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message 1: by Gregory (new)

Gregory Stoakes | 2 comments Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce my new Epic Fantasy book

Death or Redemption for Kindle and

Death or Redemption in paperback

Death or Redemption The Chronicle Scrolls (Volume 1) by Gregory Stoakes

Drawn in by a group of merciless men, Ishbun is unwittingly entangled in a plot to reshape the world. Guiding them towards Chem’a’tol, he discovers the truth too late and becomes hostage to an epic fate. A perilous enemy is born and a grand battle for survival begins which whisks him through foreign lands, strange peoples and shocking revelations, teaching him wisdom, strength and loyalty. Compelled to right his mistakes, Ishbun joins with a King, a Thief, a Lunatic and even the ones that would have seen him dead to fight the Beast of Mortilas. Locked in a deadly game of chess with the Gods, he must face war, horror and vile magic to rid the world of this unholy monster. Armed with a simple weapon that is charged with the power to destroy this foul creature, Ishbun struggles to keep his feet and not be swept away by the coming apocalypse.

Looking forward to your feedback and I hope you enjoy.

Gregory Stoakes

message 2: by Steveg (new)

Steveg | 2 comments I picked up Death or Redemption after seeing a friend mention it on Facebook. It was by an unknown author so I didn't really know what to expect.

I was pleasantly surprised when right from the off the story drew me in. I quickly found I had read almost half the book in my first session and I just wanted more. It is very easy to become drawn into this well developed world the author has created. The characters have great depth and you quickly come to feel for them, as they struggle through the twists and turns of the tale.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a new and exciting fantasy world to become lost in. It truly is an Epic tale of life and death, full of twists and turns that will keep even the most die hard critic enthralled from cover to cover.

message 3: by Gini (new)

Gini Cooling | 3 comments Whilst I love fantasy, this is not my normal kind of book, so when it was recommended to me, I will admit to starting with a little trepidation. However, that lasted about as long as the end of the first chapter!

I grew to love the characters, even the bad guys, and I loved the world this new author has created. The pace of the book is perfect, the right combination of action and story.

If you are willing to give a new author a chance, you cannot go far wrong with this book - I am eagerly awaiting the release of book 2!

message 4: by David (new)

David Stimson | 1 comments I found this book to be really refreshing, having the 'good' guys as a group of thieves, murderers and necromansers made a great change. Had me hooked from quite early and a totally unexpected twist makes me eager for book 2. Thoroughly recommended.

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