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This is where the real fun starts........ bwahahahahahahhahahaha
Twins room
Shade's room
Death the Kids room


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Shade heard the ring of the bell that echoed throughout the whole building signaling it was 6:30am. The little blue light in the corner of her room told her that it was time to get up also. All the little signals pointing towards the same direction. Stupid first day of school. She laid up in bed. Her bedroom was relatively plain and boring. She was allowed to have her own interests and hang up posters, but she didn't choose to. She didn't want her parents to know what she liked. She'd rather keep up with the millions of bunny rabbits with missing eyes or stitches up its back from every Christmas. Mother. God was she strange. Shade shook her head and got out of the covers, abandoning her warmth. She quickly got dressed, knowing if she wasn't down to the table by 7:00am she was screwed. She quickly got dressed in her uniform, adding just a touch of make up, not much, just so her mom didn't find out she was wearing it. Her mother was so naive though so she didn't think it would matter all that much if she caked it on. Instead she put her hair up in a bun and attached a silver bow to it. Little dots of red were on it. The glitter made her excited and she touched it gingerly. The story of the bow was a long one. Apparently her Mother had worn it when she was 15 also. Damn, she thought to herself, wondering if the dots could have been blood. Probably. The compound or rather 'home' had almost seen bloodshed every week since it was bought by her parents. She quickly made her way down the elevators and many doors to the kitchen area for breakfast, looking and darting her eyes hoping that she wouldn't see her brother, Death, on her way there.

Bethany stood in the kitchen still in her pajamas from the night before. She didn't like getting up this early yet. Under her eyes were dark circles from not getting much sleep the night before. She stretched, not seeing anyone coming down for breakfast just yet. She didn't even know what to make. She didn't really want to make anything either. She tugged her beanie down so her eyes were covered in darkness. She wanted to sleep. She went to the fridge and sat on the floor by it, her legs crossed. She fell asleep on it, dreaming about her first day at school and remembering how awful it had gone. Part of her wished that her kids would have the same experience. The torment it brought upon her to see her could have been friends practically making out in the same room as her. Or the next. Her memory was a little foggy from all those years ago. She waited for the sound of the twins waking up. The almost devilish screams that would fill the compound. Those spoiled brats knew it must have been feeding time. She waited for it, but slowly falling into sleep instead on the floor.

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Death the kid made a loud noise that could have been a moan, more animalistic though. He put his pillow over his head trying to get just a few more minutes of sleep. His mind had just started to shut off for sleep when he felt someone tap his leg. He sighed loudly and looked out from under the pillow, Otto his dad was standing there with his arms crossed and he was staring at him. "Dad get out!" Death said gruffly. Otto didn't take that well, he picked up the edge o the mattress an flipped it up so that Death was dumped onto the floor. "School, so get dressed and downstairs in five," Otto demanded. He walked out of the room without a backward glance, he just assumed his son would do as he was told. Death thought of throwing a knife into the back of his fathers head, it made him smile a moment and then he got up to dress. He put on a red button up and a pair of jeans, then headed out of his room. He checked his sisters room but she was already up and downstairs apparently.

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((Hahahahahhahahaha oh my gosh that was hilarious and i dunno why but i find that pffffhhhhttt))

Shade walked along the corridors of the compound. She heard a hard thump on the floor. Death, she thought. Idiot. If he would only do as he was told. She couldn't blame him really. She didn't want to go to school either. Probably filled with a bunch of Haters like the last school. Why were they in Russia anyway? For this stupid school? She couldn't wrap her head around it quite yet. She made her way to the stairs and walked down them, two at a time, hoping she wouldn't fall down them. She walked into the kitchen to find her Mother asleep on the floor. Typical she thought to herself. She shook her head as she sat on the couch instead of going into the kitchen area. Frankly if she couldn't eat or get ready then she wouldn't have to go to school. That simple.

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((haha I was laughing too! :P))

Otto rolled his eyes as he exited his sons room, he was a bit annoying. He wasn't sure if he was proud of how his son was turning out or just plain annoyed. He knew it was a teenager thing but he really wished he could just beat it out of him sometimes. Though him and Bethany had discussed that option neither of them thought it would do much good so they abandoned the idea quickly. Otto checked on the twins, they seemed to still be sleeping in their beds. He re-locked the door and went downstairs. If the door wasn't locked those two would probably kill the res of the house in their sleep. He shook his head and went into the kitchen. He smiled when he saw his wife asleep, she really didn't like being up this early. He picked her up easily and sat her in the living room where Shade was. "Hey Shade, I'm going to cut up some fruit, then you guys can head out." He told her before going back to the kitchen.

