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Who/What is your favorite Techno-Thriller writer/book?
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For my moneys worth Michael Crichton will be forever the quintessential Techno-Thriller writer ever. Sphere and State of Fear and almost his whole bibliography deserves to be on top. However recently I have enjoyed Lincoln Child quite a bit. Deception Point was a solid techno-thriller by Dan Brown.

While I love Crichton and the other authors listed here, has anyone read these two by Daniel Suarez: Daemon (Daemon, #1) by Daniel Suarez & Freedom (TM) (Daemon, #2) by Daniel Suarez. This is tech gone crazy....over the top..welcome to big brother....

Seth Brodsky best non-Crichton techno-thrillers out there, in my opinion. if anyone knows of better ones, i'm all ears and interested in others!
Mar 24, 2013 07:50AM
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David I agree too. Daemon/Freedom is probobly my favorite books ever. Completely blew my mind, please let me know if there is anything similar! These are am ...more
Dec 21, 2013 02:50PM

Michael Crichton, James Rollins, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child!

I love michael crichton!

another favorite book that might would fit what you're talking about is The Footprints of God.

I've read Timeline maybe 5 times! I love that one too.

I didn't read alot of Michael Crichton work but his novel "Sphere" is the first one in my fav. books list. "sphere" is a book that you have to read it in continous setting to enjoy it. Really it spark the mind with thrilling fictional science!

Michael Crichton, James Rollins

Michael Crichton's genius will never be replaced. The closest I've found is Daniel Suarez's "Daemon" and "FreedomTM". Not quite to the level of Crichton, but I'll take what I can get. Nothing will ever top Sphere or Prey in my mind.

I've been reading Chrichton for 35 years, starting with "The Andromeda Strain", also one of my childhood's favorite SF movie. I hated "State of Fear" for its climate-skeptic position and its unusual length for a Chrichton book. "Prey" was fascinating for suggesting that self-consciouness and AI could emerge from a bunch of nano robots working together. I enjoyed the exploration of the human mind and motives in "Sphere". I got a course on how an aircraft is conceived, designed and built in "Airframe". I could go on and on. I think Chrichton created the genre.

Robopocalypse was excellent and I think a new favourite, though I am still a Crichton fan. Daniel H. Wilson has a Ph.d. in Robotics and a real flair for writing. He also wrote a great book called Amped.

My favourite techno thriller is also Michael Crichton. Jurassic park is one of my favourite Crichton story. Its great bcos of the very great and simple explanation whic h gives more knowledge about high end science terms.

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