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kuseyo * * *

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments ok any idea for the story

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments ((im sorry i haven't reponse i atually forgot about this rp for some stupid reason im such a BAKA))

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kuseyo ((It's fine. You're not an idiot. I've been kinda busy lately, ^ - ^"))

I had an idea, but I believe the concept is sorta...long.

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments ((i feel you there too))

its all good please tell me ... i like detail and love Yaoi so much

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kuseyo ((I go to go DX))

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments ((darn i make a character and we go from there))

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kuseyo ((alright))

Here's the plot :33

Plot: At Fairfield H.S., everyone knows that south siders and north siders aren't exactly compatible elements. South siders are mostly Mexicans, though if you were born in South side and have no drop of Spanish in your body, you're still considered one (same for north side). North Siders are the ones that have it easy. Away from the dark pit on gang activity, and basically have almsot everything given on a silver platter. They're not Mexican at all.

On the south side you're either one out of two (I forgot the exact names but bear with me). Pures, who are loyal to the Latino Blood, or Homies, who stay away and mostly fend for themselves.

When ___________ a ____________ and gang member ____________ Fuentes are forced to be lab partners in chemistry class, the results are bound to explosive.

(A terrible plot, I know...I just never did a Yaoi rp in a while)

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments ((its different i can say

i have an idea too but, not so good either

i thought about something when i watch the last part of twilight...i was thinking about a character that is half human and vampire and the other is half vampire and half werewolf

also yaoi that would be some kind of twist ....and do you do more than one character

i would love to be half vampire and half werewolf if we agree on that

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kuseyo Alright, we can do your idea ^ ^

Yeah I'm able to roleplay more than one character :)

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments Name: Tray
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Special: werewolf/vampire
Personality: shy, timid, smart, talents, and loner
wolf form:
History: When he was born he was a vampire and turned to a werewolf at the age of 10. HIs parents both died and learn nothing about his kind neither vampire and werewolf. His scared and lost and angry at the world. But, doesn't want to talk to people and want to keep his thought and angier to himself that is eating his inside and out.
Crush: open and doesn't know his gay at all.

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments your turn to make a character

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kuseyo Name: Jude

Age: Eighteen [Real Age: 1,000]

Gender: Masculine

Species: Vampire

Jude has chocolate brown hair, with a lighter patch of brownish-blonde in the front. Both of his ears are pierced though the right one has a second piercing. His eyes are a light hazel Jude was creamy olive skin, and stand in between five-foot-eight and five-foot-nine. He is also depicted as a smoker, though Jude appears far from a smoker.

Personality: Jude a hopeless flirt, often encroaching on personal space boundaries. He can also be incredibly rude on the occasion, to the extent that even some people think he is a douchebag. Jude is always a smart-ass, and won't kiss up to anyone. He believes he can be a monster, because at times he can lose his control over blood. Jude keeps his background under wraps, still unsure of himself, and what he was meant to be.

History: Jude was born around the 1800s. His life wasn't the best, but it became worse when the Black Plague hit, and many of the people whom he have known died. Jude was alone, and fend for himself until he was attacked and knocked unconscience. Jude was in a coma, and his body was preserved from disease. When he awoke, he was turned into a vampire, and the thing that attacked him was probably the cause. Jude spent his life trying to find the person, but with no avail, he tried to make up for the rest of his life. Soon, he met his best friend--Cleyton, and stuck by his side ever since.

Crush: Open. He is close with his best friend, whom Jude enjoys to act as if they're dating, just to push his buttons.

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kuseyo Done! :)

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments Tray was in his wolf form drinking water from the waterfall swaying his tail side to side.

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments ((sorry if i don't get to detail in the beginning because, i have to get into the character first sorry about that...i will make new character later on))

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kuseyo ((Alright ^ ^))

In the woods was the last place he had in mind, but Cleyton begged him to tag along. His friend was scaling tress, though Jude remained on the ground, laying down on the lush grass with his hands behind his head. His pair of hazelnut eyes scanned the cloudless sky, as if he were expected it to fall and shatter to pieces.

"Dude, what's up? You look all depressed," shouted the other male from the trees. When Jude didn't answer, Cleyton jumped down and walked over to lay next to him in long strides.

"I'm trying to think of ways I could ditch you. I have other ways to spend my Saturday morning."

Cleyton chuckled. His face saying "humor me". "Oh really? Have you had other friend in the past two centuries?"

Jude sat up, and glanced at his friend. This was the act his friend dreaded, but he didn't seem to mind it so much. He reached out his right hand to muss his hair affectionately. "I don't need friends, when I have my love with me."

Cleyton faked a grimace. Probably going to change the subject, Jude assumed. "I had a dream..." Cleyton began. This caused Jude to groan in displeasure. Jude didn't know when exactly, but he knew he hated dreams. He hated them, because they weren't real. They're never real, and he hated them most because they weren't. The six-foot male beside him didn't seem to noticed and continued his rambling.

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments Tray turned into his human/vampire form you can say. His eyes was yellow in wolf and vampire form. He look around can tell vampire nearby. He slowly got up looking around wondering why so many and why now he can scent them. His eyes flicker brighter yellow when he was trying to track something.

He slowly fallow the scent slowly not to fast not to alarm the other vampire.

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kuseyo Cleyton stopped in midsentence then sniffed the air.

"What's up Cleyton you--" And only then, Jude caught the scent. It was some sort of hybrid. It had the citrus scent of a vampire like himself, but the wierd wet leaf scentof a werewolf. He found it impossible two rivals would come together and make....whoever that was. Jude stood up, keeping his guard up. Cleyton stood up after him.

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments Tray stop realizing somehow they scent him. He stop and thought about keep going or just stay where he was and makre sure they will not harm him. He want to turn into his wolf but, that make it worse.

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kuseyo "You can come out you know," Jude spoke out invitingly. He was more curiour about the stranger than afraid. A few images of how the person could appear with his werewolf hybrid self might look like. Strange? Absolutely.

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments He decide to become a wolf with his bloody red eye showing. To show he is a vampire. He slowly came into view for the vampire. He look up at them slowly swaying his tail gently wondering why so many in one spot. It should have been more wolves if this are the vampire that are around here. He seat down lower his head shyly.

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kuseyo Jude glared at the wolf, then saw his eye. It was not what he was thinking. The person actually seemed pretty harmless. "I'm Jude, and this is Cleyton. Who are you?"

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments Tray slowly turn into his human like form. "Name is Tray." He said deeply but, at the same time it came out soflty. He look around the other vampire looking at it very slowly realizing he didn't see one girl in the cult. He thought this was odd at the time if they were going to mate they should have a female of some kind in the cult.

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kuseyo "We-"

"Well what the hell are you?" Cleyton cut in. He wanted to know. Out of curiousity, and secondly...making sure he wasn't a threat.

Jude's eyes flickered over to his friend, then back at Tray.

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Sandra (goodreadscomBloodyredeyes) | 173 comments Tray look at Jude with some idea on what he was going to say but, not sure how to explain it. He heard the other vampire jump in and narrow his eyes not liking how rude he was, "Name is Tray my dad my vampire and my dad was a Werewolf. My dad the vampire was human/vampire. Meaning he was born a vampire warm as human. My mom imprint him when he was born." He look at the other vampire. His eyes widen looking around thinking on what to do next. He didn't like explain what he was to many.

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