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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion drove into the schools parking lot -after dropping Melody off at school- in his muscle car that was polished to perfection. He had on a pair of wayfarer sunglasses that hid his blue, tired eyes; he had stayed up most of the night dealing with his father and was exhausted. He pulled up to the parking spot right in front of the front doors, he had claimed this parking spot ever since he could drive and nobody was crazy enough to try and take it from him. As soon as he parked he threw the door open and placed a boot clad foot onto the pavement before completely stepping out of the vehicle and looking around at everybody. He had his trademark smirk on and ran a hand through his bleach blonde hair that had a messy, just got out of bed look to it. He closed the door to his car before locking it and sliding his hands into the pockets of his jeans and starting his walk into the school. Like usual people moved out of his way, girls stared and their suitors glared which only made Damion's smirk grow jealous much he thought to himself before entering the prison that is school. He sauntered down the hall at a slow pace before stopping at his locker ((not sure if they have lockers in the 50's...)) and twisting the lock till the metal door opened. He reached in and grabbed a few things he'd need for class before slamming it shut. Even though nobody would think he was smart Damion actually cared about school and tried hard because he wanted to be able to get a good job to care for Melody one day and you can't exactly do that if you don't try in school.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Bobby swung into the school parking lot, red convertible causing a few stares. As usual the older brother had been given the duty of school run, much to his little sisters distaste.
"I cant believe your Still not letting me drive yet." She grumbled unhappily. his caused an eye roll from both brothers.
"Your not eighteen yet Riss, its against the law." Ben strung out each words, smirk audiable in his voice. Muttering a few choice words, Clarissa stepped out from the vehical, her younger brother by her side. Despite him being almost two years younger than her, Ben stood at least a foot taller than herself, a fact that she would rather not admit. Waving a goodbye to Bobby, she made her way into school, her white heeled shoes clicking ever so slightly on the pavemented floor. As the 'good girl' of the school she had to keep up a clean and proper appearence, and she did so by wearing acceptable clothes; A claf length spotless white skirt and red blouse were her choice of clothing today, obviously paired with the heels. Ben hivered protectivly behind her until she arrived at her locker and he spotted his group of friends.
"I'll see you after school Riss. If anybody gives you any hassle, dont hesitate to come find me, yea?" Of course he knew these attempts were feeble. His older sister never asked for help. A stubborn trait she had inheirted from her mother. She nodded her head absentmindedly and with that her brother was gone, leaving her fumbling around with the combination to her locker.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion leaned his back against his locker, crossed his legs at his ankles and rested his head against the cool metal. He had his eyes closed though you couldn't tell since he still had on his sunglasses. He crossed his arms over his chest as he tried to ignore the aches he felt all over his body and push away the weariness that made him want to fall asleep right then and there. His attempts weren't working. Damion was dressed in his usual plain white t-shirt that hugged his body in all the right places and his favorite leather jacket -obviously- that fit him perfectly along with simple jeans and black combat boots. He wasn't one to pay much attention to what he wore, as long as he had on his leather jacket he was happy. He was at school earlier than most people so his friends hadn't arrived yet which was fine by him, he could use the alone time to sort through all the things running through his mind.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Despite her usual, emotionless demenor,Riss was still human, and couldnt help but feel lonely at times. Finally she managed to crack open her locker, swinging the door aside and peering in to see what books she had left behind at the weekend. Rissa was very much a scatterbrain, often misplacing stuff and forgetting what she had even done throughout the day. It was a wonder how she was still a straight A student, the amount that simply went through one ear and out the other. Her chest heaved with a sigh as she reached in, exchanging her Chemistry books which had been clasped tightly in her arms, for her english ones which would be required next lesson. Without even thinking she began to count down, hearing the familar click of more heels against the floor. 3..2..1..And.. Her books were left splayed out across the floor as she turned to look up into the eyes of what could only be decribed as the 'mean girl' and against her better judgment she muttered bluntly.
"How clique.." Of course the blonde didnt hear this, as her screechy voice wrang out through the corridors.
"I though I told you not to come around this area of the lockers Wilcox.." The girl, Nancy, pronounced her last name as if it were some kind of infectious disease that couldnt be cured. Without even answering Riss rolled her off-hazel eyes, slamming her locker door shut and glaring up at her bully.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion having a locker only three down from Clarissa heard what was happening and instantly felt agitated by what was happening. He had never spoken to Clarissa but still, by the looks of her she was a nice enough girl and didn't deserve to be ridiculed. His eyes snapped open and he removed one hand from his pockets to take off his sunglasses which he slid into his pocket. He rubbed his temples and without moving from his spot he spoke "Nancy, shut it. Your voice is giving me a headache." His voice boomed through the halls and held a silent warning in them. He snapped his cold, blue eyes to the screechy blonde a few lockers down and arched an eyebrow, daring her to challenge his demand.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Rissa couldnt help but let the corners of her mouth curve when the voice boomed through the halls, mostly because of Nancys now shock-ridden face which was rapidly turning red. She narrowed her eyes down at her victim.