Death went to the bathroom and took care of morning stuff, then went to go downstairs. He saw his dad entering the kitchen so he decided to go the opposite way. He found his mother asleep on a couch and his sister was sitting on the other couch, she looked like she was sulking. "Hey Shade," He said with a smirk. He wondered if he could get in some torture before school. Then he frowned, when he had tried something on her last week he had been grounded from any weapons for three days. His dad had said he needed to stop doing things like that to his little sister. Of course he didn't understand why, but whatever.

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Shade watched as her Father had come in with her Mother and sat her on the couch. She couldn't help, but snicker at her Mother. She looked like an angel now, but she could have been the devil's daughter and her siblings and her the Devil's grandchildren. She thought about that type of family tree for a second and quickly forgot about the idea of that .It would involve a very nast- she broke off her thoughts before she could describe what would have been a disturbing sexual remark. She heard her Father and nodded. Just a few extra minutes, that's all she had to be here for. She then after a couple of seconds saw Death come in. He greeted her in an almost brotherly sweet voice. She stuck her tongue out at him, knowing he was faking it. Next thing she would now she could be hanging down outside in front of a boiling pot of acid. She couldn't take such chances.

Bethany felt herself being picked up and opened her eyes. She smiled and said in a hoarse voice thanks to the early morning "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," She was still around half asleep in her own little bubble of a world, not in reality. She saw her son come in and Shade on the couch. She looked beautiful for the first day of school, she cooed about her daughter. She crossed her legs on the couch and sat up a little, watching everything that was going on in her family. Why did she look so miserable? She thought for a moment. She couldn't blame her really, but she would have a talk later with her when she came home. She then looked to her son, Death, and raised an eyebrow, if he tried anything to Shade again he would be in for it.

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Otto went to the kitchen and looked through their big knife drawer, he thought of it as big because it was a big drawer and it had such an assortment of knives it was ridiculous. Hence the baby gates setup around the kitchen so the twins could not enter. He took out a chef knife and then a bunch of different fruits, he sliced and diced an assortment of fruits up slowly, methodically. While he thought about how this was his children first day to the very school him and his wife had met at. He hoped they had an easier time than him.

Death saw that his mother was awake, he decided against doing anything to his sister and instead acted like he was going to go into the kitchen with his father. At the last moment though he turned quickly so his mother wouldn't see and went upstairs, he unlocked the twins door and walked in. If he couldn't torture his sister then he would awake the heathens so that his parents didn't get any rest while he was in school. He scared Zelda into wakefulness with a loud, "Raaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr." Then after she was successfully screaming he dumped Link onto the floor much like his father had done him. Both twins were now screaming, Link was laying face down on the floor. Death quickly left the room, re-locked it and went to his own room like he didn't know why they were screaming like banshee's.

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Bethany saw Death leave, but didn't know where t. It didn't matter as long as he left his younger sister alone that was all that mattered really. She heard a long, penetrated noise that rang in the air than screaming. She bolted up from the couch saying "Dammit!," She quickly disregarded everything else and ran up the stairs to the Twin's room. She opened the door to find Link on his face and Zelda crying. She unlocked the baby gate and quickly gathered Link up who wailed still cursing under her breath. She then put him back into his crib, trying to soothe Zelda. She was already getting a headache form this mess. She picked both the twins up and rocked them, sleepily singing "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11," The number song. It was one of the only songs she really knew that wasn't loud and heavy. She gently rocked the twins, trying to soothe them.

Shade saw her brother leave the room and before she knew it, she heard loud screams. The twins. She looked to her Mother who looked frantic as she ran to see what was wrong. She got up from the couch saying under her breath "Piece of shit brother," She knew he was probably the troubled teenager in the house and she was aware of her attitude, but this was unreasonable. She looked to her Father for a second, but then back to the stairs. She contemplated going after Death. If he was going to be tardy then that would make her tardy as well. She grew a little angry and marched up the stairs to Death's room. She knocked loudly then crossed her arms saying "Are you serious?,"

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Otto heard the twins wailing and he sighed, he wondered what had awoken them. He knew that everyone was downstairs, or at least he thought they all were.... he hoped Death hadn't had anything to do with it. His son was going to be the death of him, if it had been him and his wife found out either she would use some punishment on him or she would tell Otto he needed to have a talk with his son. He put the fruit in bowls with a furrowed brow and then wiped his hands on a towel. He peeked into the living room but no one was in there. Great. He ran upstairs, opened the baby gate to the twins room and went inside. "Want help?" He asked Bethany.

