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Why is it titled this way?

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Naga nice to continued your news, would you like to tell me another books, thank a lot Sarah

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Lauren I believe it's titled this way because the sisters were far too close, far too involved in one another's lives. barely having an identity outside each other.

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Oh how disappointing I find it when people think the word incest refers solely to inter-family sex! Your minds are so base! It's the terminology of not just your school-yard but rather as Lauren on message 4 says, because of the intimacy.. It can very much be a mental thing. You know, that thing that resides in your brain?! Do not fear the book.. Only your own personal interpretation of it! A beautiful work of art.

Zarily Sassy.I hate to disappoint you but the word incest does mean
sexual intercourse between closely related people.I agree with Lauren that Niffenegger probably use that titled because the sisters were so close.But i don't think of the title as being of importance because AN is such a surrealistic writer i think she title the book just to give it a title.In my opinion the book is really about sibling rivalry ,jealousy,healing and moving on.And yes, it's also a beautiful work of art.

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YOu've not been conversing much in the real world much then! LMAO

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