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message 1: by [Coco] (new)

[Coco] (mattyhealy) Hey! Did you want to do anything specific? I'll do anything except m/m or f/f.

message 2: by Soul Eater (new)

Soul Eater  (panda_3) | 239 comments lol its up to you

message 3: by [Coco] (new)

[Coco] (mattyhealy) Well, we're already doing good/bad, so....

Would you want to do forbidden or something else? I'm seriously out of rp ideas.

message 4: by [Coco] (new)

[Coco] (mattyhealy) ??

message 5: by [Coco] (new)

[Coco] (mattyhealy) (Yeah I'd rp with you, too. I usually do two/three lines if you're okay with that. And I hate paranormal. Could you make it?)

message 6: by [Coco] (new)

[Coco] (mattyhealy) ??

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