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Crown awoke in his king-sized bed on the first day of school. He took his eyemask off slowly, yawning. He sat up and stretched. He looked over to his wife sleepily. "Wake up, sleepy-head." He pushed her gently and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Golden awoke that morning in his bed and lazily rubbed his tummy. No eyemask. He loved his father, but the eyemask was just way too girly. He hopped out of bed, and then a thought came to him. It was the first day of school, year four. He smiled a bit and walked over to his dresser, beginning to dress himself in his uniform for the big day ahead.

Anabella woke up just a minute before the alarm sounded. She got out of bed, feet cold on the tile floor, and yawned. She walked over to her sister's bed and scruffed up her hair lovingly. "Morning, Phee bean." She grinned sleepily.

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Albany opened her eyes and looked up at crown "g'morning" she said, sitting up and stretching her arms, still not fully awake

Phe groaned "noooo not morning" she whined, burying her face in her favorite stuffed animal, a white stuffed bear named vanilla

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He shook her gently and got out of bed. Ah, another day of being the Headmaster. He missed this. He got dressed efficiently, in this. He then walked over to the nearest bathroom and started gelling his hair and brushing his teeth, excited for the day. He could finally boss people around again!

Golden finished getting dressed in his uniform and smiled. He wallked over to his mirror and started admiring how he looked. He was so good-looking. No wonder girls flocked to him like bears to a beehive. He turned around and posed for himself. Yes, he was hot. With a capitol H.

Bella laughed. "Yes, morning, Phee. Start getting ready. C'mon, it's gonna be a great year. Trust me. Maybe we'll meet hot boys or something." She walked over to her dresser and started dressing herself in her stupid uniform. Ugh.

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Albany got up and put on her bathrobe over her nightgown, she knew crown would be a while, and figured shed get the master bathroom after him. She knocked twice on the twins door and then opened it "phe, Bella, school" she said, seeig Phe still in bed.

Hearing her mother, Phe got slowly out of bed and went to her dresser "yes mom. Hopefully Bella, that would be a nice change"

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((I'm going to roleplay Grandpa a little while before I actually make him. :) ))

Crown finished up after fifteen minutes, and then made his way downstairs to check on Chef Pablo. "Golden! Bella! Phee! Dad! Wake up, school!" He clapped his hands loudly and looked down at himself. He looked great. He checked on Chef Pablo, he was making croissants, eggs, bacon and omelettes. Excellent. After a few more minutes, Chef finished and laid the food out on the dining room table for everyone to dig in. The smell traveled throughout the house.

Golden smelled food and immediately checked himself out completely once more, grinning. He then straightened his sweater and raced downstairs, grinning like an idiot at the wonderful smell. He sat down next to his father at the table and began to eat. Yum.

Bella smiled. "Hi, mom. Good morning. Do you know what Chef Pablo is making for breakfast?" She said this as she exaggerated her voice to sound like a rich, snobby person. Her brother or father for instance. She grinned and pushed her sister lovingly, then exited the room, giving her mother a hug as she made her way downstairs for breakfast.

Grandpa Royal lazily got up and yawned. He got out of bed and but on a silk bathrobe, going downstairs. He couldn't wait to pep the kids about their first day of school, then talk to them about it afterwards. He sat down next to Golden. "Morning, Crown, morning, Golden." He gave the boy a pat on the back. "You're gong to have a great year, Gold, I just know it."

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"ask your father Bella, I have no idea" Albany said. He saw crown walk downstairs and went back into the master. She change into a black pencil skirt and a red blouse with ruffles on the front. She did her hair and makeup, then went down to the breakfast table "good morning everyone"

Phe quickly out on her uniform, then went to the nearest barroom to do her hair and put in her regular eye liner and mascara. She hummed 'I'm walking in sunshine' as she st down at the table with her family

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Crown smiled. "Good morning, honey. You look hot. I mean, great! You look great." He grinned and winked when his father and son weren't looking. He then started to get himself some of the food, which looked great.

