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Terrance Riley | 1 comments Hi, I am Terrance Riley. Please add my new novel, Falling from Heaven.
isbn 978-0-9886625-0-6, self published and available on Amazon, Smashwords and other sites and in all ebook formats.


By Terrance Riley
Jehovah (Jove) Heaven is a recently retired space tugboat captain, one-eyed veteran of the Outlands wars, compulsive gambler and widower. He plans to buy his old tugboat, refit her, and use her technology to mine other worlds for precious metals. Julia, his girlfriend of many years accompanies him. But still short a crew member he contacts his estranged son, the unaccomplished and disappointing Godfrey Sullivan (G.S.) Heaven.
Meanwhile, an evil and sinister man, Avil Abaddon, wants to buy Jove’s old tugboat for a completely different reason. He believes there is something quite valuable hidden somewhere aboard her: An ancient alien healing device called the Hoitus. Abaddon is certain that possession of this device will help him become the most powerful man in the galaxy. He will stop at nothing to obtain it.
G.S. Heaven, Jove’s son, is inadvertently trapped on a planet that closely resembles Earth during Biblical times and, due to the advanced technology he possesses, is celebrated as a god… at least until the Romans hear about him!
Does Jove ever rescue G.S. from certain death? Does Avil Abaddon prevail in his quest to become the richest man in the universe? Does Julia ever shut up?

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