"I'll get you later, Wilcox." She hissed, so only Riss and the blonde croonies standing behind their 'leader' could here. They all giggled annoyingly, giving her the urges to simply smack the fake smiles of their perfect faces. With another roll of her eyes she bent down, sweeping up her books in one elegant move before standing to her full height again. She glanced around the corridor, straighteing her top as she searched around to see who her saviour was, not possibly believing that it could have been the 'bad boy' of the school. Surely not? She questioned herself.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments The halls were silent as people stared at Damion, some with admiration and others with fear; more had fear in their eyes. "What?" he snapped "go back to your business" he ordered before letting out a sigh of annoyance. He really hated bullies, he would never understand why people felt the need to make fun of others and they always ended up putting him in a foul mood. Once the halls slowly filled with whispers he close his eyes again, not once looking over in Clarissa's direction. He didn't expect a thank you nor did he want one, he felt he was doing what was right and he didn't need to be thanked for something like that.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Catching on quickly, Riss's gaze lingered on Damion momentarily. Judging by the looks not only he was getting, but herself as well, he had been the one to snap at Nancy, which probably explained her bullies threat. He didnt look as if he wanted a thank you, but being the way she was brought up, simply passing off the gesture of kindness as 'nothing' wouldnt do, and if her mother were to find out she hadnt thanked Damion then there would surely be a price to pay, not to mention she would probably be forced to say it anyway. Sighing deeply, a seemingly becoming thing for that current day, Riss slowly made her way over to where the bad boy was, seeing that the area around him was completley diviod of all students.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion had is eyes closed but by how quiet the hall was he heard Riss' footsteps and felt eyes on him so with a sigh he opened his eyes yet again. He looked down at Riss' and arched an eyebrow "what?" he asked, irritation evident in his voice. He wasn't a bad person but Damion really wasn't a people person, especially when he was cranky and sometimes being rude scared people off so that he didn't have to deal with anyone. "If you're here to say thank you I recommend you turn around, I don't want to hear it" he stated bluntly and with that, he snapped his eyes closed again, crossing his arms over his chest and ignoring her presence.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments A bored expression masked Riss' face as she looked up at him, books clutched tightly to her body. Strangley she didnt feel..Scared. She just felt calm, overwhelmingly at ease, and for somebody who had been through what she had, it was a rare feeling to experience.
"I dont have a choice dear." She said cooly, adopting a somewhat sarcastic tone that didnt seem to fit right with her thick british accent.
"I would rather say it here than have my mother drag me up to your place later tonight." She added, her eyes emptied of all emotion.
"So thank you." Riss said bluntly, and without a second glance turned on her heel and left.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion opened his eyes to see her receding back, his lips tugging up into a smirk as a silent chuckle escaped his lips, that was definitely a first. Little miss nice girl wasn't scared of him or at least she didn't appear to be, interesting. She was now one of the people he would watch out for, he had several people he kept an eye on to make sure they weren't being harassed and now Clarissa was one of them. The unfortunate part of her situation was she was bullied by girls and that meant Damion couldn't beat her bullies up, what a pity.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments What an arrogant ba- She cut herself off. No need to swear. She reminded herself firmly, her skirt brushing against her legs as she walked. She felt somebody come up behind her, stiffening slightly and then relaxing as she realised who it was.
"Heard you had a run in with Nancy and then Damion." Her brother explained, and she groaned in response.
"Thats already going around?" She exclaimed, looking to her side and tilting her head up to meet Ben's gaze.
"Yep." He said, overly prononcing the 'p'.
"You know, if your trying to fly under the radar, this isnt the way to go about it." He said with a smirk.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion finally broke away from his locker and started down the hall and towards his English class. Wherever he went it was like there was a giant bubble around him that pushed people away from him though he didn't mind, distance was nice. He hadn't seen is friend until he felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder in greeting. He did his best not to flinch as his shoulder burst with pain that had once died down but was now back in full force. Damion kept his face blank and simply nodded his head in hello as he continued to walk, gritting his teeth as he gently rolled his shoulder to get used to the pain.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Sighing huffily Rissa explained.
"Well nancy, as usual was being a bitch. And then this..this 'Bad boy'" She said that sarcatically as well.
"Well anyway, he stops her. And you know how mum is. She finds out everything. So I had to thank him right? But instead of taking it like any normal person he acts all stuck up about it, as if he's to good to possibly accept a thank you from a person such as myself." Her tone had changed to irritated now, and she rolled her eyes for good measure.
"Anyway, I better get to class. You know how Miss Holt is when somebody is late." She added. She quickly hugged him before quickly making her way toward english.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion and his friend, Jared, both walked into English and took their usual seats in the back of the room. Jared was on Damion's right while the seat on his left was left empty; the class had one extra desk than the amount of students so Damion usually used the other chair as a footrest. He leaned back in his seat and spread his legs out while placing his hands behind his head in a relaxed manor. Jared was talking about going to the diner later that day but Damion was hardly listening as he closed his eyes, waiting for class to start.

