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Fever in the Blood

The first in my Blood Cravings novella series, Fever in the Blood, was released just over two weeks ago and the second, Blood Lust, is due to be released this week.

I'd really love to know what you guys think of the series so far.

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Francis Franklin (FrancisJamesFranklin) | 535 comments I'm always puzzled by the idea of vampires only feeding off other vampires. (I don't mean Blood Cravings specifically.) How does it work? Amy drinks Bob's blood, Bob drinks Caroline's blood, Caroline ... has no one to feed off, is too weak to move and suffers an eternity of undead agony...?

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I've written it as a symbiosis, where vampires eat other food for sustenance but there is something in each other's blood which needs to be consumed in addition to normal food for survival. (I haven't gone into too much detail yet in the series about the 'biology' of it, so don't want to give too much away!)

So Amy drinks Bob's blood and Bob drinks Amy's - then they call in a takeaway.

Does that make sense, Francis :)

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Francis Franklin (FrancisJamesFranklin) | 535 comments A little, thanks.
So... Could they survive by drinking their own blood? (I don't mind if you don't want to answer.)

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Again, it's something which I intend to write about more in future stories, but for now can I just say they have a psychological block on it and leave it at that?

Sorry to be a little mysterious, Francis.

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Francis Franklin (FrancisJamesFranklin) | 535 comments No worries...
Good luck with the series.

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thanks :)

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