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Today's lesson will be about 'Greetings'. There are two different ways to greet people. If it's a friend, then you say 'Salut'. If it's an adult, you say 'Bonjour'.

Salut, is the informal way to greet someone. Bonjour, is the formal way to greet someone. Now, repeat Salut and Bonjour.

Bonjour-Bohn-jour(don't repeat, say it)
Salut-Sa-lu(don't repeat, say it)

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I am Dangerous | 7 comments Can we proceed,please?

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♥Booknerdswift♥ | 125 comments Mod
yep. and saying it out loud.

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Gabrielle (gabshi) ;)

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I am Dangerous | 7 comments Ummmmmm,Can we have some grammer like Verbs and all...I face a real problem in them.

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Grace  (sweetiepie1000) They are hard. Lets stick with the easy stuff

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