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Sandy had already drove to her school in her expensive car, with one of her friends who wasn't quite as fortunate to have a car. She had already put her books away, and walked to english class with the supplies needed, and her diary firmly planted against her chest. She murmured "hello's" to people in the hall, and had even gotten stopped by a guy in the hall, trying to flirt with her. She wasn't in the mood, though. Whenever she was planning on writing in her diary, it wasn't good. She walked into english class, and sat near the back. She discreetly took out her diary, hoping no one would notice.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Rissa finally made her way to class after being stopped by a number of teachers asking her to help out after school. Of course, being the sucker she was, she had accepted begrudgingly. She had planned on going to the diner with her brothers...Maybe if she could get Ben to help her out..? She contemplated this, not even glancing at Damion as she took her usual seat. It was at the front of the classroom, and nobody occupied the seat beside her, seeing as nobody ever wanted too. She had made sure her seat was close to the door in case one of her 'incident' occured. By incidents what she really meant was panic attacks. She couldnt control them, and they often came at unexpected times, it was rare that she had them now a days, but she wouldnt let her guard down that easily.

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Sandy began to furiously write in her diary, all of her bottled up emotions coming pouring out in her entry. She explained the latest news with her family, mainly her dad. And no, none of it was good. She was beyond frustruated how her dad never had time for her, didn't care if he had time for her, was majorly stict, etc. She absently moved her curly hair on one shoulder, without thinking. She wrote how her dad thought that by giving her a generous allowance for shopping, she would love him to bits.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion spun a pencil around his hand in boredom and couldn't think over the loud chatter of his classmates so he was grateful when Miss Holt told the class to be quiet. He flipped open a notebook and started taking notes on what the teacher was lecturing about, he was only half listening as his eyes wandered around the room. He was very smart but only his friends knew it and they gave him enough of a hassle about it that he didn't need the whole school to know. He was Damion, the bad boy, not Damion, the nerd and he was not going to let that change. But being smart didn't make listening to lectures anymore entertaining so he was already bored out of his mind and they had only been in class for a few minutes.

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Sandy had reluctantly shut her diary when they teacher had told them to start taking notes. She had started writing, in her neat handwriting. While she wrote, her mind wandered though, as usual. She looked around at everyone, momentarily not taking notes. She wasn't really thinking about the people she was looking at, they were just something to zone in on.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Rissa was also taking notes, hanging on to Miss Holts every word as her hand swept furiously across the page, her pencil making a load of raging squiggles that to most would be unreadable, but to her were easy to study off of. Of course she would probably copy them up in neat if she got any spare time, but for now the messy notes scrawled across the page were good. Her other hand absentmindedly drummed a beat on the table, her hair creating an almost waterfall like effect around her face as she scribbled down what the teacher was saying word for word, glancing up every so often before setting back to work again.

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Sandy slouched in her seat. Her private tutor would make sure to go over this anyways. Why did she need to learn it now? Its not that she wasn't grateful for having so many things. She was, very grateful. She liked having a tutor, she needed extra help. She was okay at english, but math..... not so great.