Golden smiled. "Morning, mom," He said with a full mouth of eggs and bacon and cheese omelette. It was so, so good. He nodded sweetly in her direction. He then stuffed his face with bacon and croissants. "The food is really good, mommy. I recommend the omelette. Delicious." He waved his fork around as he spoke, still with a full mouth.

"Good morning, Albany! You look wonderful!" Royal smiled sleepily. "I hope you and Crown have a nice, productive day today. I really do." He paused as Phee came in and grinned. "Morning, Phee!" He loved his granddaughter, she reminded him of his wife. The same lively personality. He patted the chair next to him. "Sit, sit!"

Bella sighed and nodded. She straightened he bouse and walked downstairs. Ugh. She hated being the last one at the table. There was usually no food left by the time she sat down. Then again, it wasn't Chef Pablo's fault for making his food taste so good. She circled around the table, giving a kiss on the cheek to her grandfather, mother, and father. She then took the seat next to her mother. She looked at the food and licked her lips. Mmm. She started getting her portions and eating.

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Albany laughed softly at crown and nodded to her son "alright golden, I'll give it a try" she said as she sat down and put an omelette on her plate. She looked up at royal and nodded "I think we will" she smiled brightly at Bella as Je sat next to her

Phe grinned and sat next to royal "morning grandpa!" she chirped and kissed his cheek. She surveyed the table and took a piece of bacon to munch on

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Crown winked again and finished up. "I'll call the limo service, kiddies. Unless your amazing, wonderful, beautiful mother wants to drive you. Then, I won't." He looked at Albany expectantly.

Royal nodded. "Son, I hope you're running the school right. Giving detention to the rascals, making sure all of the teachers are there and well," He droned on and on about how Crown should run the school for a good thirty minutes. Crown just nodded, not really paying attention. "You kids are going to have a great year. Keep your grades up, you hear? And stay away from the Lanes. Crown, you remember to keep an eye on the Lanes!" Crown nodded, this time he was listening. The Superiors were terrified of the Lanes, and mostly everyone else was too.

Golden nodded. "Do you like it, mom? So good." He then listened to Grandpa lecture his father for the longest of times. He tried not to laugh. Oh, Grandpa. He was so funny sometimes. He leaned back in his chair and rolled his eyes at Phee, making the crazy sign with his finger.

Bella ate up, savoring the taste of the yummy, yummy food. Chef Pablo had done a good job. then again, he never failed to impress. She rolled her eyes at her brother when he was being a brat. He was so annoying at times. And childlike. And stupid. She looked at her mother with pleading eyes when her dad mentioned the limo, then Albany driving the kids in. She did not want to go in a limo.

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Albany glanced around the table, and her eyes met Bella's pleading ones "I'll drive this morning" she said, understanding perfectly why Bella didn't want the limo. She listened to her father and law drone on, and nodded at the lane part, the lanes were just messed up....

Phe looked over at golden and put a hand over her mouth to suppress her giggles. He was funny, and right...grandpa could be crazy sometimes. But she got a warning look from her mother and quickly quieted

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Crown nodded and put the phone back. "So, are we all ready? Give your grandpa a kiss goodbye, and then we can leave." He smiled at Albany, then walked over and put his arm around her.

Royal nodded and did a salute to his son. He was proud of him, they had a wonderful family. He was proud to be a part of it. He smiled.

Golden smiled. He got the giggle he was trying for. He nodded at his father's question, then smugly stood up. He gave grandpa a kiss on the cheek.
He then walked over to his mom and dad, standing next to Crown. Crown put a firm hand on his son's shoulder.

Bella smiled and stood up, frowning at her brother. She gave grandpa a kiss on the cheek and patted his head gently. "Have a good day, grandpa!" She went over and stood next to Albany. She looked at her twin, waiting.

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Albany waved to royal "have I good day" she whispered in her daughters ear "he was just trying to be funny, don't be sour bella" she said kindly, trying to diffuse a problem

Phe had been munching on her bacon, not paying attention. She felt eyes on her and jumped "uh yeah! Ready!" she kissed royal on the cheek and bounced out of her chair and stood with Bella

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Bella frowned. She knew her mother was trying to help, but Golden was such a jerk. "Mom, Golden's such a brat though!" She whispered back. She crossed her arms, then dragged her sister outside.

