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Farid or Doria?
Samantha Arnold Samantha Nov 19, 2012 04:32AM
What do you guys think? Should Meggie stay with Farid or be with Doria? I'm all for Doria. :D

Jacqueline (last edited Mar 05, 2015 03:18PM ) Mar 05, 2015 03:15PM   2 votes
I'm sorta ripped off that Meggie choose a third wheel who comes in at the last minute instead of Farid who was there the whole trilogy and was her first love who she has been saved by on many occasions and who was just sad that his like godfather type person had died because of him.

deleted member Nov 19, 2012 12:47PM   2 votes
Doria. He sounds adorable and was quite caring for Meggie. I despise Farid. He was too obsessed over Dustfinger to continue his relationship with Meggie thoroughly. Farid also became easily jealous when seeing Meggie with Doria, all the more reason to choose Doria.

deleted user Honestly though, if the roles were reversed Meggie would be the same way Farid was.
Jul 07, 2015 01:58PM

Fared is awesome !!!!!!!!!

Farid. His funny personality is SO much better than Doria's bland one. I fell in love with him while reading Inkspell. I really dislike Doria, especially because Fenoglio predicted he and Meggie would end up with each other—like she had no choice in the matter.

I can't believe Meggie chose the wrong person; I was so mad with her at the end of Inkdeath, and think Cornelia Funke really made a mistake there. But then, Meggie's love life was kind of overboard and getting a little annoying compared to the rest of the amazing books.

Farid. Always.

Probably Doria.

I liked Farid at first, but after a while be just got boring and weird. Doria was a young boy who was never afraid to protect Meggie. To him, she was his first priority. After a while, Dustfinger became Farid's priority. #deggie

deleted member Apr 17, 2015 03:23PM   1 vote
Samantha wrote: "What do you guys think? Should Meggie stay with Farid or be with Doria? I'm all for Doria. :D"

Meggie and Farid are an amazing couple. If Mo would have died saving Meggie, wouldn't meggie do anything in her power to get him back? That was the situation when dustfinger died for farid. Farid never neglected her, he just had SLIGHTLY more important things to do like saving his own father figure! I like Meggie, but it seriously unfortunate that she chose Doria...Farid forever <3

Farid. Because Doria came out of NOWHERE. Honestly, I think that maybe it would have been possible to ship them if he had been introduced earlier, and maybe as a friend first, but that didn’t happen so yeah. And the whole thing about Meggie being sad that he wasn’t paying attention to her and the fact that she thought he cared too much about Dustfinger? MEGGIE YOU IDIOT. His FATHER figure just DIED, for goodness sake. I can understand being a little miffed at how obsessed with him Farid was, but he was honestly so sad. And he still cared about Meggie. And wouldn’t she be feeling the EXACT SAME WAY if it had been Mo or Resa? Lord, can she just not understand? (This may have made it sound like I hate Meggie and Doria, but I just don’t like that they ended up together. And I understand this is a really old discussion, but whatever.)

Julia LOL I still follow this discussion, and I agree with what you say 100%. However, please check out my response to this post below. I have posted someth ...more
Sep 02, 2018 08:17AM

Shubhda (last edited Jan 01, 2014 08:41AM ) Dec 30, 2013 11:48PM   1 vote
Farid obviously... he was not obsessed with sure Meggie would have done the same thing for Mo...Doria was just..unreal!!

In the end I'm glad Meggie ended up with Doria. At first I was thinking her and Farid should be the ones together but then he turned into a jerk and just fought a losing battle to go against the laws of nature like are you really that desperate loser? Dustfinger never even gave him any affection. Definitely Doria.

Sure, Farid could be a jerk, but I'm for Farid all the way. Doria just seems so...not real to me.

I loved Farid. I hated Doria. That's all there is to it.