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Fran opened the door to the classroom, figuring Miss Holt's class probably wouldn't mind an interruption from her endless drone. She stepped inside and said loudly, "Hey Miss Holts! Remember me? It's Franny! Fran Porter! Guess what? I decided that it might be a good idea to come back to school for a while! Ya know? Make up for my senior year. What do ya say?" Fran laughed when she saw the color drain from Miss Holts' face. She walked to the front of the classroom and put her arm around Miss Holts' shoulder. "Aww, I ain't that bad am I? Well if I am, then today's your lucky day. Ya know why? 'Cuz I ain't comin' back to school! No way!" She shook her head slowly. "And to think you ever thought I would...I thought you knew me better than that Holtsy! Mind if I call you Holtsy? I think maybe I'll sit in for your class today, remind me of the old days. Hey! Maybe I'll even sit in the front!" She slid into a seat right in front of Miss Holts without waiting for her to answer and smiled sweetly up at her.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Riss rolled her eyes slightly, feeling a pang of sympathy to the now stricken faced Miss Holt as she stuttered on with her lecture, and saw her gaze keep dropping on Fran every few seconds. She couldnt understand what was the problem with some students. It wasnt directly the teachers fault that an education was compulsorary, but still some continued to test their peer's patience, a thing she just couldnt seem to wrap her head around. Riss half-heartedly shrugged to herself. If they wanted to go wasting their lives away through not putting their all into school work then so be it, it would be them that would struggle through life with no money to spare.

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Natasha | 16 comments Marilyn sat in Miss Holt's class, writing extremely neat and detailed notes into her black and white composition notebook. She payed close attention to every detail. She was determined to do well in this class. One of the only juniors in the almost all senior class, it was not the easiest. Her machinelike note taking ways were abruptly interrupted by Fran Porter... one of the most rebellious girls in town. Marilyn's father had warned her to never befriend someone of this sort, but she admired Fran in a multitude of ways. However, Marilyn's jaw dropped in astonishment at Fran's foul disturbance. She watched in awe as Fran yammered on but, again, her focus was broken by a tap of a pencil on her right shoulder. She turned to a small chewed up eraser tip of a sunny yellow pencil, and looked up to see the handsome face of Russ Collins. He winked at her and handed her a practically shredded apart piece of notebook paper that read: "you. me. park. 2nd period." At first Marilyn grinned, but realizing the possible consequences of this, she shook her head no. "C'mon!" Russ whispered, causing a few heads to turn. "well... maybe." Marilyn whispered back. She turned to the front of the classroom to realize she had missed a few more key points of Miss Holt's notes. She also noticed Fran Porter sitting at the front next to some girl she never had seen before. Marilyn grunted slightly and rushed to catch up on her notes.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments ((Anybody on?))

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((I am))

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Sandy started writing again, her small hand moving fairly fast. She was obviously thinking of other things than vocabulary, though. Her mind drifted to the topic of her family. Or to better rephrase it, drifted to the topic of her family again.

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Fran was amused by Miss Holt's suddenly rigid form, but soon grew bored from her non-stop chatter. Why am I doing this again? Oh Yeah. Right. She yawned, much louder than necessary, and turned so she was straddling her seat and facing the class. She rested her face in her hand and looked at the class with unmistakable bordom. "Don't you guys ever have any fun? I mean shoot spit wads at the teacher? Even though that's a totally lame one." She acted as though she were muttering that last part to herself, but said it perfectly clear. Something?"

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Sandy snickered, trying to stifle her laughter. "I wish." She muttered, looking up from her notes, a mischevious smile on her face. She was biting her lip to start laughing.

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Natasha | 16 comments Marilyn's lips upturned a little from Fran's comment. She allowed a small smile to show upon her burned-out and bored face. She could here some students in the classroom snickering, but others, mainly the recalcitrant kids like Fran, laughed and probably started brainstorming ideas that could please Fran's desire for disruption. But Marilyn wouldn't let this ruin her chances of acing this class... focus... she told herself. focus. But her mind wandered to daydreams in which she meandered down the path to the park, went to the movies, had a party... THREW SPIT WADS AT THE TEACHER! If only... "Marilyn! Marilyn! MARILYN!" Her thoughts were disrupted by her best friend Shirley tapping her shoulder. Marilyn turned, frazzled. And after realizing Shirley could see the blank expression in Marilyn's eyes as she daydreamed, she flashed a grateful smile and turned back to her notes.

