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message 1: by LAJones (last edited Nov 18, 2012 04:24AM) (new)

LAJones (LAJones50) | 105 comments Mod
Hey guys,
If you have been reading a book this week (which Im sure you all have :) ) Say what book it is and then write on this discussion your favourite quote is from that book :)
It can be romantic, it can be sad, it can be funny (I think you get the Idea hahah)

message 2: by Loulinaire (new)

Loulinaire | 15 comments Still reading the 1 Hush Hush book.
I really laught when I read, betwteen teh () is what was going on in my head while reading this :

"What are you doing Saturday night?" (I began to be excited)
A moment's pause "I have a date with the usual" (What? Who's that?? Did I miss something?)
This appeared to spark his interest. "The usual?" (yeah!exactly!!Who's that??)
"homework" (loooooooooool)
"cancel" (*hiiiiii* re-excitment:):))

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