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Tell me the ending.. Caution hopefully contains spoilers

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Cecilia Carreon I more or less clawed my way through the first book. I really love the parts where Diana shows off her power, but thats really it. I cant make my way through the second book at all. But i really want to know how it ends can someone just summarize it for me. Tell ALL spoilers im never going to read it anyways. I left off where Matthew has to go see his dad.

Someone just tell me how it ends and please tell me Diana learns to use her powers. I liked how they were developing.

message 2: by Bethany (last edited Nov 16, 2012 09:50AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bethany Diana sort of learns how to use her powers and her and Matthew return to the "present". I don't understand why you don't just skip the parts you find boring and read the parts you like, just skim the pages looking for keywords you're interested in.

Edit: In particular if you like the parts where Diana uses her power - those are pretty interesting.

❤️ Diana ❤️ Okay I will tell you. So Diana is no ordinary witch she is a spell weaver (thnk that is what it s called) which means she creates spells, can't perform existing ones like her aunt. Her familiar is a dragon. Diana saw her dad while he was time walking. Kit and Matthews sister try to kill her but fail. They find the book but can't take it back them. The boom is literally made up of creatures. They end up make in present time. She s pregnant with twins. Her aunts partner is dead (we don't know what happened exactly). Everyone is at Sept Towers, everyone. So there probably will be a battle in the 3rd book. Because Gilbert the vampire and that old man witch teamed up so they will probably go after Matthew, Diana and their families. Let me know if you have more questions.

Cynthia Stacey The parts about Diana learning her powers and finding her familiar the firedrake are really cool. You should do what Bethany said and skip a few pages till you come to a good part. It might make you like it more.

Cecilia Carreon I might go back and do just that thank you especially Diana.. made me want to go back and read it just to understand the twin part.


Brandy I am glad I am not the only one who had trouble finishing this book. I really enjoyed the first one and was excited for this one but I could not finish it either. I have so many books that I am enjoying reading that even skimming to find the "good parts" was not worth it form me. Thanks for the summaries.

Erin Mccormick Diana's familiar is a Firedrake (only has two legs, not four). Corra symbolizes the combo of fire and water, just like Diana. When asked by Diana, "What are you?" She responds, "you but not you". She's a Weaver, meaning she can make up spells of her own. The old man witch is Peter Knox, and yes he did team up with Gerbert (not Gilbert). Because Diana belongs to the Goddess, and because she is probably one of the most powerful witches on earth, there will be a battle in the third book. A battle between good and evil, light and dark. Diana & the de Clermonts versus The Congregation and their allies

Erin Mccormick Cecilia, Diana gets pregant with twins when she and Matthew are in Prague. Read the entire book, because the reason behind this is explained by Diana's teacher.

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Eva I'm in the same boat. I can't seem to finish it. But I can't skim it because I have the audio version.

I have to say that I got through the part where Matthew visits his dad. It's actually the only part of the book I liked because you find out so much about Matthew's history.

Once they meet up with Sir Walter Raleigh, Queen Elizabeth and the whole cast of Shakespeare in Love, I was kind of done. It seemed ridiculous that EVERY single "celebrity" of the time was known by Matthew.

So, I'm interested to know what happened when they got back to the present and why they couldn't bring the book back.

❤️ Diana ❤️ Getting back to present is at the very end and the book ends........

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Mary Hello. Who does Diana kill in Shadow of Night when she is with Phillipe? What chapter can I find it in the book?

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