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Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)
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BUDDY READS: ARCHIVED > Daughter of Smoke & Bone, by Laini Taylor → Start Date: November 20, 2012

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Gisbelle | 27303 comments We are starting this book. Feel free to join :)

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I'm excited!! :)

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32353 comments Of I can get book 1 read first, I'll join.

Gisbelle | 27303 comments Vicki wrote: "Of I can get book 1 read first, I'll join."

:) I hope you can!

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32353 comments Thanks Gis. Honestly I am not a very good buddy partner but my heart is in the right place!

Gisbelle | 27303 comments I am not that good either. I still have to finish my current buddy reads :P

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Trisha | 31380 comments I love this book!!!! I hope you guys love it too!!! I'm going to read book 2 when you guys are starting book one ;)

Gisbelle | 27303 comments I am starting this book now.

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I am currently reading another book. But I only have about 50 pages left so I will be starting this book this evening. :)

Gisbelle | 27303 comments It's ok :) I'm reading a few other books as well :D

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I'm really excited to start this book. :)

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I just started it.. I am only about 20 pages in and it is okay... But it is only the beginning so I won't give up just yet!!

Gisbelle | 27303 comments Hey Tori. Sorry that I might not be able to finish the book anytime soon. I will be on vacation until the end of the month. I'll read more when I am back. I have finished about 40% of the book now. You can finish first. I'll catch up and we can talk about it when I am back :D

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Oh yeah! I totally forgot about your vacation!! Have fun!! I haven't read any more of Daughter of Smoke and Bone because I have been busy reading other books. But hopefully I can get a little bit read tonight!

Gisbelle | 27303 comments Finished. The book was a bit confusing for my taste. I enjoyed it though :)

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I'm reading this book still, piece by piece. I agree it is confusing.

Gisbelle | 27303 comments I have to admit that I skimmed some parts :P Very confusing that I was about to give up lol

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I am so glad we feel the same way about this book! I was so worried that no one would understand because everyone seemed to love this book so much!

Gisbelle | 27303 comments I don't think I will read book 2 :) too confusing, even it is very original :D

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I am not going to read book 2 either. Don't feel the need to.

(Sorry I am replying very late to your comment. I just saw it today.)

Gisbelle | 27303 comments No biggie! I think I won't read book 2 either. I admire those who enjoy reading this series. It is a bit too confusing for me :)

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Yeah, I totally agree with you. I wanted to love this book so much, but I just never found it that interesting, and I was always confused as to what was going on. :)

Gisbelle | 27303 comments I liked the first few chapters and then I totally had no clue what was going on...hehe.

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Haha yeah me too!

Gisbelle | 27303 comments Guess I'm not alone then XD I was a bit afraid there was something wrong with me lol

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I know me too! Everyone was raving about this book so I decided to read it just to see what it was all about. And I didn't end up liking it that much and I thought there was something wrong with me too. But I am glad we are one the same page! :)

Gisbelle | 27303 comments :) We are so not ones of crowd.

Gisbelle | 27303 comments I like straightforward books. And I love contemporary more than fantasy :)

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Haha totally :) But that's okay

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Gisbelle wrote: "I like straightforward books. And I love contemporary more than fantasy :)"

Yes, I do too! I am not that big of a fan of fantasy. It is very rare that I find a really great fantasy book.

Gisbelle | 27303 comments This year I have read more fantasy because of buddy reads. If I choose on my own, it is always contemporary :P

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Ghada (JustGhada) | 1 comments I wanna start a book with you guys <3

Gisbelle | 27303 comments Justghada wrote: "I wanna start a book with you guys <3"

This book? We finished reading already. But we can discuss with you if you like :)

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I am open to discussing this book with you if you'd like. :)

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