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New Pictures to come

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((perfecto :D))

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Jack woke up to his alarm and reached to turn it off, he sort of couldn't though because his gorgeous wife was half on his chest. He chuckled and ran his fingers through her hair. "Doll.... I need to turn that ringer off."

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(she's at school, but not really doing anything, so xD)
Celeste groaned and rolled off of him. As soon as she did, she missed his body heat

Down the hall, Olivia already had her inform on. She was playing some glam punk music on her phone as she put makeup on

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((Okay :P))

Jack turned after she rolled off and turned the alarm off, he then yelled out, "Oi! Olivia! ARE you ready?" He didn't want to leave the bed, he gathered Celeste back in his arms.

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Celeste snuggled up to him, she didn't want to wake up, but she had to er liv to school, and go to work

Olivia heard him and poked her head into the hallway "Oi! Da! Are you even out of bed yet?!" she challenged with a grin

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Jack grinned at her, "Liv I'm too tired to get out of bed, lass da's don't like to get up before noon. Though Crown would probably have a fit if I didn't show up and work." He chuckled and kissed Celeste on the head.

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Celeste chuckled "the girl knows you jack, we have to get up" she said, sitting up and stretching

Olivia chuckled and walked away "well liv's don't like to get out of bed before two! Life's tough!" she called I've her shoulder, she loves to tease her father

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Jack laughed, he loved that lass. "She takes after you ya know," He commented as he got up out of bed.

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"Damn right she does" celeste said with a grin, proud of her daughter

Olivia finished putting on her heavy eye makeup. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She'd cut the skirt of her uniform so it was as short as the hollister skirt her da told her was far too short, and shed straightened her hair, she thought she looked great.

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(((UH OH argument coming up between father and daughter lol))

Jack got dressed in his suspenders, slacks, tie, and blazer. Then went to look for Olivia. He saw her and crossed his arms, "OLIVIA, go get changed right now!" He said in his deepest Irish accent, it made him sound slightly scary.

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Celere sighed as she buttoned up her purple shirt and slipped on her slacks. Of course, another fight.

Olivia wasn't phased by her fathers harsh tones "no." she said simply, walking right past him

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Jack huffed in a very ungentleman like manner and followed her, "If you don't I'll dress you myself lass, and trust me you dinna want that!" He said thickly, his face was turning red.

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"why do you even are? I look fine" Olivia said, ignoring her fathers threat as she walked into the kitchen

Celeste hung back in the master. She wanted to let jack handle discipline.

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Jack sighed deeply and followed her, he picked her up over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and took her back to her room.

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"da! Put me down! MUMMMMM!" Olivia yelled, batting and kicking at her father

Celeste sighed and came out of her room to see her husband carrying her daughter over his shoulder. She sighe heavily

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Jack didn't feel her hits or kicks really, he raised a brow at Celeste and then took her into her room. "Put on a different skirt that is school code appropriate this instant or I will go to Crown myself and get you in detention," He told her as he sat her on her bed. He stood back in front of the doorway with his arms folded over his chest.

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Olivia stompe around her room to get a new skirt. She found one that was more within her fathers standard, but still short and went into her bathroom. She came back out and glared at him "better?!"

Celeste kept walking, she would be a hypocrite if she commented. She ha always worn short skirts When she was in shool

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"Aye, much. Now give me that other one," He held his hand out to her. He still didn't approve very much of the one she had on but it was far better than the previous so he decided to let her keep that one on.

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Olivia threw the skirt at her fathers face and stomped to the kitchen

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Jack grumbled about girls in Gaelic and went back to his own room, he would let Celeste smooth things over.

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Celeste had a talk with Olivia about how he father was just trying to take care of er, and she shouldn't be so rude. Olivia knew she was right, but didn't listen at all.
"jack! What do you want for breakfast?" Celeste calls up the stairs. When Olivia was two, she'd started to make breakfast

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"French toast," He yelled back, he gathered his keys and wallet before heading downstairs to see his girls.

