friends or a couple. Or, when he takes the battery out of her car so she can’t see Jacob.

First, would you accept that from a real life boyfriend? If not, why do you accept it from Edward? Is it because he’s a character in a film/book? Is it, because the situation is unique?

I’d love your thoughts, feel free to drop a line in my ask box or just respond to this.

message 2: by Dalia (new)

Dalia Dossetti | 1 comments Because right now you can't find someone like him. I mean Edward its so much special. I don't know why peolple find him creepy and stalker. I find him adorable the best gentleman in the world seriously he's soooo much gentlemen and decent. And I like how He loves Bella. At first He's cold but then its the most adorable men. And about what you are asking. OMG I will die if I have a boyfriend like him, I will be crazy like Bella. I love how He talk, very decent. I like how he cares so much Bella, its seem like He control her but at the final He makes her decide. I really like when he dont want to be with Bella, you know sex because he want to do the things right and dont want to hurt her. The MANNERS its somethig that Im obsessed. He always sorprised me. He really love Bella because he's not selfish. Even when he knows that also Bella love Jacob he's gentlemen. Just want someone like EDWARD

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