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Fran shook her head slowly and tsked while looking at them with pity. "Well whatever kiddos, that's your own loss." She stood up and straightened out her shorts. "Nice seein' ya Holtsy, maybe I'll come back soon" She started across the room, but stopped halfway and turned, "then again, maybe not." She stopped at Russ' desk and ruffled his hair "Hey Russ, how's your brother been? Haven't seen him in ages. Tell him hi for me will ya?" She flashed him a bright smile and turned to Marilyn. Fran's eyes flicked to the note from Russ on her desk. Her lips formed back into a smile as she looked back at Russ and nodded approvingly. "That's what I'm talkin' about, just like your brother kiddo." She let out a loud full laugh as she ruffled his hair once more.

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Sandy watched with interest, her eyebrows raised. Wow.... I'm missing out on something. She thought. She then shrugged it out and went back to note-taking.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion was watching the scene before him with a blank expression on his face. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose as he tuned out everybody's annoying chattering so much for paying attention today he thought to himself as he flipped his notebook shut and dropped his pencil on his desk. He ran a hand through his hair, pushing it out of his face only for the bleach blonde tendrils to fall into his eyes again. He let out an annoyed huff as he turned his cold, hard gaze to the front of the room with little interest once again.


After Victoria had finally got out of work she practically, no, literally, ran to school from the diner. She was out of breath when she finally saw the building looming over her and had to stop to catch her breath before pushing open the glass doors and dashing down the hallway. When she made it to her class she stopped at the door and calmed her ragged breath before pushing it open and preparing herself for the lecture about to come for being late and interrupting class.


The Dare brothers sped into the school parking lot, Carmine at the wheel with his foot flooring the gas while Dustin sat in the passenger seat in a perfectly calm state; he was used to Carmine's reckless driving. They finally were parked in the lot and Carmine quickly got out of the car with his backpack and sprinted towards the school doors. Dustin on the other hand was going at a slow, relaxed pace because unlike Carmine he did well in school and the teachers loved him so they really didn't care whether he was late or not. Carmine was already running down the hall and it wasn't long before he ran through the door and into Miss Holt's class. He bent over with his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath "Sorry, Miss H, Over slept" he said between pants. Dustin walked in slowly after his brother and assumed he dealt with the apology so he walked to his seat in the front and slid in wordlessly.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Rissa watched as another load of students entered the class. Well, not exactly a load, but there was still some. Another head shake from herself as she watched Miss Holt go about recapping the pupils that had recently taken their seats. Riss decided to use this time wisely, reaching into her bag and retrieving her current book of choice. She flipped to the page of which the corner was bent over, straightening it out as her eyes began to graze over each word and she slowly sunk into the world of another person, and forgot. Just for the short time in which she was engrossed in her book she forgot everything in her life, her focus solely on the pages in front of her. Her face seemed to have softened out, maybe a slight catch of emotion in her eyes, a sneak preview of the girl she used to be.

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Sandy took this oppurtunity to once again write. Write all of her emotions out, so she could look like the girl everyone thought her to be. The perfect girl with no problems in her life. Afterall, how could someone as rich as her have a problem?

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Fran smiled at Carmine as he gave his rushed excuse for being late. "Don't worry kid, I overslept plenty a times, except unlike you, I just kept sleeping. Have fun." She winked at him and gave one last wave to Miss Holts. "Bye for real now Holtsy!" And with that, she walked up to the doors, took one last half amused, half bored look around the room, and pushed through the doors into the hall.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Carmine chuckled and grinned at Fran before walking to the middle row and taking his seat. He leaned back in his chair and drummed his fingers loudly on his desk, he smirked when Miss Holt shot him her usual annoyed glare as she continued lecturing about something Carmine was certain he'd never need to use in life.


Dustin shook his head slightly at his brother but like usual made no comment on his disruptive attitude. He sighed softly and ran a hand through his near black hair before dropping it back onto his desk. He wasn't paying much attention to Miss Holt since he could just go home and look through the text book if need-be. He tuned her in and out, catching key words but other wise completely ignoring what she was saying.


Victoria sighed to herself as she took her seat near the back of the room and sank low, she hated being late to class because one, it meant people were going to stare at you and two, it made the teacher angry. Maybe next time she can wait till the weekend to get drunk out of her mind she thought sarcastically knowing full well that that wasn't going to happen.