Golden grinned. "Mommy, is Bella mad at me?" He whispered. He chuckled. He honestly thought that was funny. He loved making Bella annoyed. It was one of his favorite hobbies. "Have a good day, grampa!" He waved, then ran outside to accompany his sisters.

Crown smiled and led Albany outside, waving goodbye to his grandfather.

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Albany sighed "you" she pointed to gold "leave your sister alone, I know what you're doing." she turne to bella "I know that, and you know that, but he was just trying to have some fun, get in the car" she said, getting in te drivers seat.

Phe followed her sister, waving at royal as she was pulled away. She hopped into the backseat, right behind the passenger seat

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"Yes, mommy!" He did a little salute and got in the backseat, in between his two sisters. He sunk back and relaxed. His goal for this year was ten girlfriends. Last year, he had seven, the ear before that, he had five. Ah, the easy life.

Bella rolled her eyes and nodded, opening up the door and narrowing her eyes. She sat ext to her brother on his left side, and crossed her arms. She hoped she would have a good first day. She needed one, to pay off for her morning.

Crown got in his car, about five minutes later and drove off.

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Albany drove off towards the school, enjoying a few minutes of quiet, well almost quiet.

"so what are you guys excie for this year? I can't wait until art class, mr Silus is always really nice" Phe rambled on and on, always having something to talk about

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((oh julie cant wait to meet golden))

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((Hehe XD))

Golden grinned."Girlfriends, sports, and fighting classes." He said simply. He knew what he wanted, he knew what he was looking forward to, and he knew how to get what he wanted. He closed his eyes gently. He knew that Bella had a schoolgirl crush on Mr. Silus, and he didn't want to have to hear about it. Girls were so weird sometimes. Especially his sisters.

Bella smiled. She blushed a bit when her sister mentioned Mr. Silus. He was adorable. "Well, I'm looking forward to the art classes too, honestly. I can't wait to finish the piece I was working on over the summer, you know the one, Phee, of the rose, and Mr. Silus is a really great teacher. He is really nice, I agree."

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Albany sighed, that kid is way too much like his father.....

Phe smacked the side of his head "you be nice to those girls! They really like you!" she reprimanded, then had the sweetest smile for Bella "oh yes, but make sure not to tell Theresa you have a crush on her ather...."

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He opened one eye and looked at his sister. he put his hand to his chest. "Me? Not be nice to girls? How do you think I got so many girlfriends in all of the past years? I am very gentleman like when it comes to girls. Oh, and I know. Girls come at me like they're the moths and I'm the light. I guess I have some sort of charm to me that girls can't resist." The scariest part was, every bit of this was one hundred percent true.

Bella frowned a little. "I do not have a crush on her father! He's just a great teacher, and he has helped me a lot!" She said, loudly, so her mother would hear. Then, she lowered her voice to say, "Okay, I do, but he's just so adorable! You have to look at him and tell me you don't feel something. And I won't tell Theresa. That would be really creepy. Phee, can you imagine if someone has a crush on dad?" She made a sick face. Gross.

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Albany could hear exactly what they were saying, and she tried not to laugh.

Phe sighed "I know gold, it's just weird....and bella I think he's mind a cute, but in a puppy dog kinda way. WHY WOULD ANYONE HAVE A CRUSH ON DAD?!" she yelled the last part, causing their mother to crack up

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Golden nodded and started to drift off. The girls in his family were psychos. He settled back into the cushion and slept.

Bella shrugged. "He's cute. I DON'T KNOW! It would be really gross if they did." She grinned and looked out the window. A few minutes later, they arrived at school. Bella shook her brother ferociously. She then turned to her mother and shouted, "Bye, Mom!" After, she hopped out of the car and waited for her siblings. Mostly her sister.