Death heard the wailing subside and sighed, he had really enjoyed their torturous screams for a little bit. His mother must have gone in to soothe them. Then he soon heard a knock on the other side and the annoying voice of his younger sibling. He rolled his eyes and climbed out of his bed where he had been relaxing. He opened the door and looked down at her, "What?" He asked like he had no idea what she was referring to. He had an evil glint in his eye though that said otherwise.

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Bethany heard Otto coming up the stairs and turned around holding both of the twins in her arms. She nodded saying "Can you take Link? He was hit pretty hard on the head," A little bump was forming on the top of poor Link's head. She felt a pang of envy at the pain he had recieved but also a longing for the pain to go away for her son. She still held Zelda and bounced her up and down, hoping she would stop crying soon. Link had stopped crying already and now just whimpered occaisionaly, rubbing the bump on his head. She looked down at her twins and smiled softly.

Shade stared at him in disbelief. Denial much? She thought to herself, almost saying it, but knowing that it would only cause her more pain. She was furious at him. How could he do that? She thought he had loved the twins, but she guessed with Death everything was so unclear. She looked into his eyes and said "Don't deny it. You did that to the twins! Why?," She asked, raising her voice. She knew she was only a year younger, but she also felt the need to be bossy, even just a little. It was only trait that she had gotten from probably her Father, but definietly not her Mother.

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Otto nodded and took the little guy, his heart melted. The twins had a soft spot in his heart which was why they were so bad probably. He rubbed Link's head softly and kissed his forehead gently. He didn't want his son to be hurting, he wondered what had happened, there was no way he jumped out of that crib. He sighed deeply, he knew it was Death, he just knew. He didn't want to have to talk to his son again about hurting family, maybe he needed to ground him again.

Zelda was mad, she had been scared by her big brother Death and didn't understand why, her three year old mind just couldn't comprehend it. She put her face into her mommies shirt and hiccuped from all her crying and just whined, "Bad deaf!" In her baby talk.

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Bethany watched as her husband took the toddler from her. She kept an eye on him and she breathed a sigh of relief. He was in good hands now. Link smiled at his Father's touch and clapped with his hands, his eyes practically glowing. A sudden mood change from earlier. It was strange hoe to happened, it was almost as if he was bi-polar. Bethany held Zelda and chuckled at the sounds that came out of her mouth. It was if she was a real grown up person in a small body. It was truly adorable. She whispered in a sweet voice to her "Ssshhh it's okay, bunny. Death will get what he deserves," She truly meant it, too. In her younger years she would have possibly put him in a shark tank and almost drown him or possibly get eaten, but those days were almost over and now she knew he just had to be grounded. It might be the only way. And maybe bars across his window like in that Harry Potter movie they all saw together as a family.

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((I forgot Shade and Death! *Hits self* Bad author!))

Death looked at her in surprise she was actually going to call him out on it. "Because I was bored and you weren't available," He told her bluntly, then leaned against the door. "Are you available now? I could skip school and ... torture you," He thought about letting rats nip at her skin while she was tied up, his parents would probably have a heart attack over that one. They hated it when he heart the twins or Shade. "I do love those little scoundrels but I don't have to be nice to them for it." He shrugged.

Otto smiled back at his son, he really was amazing. He heard Zelda and rose a brow. "Unlucky for that boy that she can say that," He commented. He hugged Link close and reached down into his crib, he came back up with a stuffed teddi bear, he handed it to Link who snuggled it close. He glanced over at Bethany and Zelda who seemed to be snuggling as well. He heard his wife and knew that meant they were going to be having a talk with their son when he got home from school. "I don't know what's gotten into him lately," He said to Bethany in a soft tone. Death was their first born, he loved him but he was really asking for a good beating.

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Shade raised an eyebrow and almost had the urge to spit on her brother right then and there. It was aggrivating how annoying he could get. Especially even though she knew he was probably only joking, but it seemed pretty real to her. Maybe he wasn't joking. She could never really ever tell. Instead she touched her ponytail , twirling it around her finger and snapping back "No. Of course not! As much as I want to skip school you better not make me late!," She sneered at him, trying her best to intimedate him, but knew it was a futile attempt. She had to admit her brother was tough and she didn't really consider herself to be. He was older. She was younger. So many differences it was sometimes unbareable.

Bethany nodded and put Zelda back down into her crib that she shared with Link. She gave Zelda a stitched up teddy bear. She always got one for her kids almost every Christmas. It was sort of tradition she held from when she was a child. She knew it had always comforted her and hoped that it would comfort her children, too. She then pushed her hand through her tangled hair and said in a tired tone "Yeah I know. He reminds me of you actually. The rumors that went around," She smirked at him and remembered how he was such a 'bad boy' or what he seemed to act like in the Academy.