Damion rolled his blue eyes slightly at Carmine's and the rest of the classes behavior; he was slightly pissed because Miss Holt was notorious for holding the class in late whenever she was angry which thanks to the idiots in his class, she now was. He shook his head in annoyance before resting it on his desk, he'd given up listening a while ago and she would never say anything to him; just like the students the teachers really didn't want to get on his bad side.

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Sandy squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. Her father was furious, veins bulging out of his forehead. "Mr. Jones didn't pay for his car, again! He's cheated me! Sandy, can you beleive this!?" Sandy sat, trying to do her homework. She tried to act pleasent, around her father, but almost always failed. She didn't repply at first, she knew it would only turn his anger towards her. "SANDY! Don't you DARE ignore me, young lady!" Sandy bit her lip, before saying quietly "Maybe your cars ar ea bit over-priced. I'm not coubting you!" She added quickly. She knew she had said the wrong thing when her father narrowed his eyes at her, walking up closer to her. Time seemed to freeze, and all she saw was her father's vicious rage. He slapped her, leaving a red mark on her face. That didn't hurt her enough, though. He threw her off the chair she was in, and started kicking her. He didn't leave any marks he knew she wouldn't be able to cover with her expensive make-up. Her father stormed off, some of his anger now have been spent on her. Sandy started crying on the floor, her body quivering. Sandy opened her eyes, trying not to shed any more tears. Its just a memory, only a memory. She reminded herself.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Rissa sighed slightly. In honesty she had studied most of the things Miss Holt was droaning on about, and writing notes was more like revision for her. She sighed as the lesson continued on, and groaned inwardly as the bell rang and instead of the student leaving, the teacher simply held up her hand, signaling that they would not leave until she dismissed them. Riss tilted her head back slightly, as if silently praying that this would end soon. She tapped her fingers against the table impatiently, never one to be kept waiting.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion looked up when the bell rang to see Miss Holt keeping them late just as he had expected. He was in no mood to wait and be late for his next class because unlike most teachers, Mr. Delano, his next period history teacher, had no problem scolding him. So rather than being a good student and waiting he stood up, grabbed his stuff and walked to the front of the room and to the door. He ignored Miss Holt's questions of where he thought he was going and her demands for him to return to his seat, what was she going to do? tell the principal? as if he cared. He stepped across the threshold and out into the emptying hallway.


Carmine scowled when he was made sit there and be late for his next class. He hadn't been planning on walking out but after watching Damion do it he figured, why not? Carmine stood up, threw his bag over his shoulder and walked to the front of the room "Lets go Dustin" he said to his brother, stopping at his desk.

Dustin looked at his brother and sighed "you're going to get us into trouble, they give up trying to punish Damion but we will still be reprimanded" he grumbled. But in the end he was standing with his brother, his backpack over his shoulder as the two of them both walked out together. They stepped out of the room together before turning separate directions to go to their different classes. Carmine to Math with Miss Lisk and Dustin to Chemistry with Mr. May.


Victoria watched the three boys leave the room while Miss Holt looked like fume was going to start coming out of her ears. Great, they just made her angrier so we will be held back even longer she thought with a quiet groan of frustration. If being late to one class wasn't already enough she had to be late to her next period class as well.

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Sandy couldn't stand it anymore. She knew the teacher wasn't actually letting them out, but she stood up anyways, grabbing her textbooks quickly. She ran out, dodging Miss Holdt completely, tears already starting to fall out of her eyes. She hurried to the bathroom so she wouldn't have to be seen like this. She had to walk through the hallways first, though. And that wasn't particularly fun. She tried to avoid people as best as she could, but the hallways were to narrow for that.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Miss Holt's gaze scanned the rest of the class, eyes full of rage. She shook her head in fustration, returning to her desk and sitting. Rissa's gaze bore into the side of her teachers head, and eventually after about a quarter of an hour waiting, Miss Holt finally dismissed the class. Ross had already packed up her things, and swiftly exited the classroom. She tucked a few strands of her hair behind her ear as she smoothed down her skirt and blouse, as if having a good appearence would make up for her being late to class. Whilst walking she retrieved her timetable from her bag, being the scatterbrain that she was, she couldnt recall what lesson she had next. History... In actual fact it was one of her favourite lessons. Because she was one of 'them' students, she was quite the teachers pet, and knew for a fact if she explained the situation to Mr. Delano she would be off the hook.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion stepped into Mr. Delano's class right as the bell rang. "Tardy, as usual" Mr. Delano said, obviously annoyed as he glared at Damion who rolled his eyes. "I'm not late, I was in the room before the bell rang Andrew" he said, he always called Mr. Delano by his first name just to annoy him. In truth Mr. Delano was his favorite teacher because he always had high expectations for all his students, even supposed delinquents like Damion which he appreciated. All his other teachers were shocked whenever he got a high grade on something or did his homework while Mr. D always wrote "you can do better" on his papers even when he made a B. Damion chuckled softly when Mr. D didn't even bother yelling at him for calling him Andrew, he knew it was futile. "See me after class Damion" he said in a clipped voice as Damion took his seat in the front row; he only ever sat that close to the teacher in that class. "Yes sir" he said with a mock salute and a smirk spread across his lips as he sank down into his seat.