Golden awoke when his sister shook him. "Huh? What? Where?" He looked around quickly and sighed. Just school, just school. He grinned and hopped out of the car. "Bye, mom!" He then stood next to his sister, watching some of the girls passing by. Some of them had cut their skirts, most definitely. Some of them could pull it off, some of them... not so much. He grinned and stared either way.

Crown arrived at the school and parked in his reserved spot. He then walked over to his wife's car and waited for her to get out, so they could walk in together. They were going to have a very productive day ahead f them.

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Phe hopped out of the car and walked up with Bella to the school. She hadn't bothered cutting her skirt, she just hemmed it herself. It was the same length as all the other skirts her mother bought her, short.

Albany got out of her car and took crowns hand "it's very scary how much gold is like you...." she said

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Golden stared for a few more minutes, then followed his two sisters. "This is going to be great!"

Bella walked next to her sister and talked about all the things that she wanted to accomplish this year as they entered the Great Hall.

Crown chuckled. "I know, I'm so proud, Al. He's really such a star." He smiled and led her into his office.

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((great hall? And headmasters office?))

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((Yes, ma'am. :) ))

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Jack turned on the radio in his truck to fill the silence as he drove toward Crowns house, The cd playing was one of his favorite Irish bands, The Stand. He sang along to their song "Olivia" and watched as the scenery passed by swiftly. He looked at the road though when he passed the Lane compound, he didn't want to even look at it. He went a ways more and then turned into the long drawn out driveway that would take him to Crowns house.

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Charles, one of the butlers, noticed a truck pulling up. Ah, Jack McCloud's truck. Here for something or other. He walked up to the front door and held it open for him once he got there.

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Jack walked up to the door and looked at the butler with a friendly smile. "Hey Crown sent me to pick up his tux's so that I can drop them off at the dry cleaners," He explained to the man.

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"Ah, the tuxedos. Yes, yes, Master McCloud. Follow me." He gently brushed his hands and went to the nearest closet. AFter a few moments of 'carefully rummaging,' the butler pulled out five tuxedos. One may have had a wine stain, peanut butter, cookie batter. "Here they are, sir."

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Jack sighed and followed the man, he could only imagine how many tux's he was going to have to lug to the dry cleaners. He took the tux's from Charles and thanked him for getting them for him, he left and went outside. He smirked before he threw them in the back of his truck instead of putting them in the passenger seat next to him.

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Crown walked in with Albany. "Dad, we're home!" He shouted up the stairway, and took a seat in the family room. The Superiors always gathered in the family room after school, to watch TV, do homework, and talk about their days.

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Albany followed him snide and took off her heeled shoes. She sighed in content and flopped down onto the couch net to crown, resting her head on his chest

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((hey mj julie still coming over))

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((Yeah, but they still have one more period. :P))

"I hope the kids are having a good day. The teachers are nice, I made sure of it. We may have to buy some chocolates for some of them, though. You know how Golden is with his teachers."

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"yeah yeah. Everyone has to love golden, just like you" Albany tried not to laugh

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"Very funny. But so true." He elbowed her slightly, and chuckled.

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Albany looked up at him "we had a veryyy short real today ya know" she wiggled her brows

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"I know." He wiggled his eyebrows as well. And leaned in for a kiss.

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Albany smiled and leaned in, brushing her lips against his

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He kissed her more roughly, smiling. He loved his wife. He was glad that she loved him too.

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Albany crawled into his lap as she kissed him back, matching his roughness. The kids wouldn't be home for a while anyway

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He strated to make out with her, running his hands through her hair. He was full of passion and love as he kissed her.

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Albany kept making out with him, just lovig him. Yeah, she and crown had gone though rough times, and yeah, shed broken up with him a few times, but se always ame back to him, he was the love kf her life

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He continued to make out with her, loving every second of it. She was the love of his wife as well, and he would never let her go.

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Albany moved her hands slowly up and down his chest, making out with him

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((so now she comes?))

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((She can come, but she'll be there before him. XD Ella, should there be a limo or should on eof them pick the kids up?))

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