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Professer Trewlaney sat down in her large chair and waited for her class to enter.

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Moni | 21 comments Romanta entered divination."Good morning ,Pro.Trelawney."Romanta's favourite class and best class is.divination.

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Professor Trewlaney grinned brightly. "Good morning, Romantha! Please make sure to stay with the carpeted floor so that you don't break my cups." She said, pointing to a seat in the front with a mat under it.

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Moni | 21 comments Romanta used this calling of Prof.Trelawney,So she doesn't take it into the consideration."Yes Prof.!I will be careful".Romanta smiled brighter and walked to the seat where Prof asked her to."Isn't it the time for class......."She looked around"I don't see anyone."

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Professor Trewlaney nodded sadly. "I'm afraid that many are sick and many don't like to take my classes anymore. But there will be two that are late for my class today and one that will walk in in two minutes." She said.

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Moni | 21 comments "Prof.Did u foresee somebody coming in 2 minutes?"Romanta asked anxiously.

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Professor Trewlaney nodded. "Yes, dear. I did." She said. In exactly two minutes, Kenna burst through the door.
"I'm so sorry, Professor Trewlaney! It won't happen again, I swear!" She gasped.
"It's alright, Kenna. Go have a seat." Professor Trewlaney said. Kenna nodded and sat down next to Romantha, giving her a kind smile.

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Moni | 21 comments "Oh!You are perfect and precise,Prof"Romanta was a bit loud,that her voice echoed down the stairs."Hello Kenna!I thought u won't turn up"Romanta smiled back."What kept u long?"Romanta asked Kenna

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