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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (melissaceo) | 1 comments Mod
I am looking forward to lively discussions about favorite books, characters, etc.

Please respect that everyone has a right to their own opinion.

message 2: by Sigurdur (new)

Sigurdur | 1 comments Just read the latest Keller book - best one yet.

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael Richards (michaelc1) I've been a big fan of Lawrence Block since reading my first Matthew Scudder novel many years ago. Since then, I've read many more of Mr. Block's books (though I have many more still to read) as well as enjoyed keeping up with his life in general via his occasional newsletter. Keller is my favorite of his series characters. The HIt Man books are a particular joy to read. I look forward to expanding my horizon with block books and discussing them with the group.

message 4: by Michael (new)

Michael Richards (michaelc1) Did anyone else see LB interviewed on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Thursday? He was plugging his newest Matt Scudder story, "A Drop of the Hard Stuff." To be honest, it wasn't much of an interview since LB didn't know what to make of Ferguson's schtick. But all the same, it was great to see the old guy on the telly still pluggin' away.

message 5: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Asbury | 1 comments I remember back in the 90's I spotted "The Burgler Who Traded Ted Williams" in a small bookstore and thought "this looks interesting" so I bought it. Needless to say I have been hooked on Lawrence Block ever since!

PaperbackWriter Productions | 1 comments Dear Lawrence Block Fans! Based off his amazing short story "Strangers On A Handball Court" comes a five-part Web Serial offered through Youtube! This story, told as a Web Serial brings this sinister, dark, and robustly entertaining tale to life in this timeless tale. The 5 part series is titled "Strangers On A Racquetball Court." I have been a big fan of his work for years and considered it a real treat to be a part of this Independent Short project. Check out the link below for our first teaser before the five part series debut! Interested?

message 7: by Karleene (new)

Karleene Morrow (karleenemorrow) | 1 comments Block is #1 with me and has been since the 80's. I'm a hopeless addict for any of the Scudder adventures. Bring on another one, please :) I currently am reading one of his early books on writing. He is such a gem. And fun.

message 8: by Fester (new)

Fester McHaggis (FesterMcHaggis75) | 1 comments Help?
I'm trying to figure out the name of a standalone novel Block wrote. In it, a man's life falls apart, so he starts over as a short order cook, living in a cheap
motel, before eventually getting mixed up in a counterfeit
money scheme.

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