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Oliver's Office is similar to his home in many ways, aside from his home is much smaller. Oliver's Office is grand, every surface varnished mahogany with soft lights giving the room a cosy glow. Books, papers and random objects are piled high to the ceiling, and his desk is to the left from the door. To the right is a large, gleaming table large enough for the entire department to sit in, where Oliver holds his weekly meetings.

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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
-Enter Oliver-

Oliver strode into his office deep in thought. He absently pulled out a polo shirt and pair of jeans, quickly changing out of his work clothes and into something more comfortable. No doubt another pureblood or halfblood will become Minister... he frowned, picking up his wand. A crazy thought passed through Oliver's head, so silly that he laughed aloud. Then he really started thinking, and after a few minutes Oliver gave the thin air a decisive nod.

He began waving his wand and non-verbally casting spells, and slowly, his office seemed to neaten up. Papers flew into cabinets, quills mended themselves and rolled into his desk drawers, his clother folded and shot into the bottom drawer of his desk, and books hopped onto bookshelves. Oliver grinned at the finished result, then grabbed a jacket and left the office.

"Zainab, Leopard-Man, Dickens and Westchester make up today's practical team. Contact can be acheived through the usual methods, and everyone is to report to me at tomorrow's rescheduled weekly meeting," Oliver yelled as he walked through the Level, loud enough for everyone in their offices to hear.

-Exit Oliver to the Atrium-

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