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What was the most embarissing that has ever happened to you at school?

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message 1: by Frances (new)

Frances Beck (francesbeck57yahoocom) | 3 comments Mod
Last year I spilt my milk all over my pants and it looked like I peed! Later on in Mr.Jensen's class he asked me to go get a book but my pants were still wet so when I got up to go get one everyone was laughing! It was really awkward!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

One of my embarrassing moment was when I was in a class. Everyone was there waiting. It was a usual meeting we had every morning.

I had problems with my stomach that morning. It was winter and I figured well the coat was airy enough. When I got to class and took off my coat the foul smell spread all around me.

I pretended that nothing was wrong and sat down. If I smelled that I knew everyone else did too. That was my embarrassing moment.

message 3: by Frances (new)

Frances Beck (francesbeck57yahoocom) | 3 comments Mod
DEON (FREAKIN AWSOME) wrote: "Once I remember running into a teacher and falling. I was running away from navar cause he had something weird on his finger"

Lol! Navar is funny but sometimes annoying! :)

message 4: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (matthew2002) | 1 comments I was waiting for my teacher to call me to her desk and I went to her desk and I was talking and I vomited on her and all of the papers in Kinder

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