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Death chuckled at his little sisters reaction, she wanted to be so tough but really she was probably the softest one of them all. Even the twins had a bit of a harder shell than her, though they were still so little. He knew by her age they'd be raising hell much like himself. "Alright then sister lets get going. Before I get a lecture," He added as he grabbed his jacket. He said sister like it left a nasty taste in his mouth. He took her by the hand and ran down the stairs and outside. "Which one should we take?" He asked looking at the vehicles. Neither of them had a license but that wasn't about to stop Death.

Otto raised a brow, "Me? I wasn't this bad was I?" He asked, then chuckled a little, "Okay okay yeah he may be a bit like me. I wouldn't hurt siblings though if I had had any." He hated how his son didn't seem to care who he hurt, family or anyone else. He should protect the family, and do whatever he liked to the others. He set Link down in the same crib as Zelda this time. "I'm putting them together, maybe they'll stay calm for a bit if they're together." He said, then took her hand. "One of us should get the kids to school," He said as he walked with her back to the hall.

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Shade's face felt like it was on fire. She knew her attempts at being better than her brother were wasted in an instant. She felt a little relieved at the fact that they were going to go without Mother or Father's permission at all. It felt nice to be doing something on their own for once. She almost jerked her hand out of Death's grasp until they were downstairs. She was afraid she would have fallen if she had. She tugged her hand out of his reach, afraid that he would almost break her wrist. It was a silly fear, but he had done some horrid stuff to her. She opened the door to outside, grabbing her bag on her way out. Not even bothering with the fruit that was cut up on the table. She looked at both the vehicles on the street and pointed to the one on the right "That one. It has tinted windows, no one will see,"

Bethany nodded and said "Of course not. You're too sweet for that!," She chuckled to herself at the remark she had made then walking out back towards the hall. She took one last look with loving eyes towards her two children. Her precious babies and blew them a kiss with her hand. She hoped nothing would happen to them. She knew though that as soon as she would leave for school, one of them would probably find the matches and lit the compound on fire. Good thing they had made it fire proof! She then walked back to the hall saying "Of course, better hurry though. I don't even know where those two are," She looked around, trying to find traces of where they could have gone to.

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Death rolled his eyes at her like she was stupid, but he agreed with her, the SUV was the best idea. No cops or campus security would know it was two young teenagers driving the vehicle. "Get in," He said and jumped into the drivers seat, his parents had left the keys in the car thank goodness. He started it up and didn't even bother to put his seat belt on. He hit the button that would make the doors to the compound open, then waited until he could pass through and get onto the main road. The compound was highly secure, the gates closed behind them with the barbed wire over the top and electric attached to them, not much chance of anyone getting in.

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Otto smirked and then felt a tenderness for Bethany as she blew a kiss to the twins, it looked like they were playing together with their stuffed animals. He was glad she got their children their own stuffed animals, he got her one every year as well. Usually from an antique store of some sort, sometimes they were new but not often. He thought the more unique ones were in Antique stores. "Yeah I have no idea where they are," He said and went in search of the kids.

((Sorry didn't mean to post the first half))

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Shade nodded and put her hand on the warm door knob. She tugged it with a hand and climbed into the passenger seat. For a fleeting moment she thought that Death was going to crash them both, maybe even aiming for a tree specifically on her side of the car. She wiped away that possiblity for a moment and just focused on getting out of the compound, thinking up excuses for why they were here in the first place. She watched as the scenery changed as they went out of the barbed wire fencing and electrical currents. That was their home. A hell of a home it was, too. She looked straight ahead at the road and suddenly she asked "You remember the way right?," She had been there fro 3 years already, but it seemed like it was her 1st year all over again.

Bethany suddenly got an urge of panic and tugged on Otto's hand thinking the same thought "I'll check upstairs, you search down here!," She almost ordered as she hurried to the stairs and climbing up them two at a time. She looked in every room, finding them either locked and her fumbling with the key or practically empty except for maybe a buzzing cell phone or a still sounding alarm clock. She ran back downstairs to announce her news "I can't find them!," She got antsy and started to look in obscene places like under the couch and behind the television.

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Death rolled his eyes, "Of course I do, I'm not dumb." He said and pulled out in front of a truck, he almost hit him but punched the gas and got well ahead of the guy before they crashed. He thought about what that would have looked like. Blood everywhere, cuts, bruises, possibly lives lost. He shook those thoughts from his mind and then paid attention to the road. "You okay?" He asked Shade, not like he really cared but she looked a little pale.

