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message 1: by LAJones (new)

LAJones (LAJones50) | 105 comments Mod
If you could materialise any male or female from a book to be your boyfriend or girlfriend who would it be? :)

message 2: by Loulinaire (new)

Loulinaire | 15 comments humm...a young version of Merlin: mischievous, powerful, mysterious (here we go again..:P). One big problem: in his young age he was known for being a ladys'man..not so good apparently you can't keep such a hansome man for you alone. Except if it's Richard Cypher..His problem: well, too busy..Always saving the world, discovering new dangerous power. How do you want to squiz a kiss??
please note that I'm not talking of the actors that are playing this personnage but of teh visualisations I have of them.
If anyone better pop in my mind, I'll let you know: I'm not quite satisfied with my choice yet.

And you?

message 3: by LAJones (new)

LAJones (LAJones50) | 105 comments Mod
Hmmm thats a tricky one for me hahaha if I REALLY had to, it would have to be out of
Patch (Hush Hush) Daemon (Lux) Dimitri (Vampire Academy)

message 4: by Loulinaire (last edited Jan 06, 2013 05:20AM) (new)

Loulinaire | 15 comments ok ok, I think I found one:
Loren Blake (House of Night) in a world where Nepheret not would exist.
Haven't read Lux or Vampire academy yet :S but I'm planning of changing taht really soon!:)

message 5: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Simpson (crystalsimpson) | 9 comments finished lux and it was good. but I would chose William from the Eden series by Nicole Williams. he is sweet loyal and funny.

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