I didn't mind the Farid-Meggie relationship, but then Farid seemed to be getting more and more obsessed with Dustfinger so I felt like they should end it. Doria came out of nowhere and really I'd rather he's stayed there. By the end of Inkdeath I didn't feel like Meggie really needed to be in a relationship. I think it would have been better with neither.

deleted member Sep 03, 2013 08:58PM   0 votes
This is really a hard question. Farid seemed to split himself between Dustfinger and Meggie, but he truly did love her.
I feel that Doria just showed up and stole her away. I didn't sense as much chemistry between him and Meggie as I did with her and Farid.
In the end, I liked Farid better than Doria.

i liked farid a lot in the first two books, and in the beginning of the third, but as it went on he just paid so little attention to meggie, that i got kind of annoyed. doria was sweet. however, i thought the glass man, rosenquartz, was really funny.

I really loved Farid in the beginning, but then I thought Doria was just right for Meggie!!!

Farid I really like but with some things i don't like him soooo i'm not sure who I would pick Farid or Doria.....

Julia (last edited Jun 08, 2017 10:00AM ) Jun 08, 2017 09:54AM   0 votes
Just a comment to other "commenters"... while I personally pair Meggie with Farid, it is important to the story that she ends up with Doria. From what Fenoglio wrote (albeit not in the Inkheart book but on some paper lost in one of his desks), Doria marries a woman from a distant land who tells him many stories which inspire his creations. This is exactly what happened between Doria and Meggie. While Fenoglio didn't know it would be her, he set it up anyways. In my opinion, this means that Meggie didn't really have a choice. She admits that she still *thinks* she should be in love with Farid--she wonders when her heart stopped skipping a beat when she saw him, but she admits that he still has the most beautiful eyes--but the story has shaped Meggie just as much as she has shaped it. Had she stayed out of the book, she very well could have ended up with Farid, but she was meant to become a part of the Inkworld and fulfill the role Fenoglio had written. This would also explain why she is planning to get married in this book: while she would be too young in our world, she has truly become a character in Fenoglio's, where getting married at 18 is a natural custom.
I do just wish I knew more about Doria, because we followed Farid for three books and Doria was just added in book three. I can't think of an adjective really to describe Doria, while I feel like I know so much about Farid!!
If someone is still upset that Meggie chose Doria, don't think about it in terms of the characters themselves...think of it as a wise and appropriate literary device to prove the powers and dangers of being a Silvertongue.

Ashley (last edited May 10, 2013 08:04PM ) May 10, 2013 08:04PM   0 votes
I almost forgot who Doria was :/ He's the guy that Maggie also liked in the third book right? Well I think it's stupid that the author built up Maggie and Farid's relationship to tear it down with bringing Doria in. Plus I liked Farid better. Maybe only because he was there first and whenever there's a love triange my heart always goes to the guy she fell in love with first. That's just me though.

Throughout all the books I didn't really like Farid, then in the end when she chose Doria I was all sad. It was kind of weird, but I guess in the end I did really like Farid.

sorry but i think Doria is better for Meggie. As the books went along Farid didnt really care or spend much time with her especially after Dustfinger 'died'. But after Dustfinger came back to life he got jealous of Doria so i think it was good in the end Meggie ended up with Doria.

I don't remember Doria. Where was he introduced again? I read the Inkheart trilogy, but I need a refresher on this one.

Lili (last edited Jun 13, 2015 01:38PM ) Jun 13, 2015 01:38PM   0 votes
Farid is too obsessed with Dustfinger in the last book (sadly enough :/) and Doria kind of came out off the blue. Honestly I think Meggie should have been single at the end, I mean, she's only thirteen!

I prefer Farid..

Doria for sure


Doria. I also wish the author could have put more information on him but even I ended up getting a crush on Doria. I had one first on Farid but then I fell for Doria. Meggie does end up with him doesn't she?


Doria because farid was just eh

Doria. I like Doria. He's so nice. :)

But I did like Farid for the first while. But he got so obsessed with Dustfinger it grew annoying. Actually, out of all the book characters I have encountered (and I have encountered MANY) I had the tiniest crush on Farid. But as he slowly evolved into a jerk I lost that entirely. I almost wish she would have put a little more information on Doria, just so I could get a better grip on his personailty. But either way, Farid was no good for Meggie.

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