Otto nodded and went in search of their children. He had no idea where they went off to, first place he checked was the kitchen. Maybe they had gone in there to eat the breakfast he had prepared for them, he knew it wasn't much but at least it was food. Nope they weren't there, he searched the laundry room, the living room, guest bathroom. Nothing, they were nowhere to be found. He glanced out the window and saw the gates to the compound closing. He sighed loudly and went to get Bethany, he pulled her up from looking under a table. "I think we need to see if our vehicles are still here." He said.

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Shade nodded slowly "I'm fine!," She snapped back. She crossed her arms pouting a little, looking out the window at the passing trees. One of her eyes were on the look out for more trucks. She put her hand on the radio dial and switched it to some rock tunes that she liked. Normally they didn't have very good stuff on the radio, but she was more of a channel flipper than anything. She swtiched between static and the rock tunes. She was wondering which one was better than the other.

Bethany felt someone tug on her pajamas and she looked up, climbing from out of the under of the table. She looked out the window and cursed under her breath. She felt like she needed to tug out her hair. This was stressful, you're kids getting older by the day and more rebellious. She couldn't blame them really, but she was going to have a talk with them. She gave a grunt and muttered "They're gone. What do we do?!," She was worried that Death would kill them both, he wasn't even suposed to drive, he needed permission from them, but oh well, looks like someone broke the rules. Again.

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Death tuned onto school property and ignored his sisters antics with the stupid radio. He didn't really care what was on anyway. He looked for a parking spot and finally found one near the headmasters office, eh it was risky but oh well. He parked the SUV and turned the ignition off, he slipped the keys into this jacket pocket and grabbed his his bag from the back seat. "Later loser," He told her and left her alone to fend for herself with whatever she needed to do next.

Otto rolled his eyes and banged his head into the wall several times before speaking, it was his way of distressing since he was a kid, banging his head against things. "We get the twins packed up, go in the other car up to the school, use the spare key to get the SUV, drive it back here. This afternoon you or I pick up Shade and Death gets to walk home. That's his punishment, he needs to learn to listen to the rules and to at least respect us somewhat this is ridiculous," Otto mapped out the plan in his head already.

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Shade felt the car jolt to a stop in front of the school. The parking lot to be exact. She heard Death call her a loser and she stuck her tongue out at him behind his back. Flipping him off as he walked away to the school. She looked to the clock on the inside of the car and cursed under her breath, like her Mother did sometimes if she was really stressed out. Of course she didn't care if she was late. Missing out on all the hot guys. Or cute girls. She teased herself a little about herself being bi-sexual and the fixed her bow in the mirror for a second, then hopping out of the car. Hearing the car door slam against it. She popped a piece of gum in her mouth before going at a jog to the school.

Bethany nodded and said "Sounds like a plan," She took a deep breath before cracking her knuckles in pure frustration. She said as she walked to the stairs, knowing today was going to be exhausting already "I'll pack the twins up," She trudged up the stairs and into the twin's room. She got them dressed in coats even though it was hot outside and put little beanies with animal ears poking out either side of the hat. She thought they were adorable. She pulled on some jeans and just wore a sweatshirt over her panda pajama top before heading down stairs with the twins in their car seats already.

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Otto nodded, he headed upstairs and got ready, he put on a pair of jeans, and a long sleeved shirt, then his leather jacket. He grabbed the keys to their other vehicle and headed downstairs, he saw Bethany with both carseats and took one from her to help out. The twins were making happy noises, well at least they were going to behave for now, probably wouldn't last long but he was glad for the peace while it lasted. He was going to kill his son before it was all over with, he could already see it.

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Bethany saw her husband come down the stairs and take one of the seats from her arms and smiled a thank you. She walked out towards the door that lead out to where the garage was. She hopped into the driver seat of the car and put the twin in the back. She looked at it and then towards the passanger seat where Otto should be getting in any time now. She plugged the keys in and started the engine up.

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Otto opened the back door and slid in the other car seat, he clicked each one into the seat and then handed them some soft toys to play with. He then closed the door and got into the front passenger seat. "Hopefully we don't kill him when he gets home," He mumbled as he buckled his own seatbelt. His ears listened for the rumble of the car but heard only a quiet purr, it was weird how the new cars were so quiet, he wasn't sure really what to make of it.

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Bethany nodded and sighed saying "Yeah. If we did kill him, I bet Shade would be happy," She smirked at the thought. It was such a bizarre thought, but probably was totally true. she put the car in reverse and started towards the school, as they got closer she saw the shape of their car that was 'stolen' from them and pulled up next to it "There it is," She put the car in park and crossed her arms, at first feeling a wave of anger, but then just relief that they had gotten the car back.

