Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2) Catching Fire question

deleted member Nov 16, 2012 05:34PM
So I went to the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2 and they showed a commercial (just the burning mockingjay symbol and the premiere date) for Catching Fire!!! I totally spazzed out and starting screaming and clapping....but of course I was the only one and ppl gave me weird looks. TELL ME I'M NOT ALONE??Would you have freaked out???IS ANYONE ELSE WRITHING WITH EXCITEMENT???I EVEN TEARED UP YO!!

Omg!!! 1 day less than a year to go lol!!! I would sooo want to spend my Thanksgiving in line for Catching Fire!!!

I think she was a traitor at first, when she first received the necklace. But later, when she said that Richard was threatening her when she wanted to stop, I felt bad for her and realized that I would have done the same thing, keep giving him information so long as he didn't hurt my friends.

When does it come out? :) I would have definitely freaked out as well. I'm seeing BD later this week, so thanks for warning me, so I won't scream quite as loud. haha

Rachel I'm so excited too! :) I'm going to have to reread the book though before I see it because I haven't read them in years and I don't remember anything. ...more
Nov 30, 2012 10:01AM

I haven't seen Breaking Dawn, but it if I had, or seen the commercial with any movie, really, then I TOTALLY would have freak end out! I'm so so so excited for the movie to come out!!!

deleted user I'm so glad!!:) and yes I am so super duper cra-cra excited!!
Nov 19, 2012 01:51PM

seriously, i'm on the edge of my seat waiting! i watched the teaser trailer for it, was epicly disappointed that they didn't put up a part of the movie though :(
and if you think that the catching Fire movie is ages away, imagine when Mockingjay will come out!!!!!! :O

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