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Prodigal Son (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, #1)
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message 1: by Steven, Owner/Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steven (TBones) | 589 comments Mod
I hope we had some readers of this title and we can get some chatting about it going in here. I would love to know when we can put the second title in the series up for a read and whether we want to. Even if we don't get everyone reading this series, I'd like to offer posts for the other books in the series as well. Let me know what you all want to do and I will set it up. I'd love to know what people thought of this title. Like what their favorite parts were, favorite characters and where they think this series is going. Also, you should all know that Koontz has made some type of deal with TNT to do a mini series based off these books so we should see this coming soon as well.

Sam H Arnold (samharnold) I loved the first three books in this series then I felt that the author went off the boil and just used the idea to cash in money.

message 3: by Steven, Owner/Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steven (TBones) | 589 comments Mod
I imagine Koontz did cash in the money on this series, however I couldn't put these titles down. I think my biggest draw into this series was Jocko. To me he was such a fun character and I loved the dialog and situations he was pulled into. He was this weird creepy looking creature but he had so much personality which made me care about him and I just had to see where he was going and if he would survive. My only critique that I would ever give to Koontz is more surprise/shock in his books. Something in the way he writes and gets into his characters makes me know which characters will survive and which will die. I think he connects with his creations too much to the point it's hard for him to kill anyone off. Phantoms was my first Koontz book and this book didn't seem to play by these rules and well that book was pretty creepy. I did enjoy the final book of the Frankenstein books because of how it ended.

Angie | 225 comments I've got the first three and enjoyed them lots, all the creations in the house at the begining of book 1 I loved. Its been years since I read them though so it would be good to read again. If a mini series did come out I'd watch it. Dark rivers of the Heart was my first DK books, and that was when it was first released so that's years ago now. That's always remained as one of my favorite's.

Angie | 225 comments I've started this now, and a can remember why I liked it so much. Its good to be joining in on a book in the group again:)

message 6: by Steven, Owner/Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steven (TBones) | 589 comments Mod
Cool to see you in here Angie :o) Yeah Koontz is definitely one of those authors that has his ups and downs and this series has had so many mixed reviews. Happy to hear you enjoyed the first 3 in the series :o)

Angie | 225 comments Have you read all of them Steven? It was last year that I looked at this series again when I noticed I think book 5 in the shop. I think it was book 5. But I loved the characters, and its good to be reading it again:-)

message 8: by Steven, Owner/Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steven (TBones) | 589 comments Mod
Yes I did read all 5 books. My wife picked them up for me all year last year and gave them to me for Christmas last year. I did love the books and if you enjoyed the characters as much as you say I think you will want to finish this series. Again the only thing, if I could critique Koontz at all, would be going with more shock value in his titles. He creates such amazing characters and crazy situations but I can usually tell who will live and who "might die" in his books. I think he falls in love with his creations so much that it pains him to kill them but being unpredictable is important and keeps us readers on the edge. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the books. I am still trying to figure out what to set up as the monthly book in this group. Had something in the works but the book don't come out till August so now we need something else, something uplifting to get people through the winter...any suggestions? :o)

Angie | 225 comments Poor old Roy, even with finding dead bodies in his freezer he didn't expect to get offed himself!! Victor won't accept either that his creations have nightmares about their time in the hospital, or he just doesn't care. Deucalion is right , he's lost control.

message 10: by Angie (last edited Jan 07, 2014 12:48PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Angie | 225 comments For something uplifting, how about priestess of the white by Trudi Canavan, its the first of a trilogy, called the age of five I love all three of these books. Or maybe spellwright by Blake Charlton, which is a YA book and another I enjoyed.

Angie | 225 comments I've finished now and it was far better than I remember. I feel so sorry for all the new race, they're so messed up. And Victor, it would be awful to have to answer to him. Were is anyone else up to?

message 12: by Steven, Owner/Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steven (TBones) | 589 comments Mod
Ok so you pick Priestess of the White or Spellwright? Whichever one you pick I will set up and I will actually read it :O) You have brought some great conversation back to this group and to this thread. I am so happy you are enjoying the Frankenstein series. I think the things you commented on from the series are what makes the series so special. It's a dark story but full of some interesting emotions.

Angie | 225 comments Spellwright is more a YA book and its got its second out now. Its hard to choose!! I think I'll go with the Trudi Canavan, The Priestess of the White.

I'm going to read the next Frankenstein book,im dying to read more about the skittering thing. Good or evil? And I bet it doesn't feel the need to follow Victors rules.

message 14: by Steven, Owner/Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steven (TBones) | 589 comments Mod
Ok I will set up The Priestess of the White as i=our next read then but I will have it start the first of Feb till the first of March. That gives you some time to finish the Frankenstein books and maybe open up some time for you to jump in and chat about the group read later :o) Thanks for picking's a great start for the new year :o)

message 15: by Angie (last edited Jan 09, 2014 03:34PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Angie | 225 comments So is it OK to talk about book 2, if it is I'm going to start it now. I finished Eye of the world earlier so I've got room to start another, It'll be good to have something a bit shorter as well! Between that, The Passage and Shadow of the Wind it got a bit crazy:D its a good job I've always read a few books at once,lol.

Angie | 225 comments I've started book two of this series now, and Victors people are getting very broken. They don't seem to cope at all, and now(view spoiler)

message 17: by Steven, Owner/Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steven (TBones) | 589 comments Mod
Oh yeah I think Victor did have some type of plan with that. I felt so bad for all his creations and how controlled they were.

Angie | 225 comments I've at about 35% in on b.2 now, and Randel 6 who is supposed to only eat white or green food manage to eat the worms and bugs under the house? I love how much he likes the choc mint ice cream. Its made him happy, and yes such a messed up man. The more I learn about Victors people the more I feel sorry for them.

message 19: by Steven, Owner/Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steven (TBones) | 589 comments Mod
Yeah totally. All these creations in these books seemed pretty messed up.

Angie | 225 comments I'm at 65% now, and I'm dreading knowing what they get up to down at the tip during the burial ceremony. I should be finishing this tonight then I can start book 3.

message 21: by Steven, Owner/Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steven (TBones) | 589 comments Mod
awesome, sounds like you are really enjoying it :o)

Angie | 225 comments I've just finished b.3 and it was the best yet!! I love Jocko so much, he must be the best thing in these books, even better than Deucalion because he made me laugh. All his dancing and cartwheeling, when he was doing that round Victors house I was thinking' don't get caught and shot!'. Is it bad of me that I was pleased it was Christine that got finished off?

I'm going to start b.4, I can't wait to find out what happens next! I've never read that one either. Should I of put all that in spoilers?

message 23: by Steven, Owner/Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steven (TBones) | 589 comments Mod
Wow, so awesome for you to fall in love with Jocko too :O) Seriously they need to make a fan club just for this character and they totally need to make a graphic novel version of these books cause I would love to own a Jocko figure or "I Love Jocko" hat or shirt :O) I really am so happy you are enjoying these books too. It has been a blast to have someone to talk to about them :O)

Angie | 225 comments I've started book 4 now and the way Victor is taking over that town is somehow even worse than before! This wire tap things he's put in the old race brains is incredibly freaky. But I can't wait for Jocko to make his reappearance!! How's he going to be a year on? I'm excited to find out:D!!

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