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Celeste nodded and headed back to the kitchen. She started to make French toast for her family

Olivia went through some pictures in her iPhone from summer. She'd really miss it

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Jack showed up in the kitchen soon after answering Celeste, he dropped a kiss on top of olivia's head and then kissed his wifes cheek. "Smells good doll," He said to her and leaned against the opposite counter.

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Celeste put a few pieces of finished toast on a platter "start eating liv, you're going to be late after that skirt fiasco"

Olivia sighe and put a piece on her plate, grumbling "he started it"

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Jack raised a brow at her, he started it? She started it by wearing the scrap of fabric she considered a skirt! He had thrown it away of course and would be calling in another order of skirts for her with Crown.

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Celeste rolled her eyes "oh, both of you were wrong"

Olivia stayed quiet, not wanting to admit she had another skirt the same length safe in her bag

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"I'll see you at lunch doll, I think I'll skip breakfast," He said and gave her one more kiss on the cheek. He gave Olivia a warning look and then told her, "I love you Olivia, please don't make me homeschool you." He kissed her cheek as well and then went outside. He put a box that had a small charm bracelet in it on Celestes drivers seat, there was a charm of the Eiffel tower attached to it. He wanted to surprise her, he shut her door to her vehicle and hopped into his truck and headed to the school.

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Olivia rolled her eyes dramatically, she planned on changing when her mother took her to school. Her mother hurried her through the house, thinking they would be late

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Jack started the truck and left, he went down the road at a leisurely pace and then saw some an SUV pull out fast in front of him, he was glad Olivia didn't have her own car or license yet.

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Celeste practically pushed her daughter out the door. She found the box in the front seat an just stared at it for a minute or so. It's been so long, and she and jack still loved each other just as much

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Jack called Celeste on his blue tooth that was part of his car. He listened to the ringing.

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Jack had gotten her a Bluetooth, but Celeste never cared to use it. She put her phone invetween er shoulder an ear "Heyooo jack"

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"Hello doll, did you get your present?" He asked her with a grin.

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"yes, it beautiful, I love you" Celeste made a kiss noise into the phone. Liv didn't care, because she was on her tunblr

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"I love you too, tell our daughter to look under her seat," He said, he turned off to the road that would lead him to the school and headed to the headmaster office, where he would be working.

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Celere nodded, causing the phone to almost fall "Kay. Liv, LIV! Look under the seat"

Olivia did as her miter told her and peeked under her seat, to see a pink Chanel bag. Her eyes lit up "tell da that I'm really sorry about this morning and that I love him and I'll throw out the other shortie one I have" she said loudly, already moving thigs from her current purse to the new one

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Jack held back a sigh at hearing what she said about the other short skirt. At least she was honest about it, "Tell her she's welcome. I'm sorry too," He said.

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"I forgive you! You got me a new bag" Olivia smiled, bags were her weakness, she had far too many.

Celeste sighed "shell probably jump hug you next time she sees you"

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"Probably, sorry doll I saw it and it had just come in at that European store we're so fond of," He said, he knew he spoiled their daughter too much.

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Celere smiled as she drove "you shouldn't apologize jack, you just love your daughter, muh better than some parents" se said

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Jack agreed there, his father was annoying as hell, "True, well I'm going to go, love you girls."

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"love you" both the girls chorused as Celeste hung up and pulled into her parking spot. Said her goodbyes to Olivia and then went into school

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He pulled into the driveway and parked his truck, he hopped out and waited for Olivia to get out as well.

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Olivia hopped out of the car and ran up to the door. Celeste tossed her the keys and Olivia opened up te door

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Jack grinned and walked in behind them, "What are we wanting for dinner? He asked them.

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"sushi!" Olivia called from the stairs

Celeste shrugged "I guess sushi"

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"Okay.... I don't know how to make that," He said with a raised brow. "I told you we should have hired a cook and maid."

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