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Otto nodded, probably. Their daughter had endured hell from her brother since the day she'd been born. Though they had tried to protect her Death always found a way to get to her and hurt her. He didn't like to remember the day they had found him cutting into her like she was a doll. She had looked like she would die. Thank goodness him and Bethany had had enough practice with repairing each other that they had saved her life successfully. He looked up as they arrived next to the SUV, he growled low and got out, he used the spare key and got in. He started the car up, prepared to follow Bethany home, he had tucked Zelda into the SUV so that they each had a twin.

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Otto pulled out of the parking lot and talked to Zelda as they drove away. "Zelda do not take after your big brother, he is a bad boy, very bad. He is going to be in so much trouble when he gets home. He'll be lucky if your mother doesn't kill him, or me for that matter. I don't know what he did to wake you two up this morning but he is going to pay for it." He continued talking to his daughter on their way home.

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Bethwny felt the wheel under her cold hands and drove towards home. She thought about all the things she could do to torture that kid. Get the answers and just leave him in his room to suffer the aloneness. It was that much she could do to let poor trwins know that heir brother would get the boot. Well maybe a knife. Or maybe a whip, decided what she feels like when she gets home. It would be her honor to get her son out of the dark and see why he's doing this. Well she couldn't really know that, she understood it. She did. She was almost like Otto smd her combines. She turned the rock music up loud blaring out the music inti the car, half headbanging to let her anger out. She drove inti the driveway and waited for Otto to come with Zelda.

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Otto was near home when he saw the culprit he had just been talking about walking back towards the schoo. WHAT THE HELL, was what his mind was screaming! He jerked the car over, hard. Right in front of Death, who looked up when a car stopped in front of him. He gulped visibly when he saw that it was his father. "GET IN," Otto called out the window, he was furious. Death climbed in the passenger seat as Otto tore off back onto the road and soon pulled into the driveway where he saw Bethany in her car in the driveway. "Lets go," He told Death in an icy voice and got out of the car, he grabbed Zelda out of her carseat in the back and slammed the car door. He waited for Death to stand in front of him beside the car.

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Bethwny said the f bomb loudly as she saw her son Death walking back towards the school. What the heck? She said to Link as she drove down the road, stopping the car as he heard Otto tell him to get into the car "I,m sorry baby, I'm just mad, don't ever say thsr when you are older," Of course poor little innocent Link started to repeat that word loudly and giggling at the same time. She turned the music uo louder to ignore the situation that was about to unfold when they could get home. Then she would get down ti business. They had gotten home and she walked out of the car and a the door. She grabbed Link before heading inside. He was still swearing his little adorable head off and she would hit her head against the wall if she could. She didn't want to be in front of zotto yelling atDeath. She came back outside and folded her arms in front of them both.

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Otto glared at his son, who was staring back at him defiantly. "WHAT the hell were you thinking? Huh what? You stole the car and then we see you OFF campus?! Where were you, what were you doing?" He popped off a series of questions and then noticed he still had Zelda in his arms. He looked to Bethany to take over for him and then went inside to put Zelda in her crib with Link.

Death rolled his eyes at his fathers questions and leaned his shoulder against the SUV, he didn't even listen as he talked really, he was thinking of Danny and what they had done. He blinked when his dad disappeared with Zelda, then he noticed his mom was there and he sighed loudly, he knew that his mom would be worse than his dad. His mom could come up with the most painful and annoying punishments, where his dad he could usually weasel out of anything. He wondered how mad she was, he had seen the bruise on Links forehead when she took him inside only a moment ago and he felt bad about it.

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Bethany put her hand to her forehead and watched Otto go back inside the house for a moment or maybe more. She got the clue, it was her turn. She walked up closer to Death and closed her eyes, squeezimg her head, hoping her anger would go away now that she had a little time to relax. She opened her eyes and looked her son up and down, taking in her creation. What had she made? She put her hand down and said in a soft voice "Why? Why my son? Please why the heck are you doing this ti us?!" It was weird how soft she could get to her own kids when she had been so rough to everyone else. Quickly she k,ew she would become like steel and become hard. She wanted ti know though. Why would her own sin torture both of them. She added quickly "I understand. Believe or not, your father and I were a lot like you," She thought about if she would have been such a burden like death was to her parents if she had lived with them on campus.

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Death felt his face soften some from the rebellion that came so naturally to him. The anguish, confusion, and soft voice of his mother made him feel kind of bad for what he had done. He didn't mean to be such a pain, he enjoyed the feeling of rebelling though. "I don't know.... I just. I just naturally feel the need to break the rules Mom." he told her honestly. "I practically threw Link on his face this morning, I don't know what to do. Maybe I need therapy," He couldn't believe he had just suggested that, but maybe it would help. He doubted it though, this soft moment he was having with his mom wouldn't last long. "I was at the Miller's house with a girl." He told her.