Carmine saw a girl pass him, crying. He groaned internally as he looked away from her, he hated it when people cried, especially girls. He awkwardly picked up his speed wanting to get far away from the crying girl, tears were his weakness, he got all soft and reverted back to his old self whenever he was around crying people which wasn't something he wanted so he really had to get out of there and to the safety of his classroom.


Dustin walked with his head down like usual as he sunk his hands down deep into the the pockets of his denim jeans. "Stupid Carmine, going to get us detention" he grumbled under his breath as he stopped outside the classroom leading into chemistry. He sighed and pushed open the door, murmuring a quick apology for being late as he walked quickly to his seat in the back.

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Sandy walked into the bathroom, and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked awful, her makeup all smeared, her cheeks tear stained. Stop crying, girl. you have a good life. She scolded herself. She fixed herself up as best as she could, sighing as she looked at herself in the mirror another time. She didn't look much better. She knew she was late for math class. She knew stalling wouldn't help thoug. So she hurried to the math room, ignoring the teacher's glares and comments. She sat in the only open seat, in the left corner. She bit her lip, she could feel that her face had grown red, in a blush.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Rissa finally made it to the history room, approximatley 10 minutes after the bell rang. She cursed the classroom itself, for being all the way over the other side of the school but sighed in defeat as she entered the class quietly. Mr Delano's eyes flashed over hers and she bit the inside of her lip.
"I apolgise for being late Mr Delano. It wont happen again I can asure you."
Of course she couldnt exactly determine whether it would happen again, but it was the thought that counted, or thats what Riss repeated to herself anyway. Although Mr Delano gave a slight nod, his tone softened slightly as he spoke.
"I would like to see you after the lesson Miss Applegate." He stated, to which Riss nodded, slipping into the only spare seat available.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) | 79 comments Damion already knew what Mr. D wanted with them, he was going to tell them they had to go to his room after school and clean erasers or do some other form of pointless work, Damion didn't mind though, he'd done it enough times already. Plus, Mr. D always let him go pick his litter sister up from school first and she would always help with whatever he had to do, it was like sibling bonding time and Mr. D had grown quiet attached to Damion's little sister over the course of the year which always meant he got off easy. Damion smiled as he pulled out his notebook and started taking notes while listening to Mr. D give a lecture.


Carmine was already in class in the back of the room like usual so the teacher couldn't see him passing notes with his friends. He didn't even look over as some girl took the seat next to him and just continued passing notes with his friends and flirting with the girl to his right who was about to be his flavor of the week.

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Sandy rolled her eyes at them. Usually she would try and listen to boys and girls flirting, she loved to, actually, but she just wasn't in the mood. She tried to smiled, and look pleasent enough even though it was hard. She sighed softly and didn't bother listening to the teacher. She wohld get a bad grade in class wether she did or didn't.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 82 comments Sighing in defeat yet again, Riss produced her infamous notebook from her bag, hand scribbling over the page yet again as she listened intently. Although she was a straight A student, she tended to want to do better in the subjects she was more interested in, and history definatley ticked off that box. She assumed that Mr Delano would want her to stay behind after school, which again, wrecked her plans to spend the time with her brothers. She would just have to soften Ben up so he would help her. She didnt know if she would be able to stand spending her spare time with Damion, whom she supposed had also been tardy, considering they had been in the previous class together. Although he had left earlier than herself. She mused.

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