The Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark #1) The Warlord Wants Forever question

Can anyone help me identify this book?
Sazzle Sazzle Nov 19, 2012 09:11AM
I know that this post is not about this book but i can't post this without selecting a book.

I read a chapter of this book quite a few months back kinda one of them sections to get you interested in the book and I can't remember what the title was or who wrote it...or even if its a real book? (I could have dreamt it)

It is a Adult Fiction supernaturaly book.

What happens within the bit I read.

(On Earth)
There is this woman that is engaged to this man who comes from a different place/world. He plans to take her back to where ever it is he is from. (shes ok with this idea, in case anyone thinks this is kidnapping) This woman lives with a friend (who i believe is key to the other part i will describe below)

MEAN WHILE (where ever the origin of the man above is)
There is this other man (perhaps a king of some sorts)He has come from war or his world is currently at war and the hope is that he can find a solemate/wife/lover to help end the war. (or something)He has tried with practically all the women of his world and he can not find the one he is searching for...until (I guess) the key woman from the above paragraph visits that world somehow.

I realise that this is a really long shot at finding this book.

Thank you for your help

This might be a long shot but try the book "Claimed" by Evangeline Anderson. Just a thought?

Kinda sounds like the Realms Beyond book series by Jess Granger. Check it out and see if that's what you are looking for. Hope it helps.. Good Luck!

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Now you got me curious about this book...please let me know the title if you ever find out...I though may be it is one of Alexis Morgan's book...but can't be too sure...does Alexis Morgan ring a bell?


Sazzle - I don't know the name of the book you are looking for - HOWEVER, there is a group on GR that is dedicated to helping people find those lost books -

all you need to do is post a description in the adult fiction unsolved folder - with as much info as you remember and maybe someone will know - HTH

Part of the Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole. Good series, I have read them all.

Dee she was asking about another book - not Warlord wants Forever
May 26, 2013 06:31PM

Hi!! it sounds like a book in Angela Knight's Masters series , I know it has a fairy king in that situation , Master of the night is the first book highlights the kings situation , I think the second is the one with the king (Master of the Moon. I have the books on pdf there is a few books so let me know if its the one you want

This is a Kresley Cole novel, in the Immortals after Dark series. The male in the book is Nikolai Wroth, a vampire. his mate is a Valkyrie. and that's where I'll leave it, except for he has brothers and she is only one of number of valkyries. This series has were-wolves, demon's, vampires, sorceresses, valkyrie and other mythical beings. all are a great read.

Dee she wasn't asking a question about THIS book - but posted on this discussion asking about another book...
May 26, 2013 09:18PM

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