Otto finished making sure the twins were secure and then made his way back downstairs. He paused in the doorway and eavesdropped on Death talking to his mother, he felt himself soften barely. Until he mentioned throwing LInk on the floor, that put his ire right back up there. He was going to beat the hell out of his son without any regrets. Therapy? Yeah SHOCK therapy the little heathen.

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Bethany raised an eyebrow at the suggestion. Therapy? It was one of the things she had been scared of as a child. To sit and talk with someone who only wanted your money and to put you on drugs. She shook her head and said "No. No therapy, but you do need to be punished. All therapy is really is talking with someone. You can talk to your parents young man! That's why we're here," She said softly and moved closer to him, putting a hand out to brush a piece of hair out of his face. She looked softly into her son's eyes and saw a part of herself in them. She quickly looked away and then raised her eyebrow again and took her hand away "Millers? Girl? What did you do?," She asked. Her protective mother side was definietly coming out now. The possibilities were swarming around in her head, the images just unfolding themselves.

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"Oh mom it was just stuff...... you know making out, hands up her skirt, then her dad came in and told me to get out, then her mom yelled at me and then her dad did too and then she of course likes me so I blew her a kiss and left," He explained like it was normal to be in another girls house halfway to third base, and during school hours. He knew he was in the wrong but he didn't really care, what could they do? Ground him? He'd get over that quick enough.

Otto walked out after hearing his sons confession, he didn't say a word though, instead he stood behind his wife and put his hands in his pockets as he waited to see what she would say or rather do next. He wasn't sure what his punishment would be next but therapy where he just 'talked' to a stranger and they were paying that stranger lots of money was not the way they would handle it. It was stupid to even suggest it.

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Bethany's heart dropped at at least ninety miles per hour. It sunk to her stomach and she almost wanted to throw up. She knew it was unrational to even talk to him. he was old enough, he could almost do whatever he wanted, but that was a little too much. If she had been younger, she wouldn't have cared. Hell, she would have been all for it even. Instead she wanted to strangle the life out of this boy. She wanted to- no it was better to not even think about that. Her twisted up mind would only get in the way of her reasoning. Instead she took a shaky breath and said "That's it? Right? No more," It was only making out. Only making out . Only making out. That's what she was telling herself. It hadn't been anything more. Then she let her arms drop to her sides and let her fingers play with her ring on her finger saying "You know it's the only first day of school. That can wait until after school hours. She was trying to be gentle, but it was getting harder to do that by the minute.

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Death raised a brow at her, she seemed to be freaking out. He hadn't gone any further, he'd wanted to but he hadn't. "Mom that's the first time I've done anything with a girl, and yeah that's it. I don't even know what get into me," He said honestly, his body had just gotten ahold of him and he'd gone with it.

Otto's jaw dropped, she was talking to him, not beating him? He sighed, "I'm going inside." He said and walked away before he said or did something that he would regret later. He made his way inside, then went upstairs to check on the twin. He had put them both in Link's crib, they seemed to do better when in the same area, than when they were apart. He hoped they wouldn't be as bad. He wondered where Shade was.

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Bethany clapped her hands together and leaned in on Death with her eyes closed, but her mouth twisted up into a sick smile. She raised her hand and hit his face. She opened her eyes and rubbed the spot that was getting redder by the minute. She whispered "I'm sorry honey, I understand. At least a little bit," She didn't really know if she understood or not. She put a hand to his back and said "Why don't we go inside?," She pushed a little with her hand letting him know that it was more of a demand than anything.

Shade looked around the corner of the compound wall. She saw her mother talking to Death. She smirked, so he did get in trouble. Was it for the car? Or what else could it have possibly been. She tugged on her backpack. She hadn't actually gone to school. She really didn't feel like it. Death made her feel sick to her stomach and she had had enough of him for one day least see him in the hallways. She looked at all the unsigned papers in her bag and waited for her mother and Death to go inside before going up to the door. She didn't go just yet, holding her breath she waited, hoping and almost practically praying that she wouldn't be spotted. She was in clear view of a security camera that was still working unfortunately.

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Death let out a surprised gasp when she slapped him, he put his hand on his cheek and pushed her hand away. "What the hell mom?" He bit out as they went inside, he stalked away from her and stomped loudly up the stairs, "I hate it here." He yelled back to her and then went to his bedroom and slammed the door behind him. He hit his door a few times just to get some anger out, like it did him much good with the thick solid door.

Otto cooed to Link as he picked him up, he played with one of his hands and looked down at Zelda who was standing up in the crib and reaching for him to pick her up. He patted her hand and kissed Links cheek, he picked up Zelda in his other arm, he was getting a little worried about Shade, she wasn't in her room and she wasn't home yet that he knew of.

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((danny just snuck out)))

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Bethany clenched her hand in a fist as she watched Death walk away. She heard slamming from upstairs and almost cringed. She hated seeing her son that way. Even if it was her fault. She hadn't meant to hit him like she had. He needed to learn his lesson. It seemed like nothing would get through to that boy. She closed the door silently behind her and just took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a second, catching her ground. When she opened them back up she noticed how silent the house was. No more fighting. Just the occasional sounds of humanity at its work. She rubbed her arms with her hands and her mind wandered to Shade. Where was she? It was well past time school would get out at.

Shade watched as her mother and brother went inside the house. She gathered her bag up and tried to calm herself, thinking of excuses of why she hadn't been home that early or why if they even found out why she had not been at school all day. Maybe the Headmaster even noticed. Hopefully. Never called them. She put a hand on the cold door handle and opened it, plastering a smile on her face, prepared to tell her parents about how great her day had been.

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Otto walked down the stairs and hear Death pounding on his bedroom door, he rolled his eyes and continued down until he was at the bottom. The toddlers were talking garble to one another, he walked into the main living area and found his wife there. "You okay?" He asked her softly, then saw Shade walk in. He wondered where she'd been, he wasn't in the mood for another fight so he hoped she'd had a good day. "Hey Shade," He said to her softly.

Death rawred to himself and then smashed a glass figurine into a wall. He was furious with the situation and his parents, especially his dad who hadn't even tried to do anything to him. He huffed, and pondered just leaving the house. There were bars on the windows though, it was next to impossible to escape from their house without being caught, he sighed heavily.

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Bethany looked to her husband and then pointed up to Death's room who was making loud crashing noises. She sighed and then put up a sad smile "I made him do that. Not very smart, huh?," She asked more to herself than to anyone else. It was almost like something had made her say that. It was almost like she wanted to feel bad for what she had done. She then heard the door that had been opened and she turned around to see Shade. At least she hadn't been made at her. She smiled and said "Good evening Shade,"

Shade looked to both her parents before hearing the crashing sounds coming from upstairs. Death. Obviously. That little brat. She thought to herself. She had a blank expression on her face as she said "Hi Dad, Mom," She said trying to withdraw any kind of tone to her voice. She didn't want them to know anything. It was too dangerous, she didn't want to get into trouble. Instead she almost slipped past them, but something told her that she didn't want to go upstairs and bother Death at the moment.

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"How was school?" Otto asked Shade, "Here can you take Zelda?' He asked her as he juggled both babies. "Oh Bethany I was wondering if you wanted to enroll them at the preschool down the road? They could interact with other kids, if they don't like it we can always take them out. But maybe it will prevent another, you know him, from occurring later down the road," He said quietly. "Shade don't get near Death right now." He instructed her with a serious face. He then kissed LInk on the cheek, he didn't know what they did right with Shade but she usually was the good one.

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Shade shrugged saying "School is school. I actually had a really fun time! I met a lot of people, had classes which were actually fun!," She said, trying to sound cheery, but not too corny even though she knew she was probably over doing it with the enthusiasm. It was the first things that had come to her head and she used them. Maybe that was a good thing or it could have been a bad thing. She didn't really know until she would see the reactions on her parent's faces. She nodded to her father and took Zelda from his arms. She was so light and Shade softened her eyes at the toddler.

Bethany thought about the idea and perked up a little "Sure! That sounds good, just make sure you or I give the teacher our phone numbers in case anything 'special' happens," She said. she didn't know yet how the twins would turn out. Like Shade, the angel, or Death, the devil. She just couldn't take any chances.

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((Should we skip to next day?))

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((If you want to :3))

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((Okies, the kids are going to be a blast to rp in preschool >.>))

Otto woke up early and kissed his wife's cheek. He didn't wake her though and moved away from the bed, he wore sleep pants and a t-shirt. He went to Death's door and knocked, "Wake up Death," He yelled and then went on to Shades room, he knocked softly and walked in, "Shade time to wake up." He told her softly, then left her room as well, he checked on the twins too but they were still asleep, he left them asleep. They could put them in their clothes right before leaving, he returned to his room where Bethany was.

Death groaned as he heard his dad yell through the door, he threw off his covers and sat up in his bed. He didn't want to get up yet but he knew that his dad would just dump him on the floor if he didnt' get up and get ready. He got out of bed and went over to his closet, he pulled out a fresh uniform and pulled it on over his boxers and undershirt.

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