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message 1: by Vicki - I Love Reading (last edited Feb 23, 2009 11:44PM) (new)

Vicki - I Love Reading (httpswwwfacebookcommybookblog) recently new to the group so just trying to get a feel for things.

i really enjoy a good crime/detective, or thriller type book.

james patterson
quintin jardine
tess gerritsen
i'm just reading the first one of alex kava and enjoying that.

wondered what type of crime/thriller books people have read, and what they would recommend.

many thanks

message 2: by Becca (last edited Feb 23, 2009 03:43AM) (new)

Becca I've read two of Lisa Jackson's. Some of her books follow a mini-series (about 2 books) while others are individual novels. I liked them and found that my list of suspects dwindled to a couple until the last few pages when you, of course, find "who done it". The first one (The Night Before) I read the killer was someone that I hadn't even thought of it was great.

message 3: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (cddimmitt) I really enjoy Mary Higgins Clark as well. I'm a huge fan of James Patterson. I also really enjoy the "lighter" mysteries like the Chocoholic series, the coffee house series, etc.

message 4: by Danine (new)

Danine (dulcemea) I enjoy the Ben Reese Detective novels by Sally Wright. For more info about Sally and her books go to:

Vicki - I Love Reading (httpswwwfacebookcommybookblog) thanks thats great, give me some ideas for new reads

message 6: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Schryver (dschryver) Kathy Reichs

message 7: by Martha (new)

Martha | 73 comments For a different series, I recommend the Monkeewrench series by PJ Tracy. They are a mother/daughter team who write together despite living in two different cities. There are 4 (or 5) books in the series with the first one named (appropriately) "Monkeewrench". They center around a group of computer geeks who solve crimes

Vicki - I Love Reading (httpswwwfacebookcommybookblog) thanks for all your replys should keep me going lol

message 9: by Dawn (new)

Dawn rizzi (dawnie278) You should try Stuart Woods , The Stone barrington series. Got to be my fav besides Patterson and he is much sexier than Alex Cross. Along the same writing style I would say. If you want something really funny and light try Janet Evanovitch Stephanie Plum Series.

message 10: by Ginette (new)

Ginette (sistergrimm) Alexander McCall Smith's misteries are a lot of fun (they're not all about murders), especially the No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, which is the first of a series. It is set in Botswana, Africa, so there is a nice exotic cultural flavor to it. The main character is especially delightful, full of humor, and of course very very good at what she does. McCall Smith has other mystery series I have yet to read, but the one I mentioned has received 2 Booker Judge's Special Recommendations. So that's always a good sign.

I also recently discovered smartly-written murder mysteries, surrounding one inspector Adam Dalgliesh, written by the author P.D. James. What I really like about these stories is that the author lays out all of the clues necessary to solve the crime, so you can technically figure out who the perpetrator is by the end.

P. D. James's style reminds me a little of Doyle's in the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, more classic detective stories that I love to read.

Vicki - I Love Reading (httpswwwfacebookcommybookblog) Dawn wrote: "You should try Stuart Woods , The Stone barrington series. Got to be my fav besides Patterson and he is much sexier than Alex Cross. Along the same writing style I would say. If you want somethi..."

i've got the janet evanovich, i've read the first 3 so far. i'll check out the other author many thanks

message 12: by Dawn (new)


message 13: by Vicki - I Love Reading (last edited Feb 27, 2009 02:17PM) (new)

Vicki - I Love Reading (httpswwwfacebookcommybookblog) ah #15 not out till june....

Vagas... have you been before..

we went in december..loved it

it was a ten hour flight for me, so read a book going and one coming back lol

message 14: by Dawn (new)

Dawn rizzi (dawnie278) Yes I am a bit Vegas spoiled this will be my 8th trip I believe. 5 hour flight for me . New york here what about you?

message 15: by Vicki - I Love Reading (last edited Feb 28, 2009 07:47AM) (new)

Vicki - I Love Reading (httpswwwfacebookcommybookblog) i'm in the uk.... lol
loved vagas, going again next year, there was 10 of us went in december. and 2 of them have decided they are going to get married there next year...

i been to north carolina and florida to, but not done new york

we stayed in the stratosphere,, i love it

message 16: by Dawn (new)

Dawn rizzi (dawnie278) Well funny you should say vegas wedding thats why I am going. My cousin is getting married for a second time and it will be his too. They are in there 40's a decided this would great fun. So the whole family is going should be a great trip about 50 of us.

I have stayed at Ceasars,NYNY , Bellagio , Planet Hollywood and Monte Carlo

message 17: by John-Paul (new)

John-Paul | 46 comments I recommend Patricia Cornwell, Jeffery Deaver, and P.D. Martin.

message 18: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (nancybartellsbcglobalnet) I just discovered a series set in Venice by Donna Leon. Protagonist is Inspector Guido Brunetti. I started with "Uniform Justice" and am working forward. You might like them if you like foreign settings.

message 19: by Cam (new)

Cam Another book that you may enjoy (going with the Nancy's theme of foreign settings) is Tom Rob Smith's Child 44 which is set in Stalin's Soviet Union, as well as the thriller side it had a pretty interesting historical perspective. He has just released the second book to it called The Secret Speech which I haven't read yet but if it's anything like the first it should be a rippa!

message 20: by Doug (new)

Doug Lawrence Block's Burglar series is my favorite. I've also recently started reading the Mr. Monk series which is a lot of fun (and better than the tv show in my opinion). Both series are certainly not thrillers though...more lgiht-hearted detective books. Both fun and funny.

message 21: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lbhick) Try any Michael Connelly novel, but especially his Harry Bosch series. He's my all-time favorite. Robert Crais's Elvis Cole detective series is also good. As mentioned in other posts, Stuart Woods and Janet Evanovich are also good picks.

message 22: by Kate (new)

Kate (kateksh) | 741 comments Heart-Shaped Box A Novel

Give this one a try -- I don't always read thriller/suspense -- but I thought this was a fun read. Reading work by an obvious member of the King clan who wasn't Stephen King was quite intriguing; the premise of being haunted by ghost purchased online was quite clever.

message 23: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (nancybartellsbcglobalnet) Try the Cara Black series set in Paris. The protagonist is Aimee Leduc, private investigator. Fun reads. "Murder in the Bastille","Murder in the Morais", etc.

message 24: by Eva (new)

Eva Gotta give credit to the classics.

I'll go with Agatha Christie every time. Marple and Poirot are the best.

Followed by Dorothy L. Sayers. Lord Peter Wimsey is terrific.

For shorter stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Huzzah for Sherlock.

message 25: by Maggie (new)

Maggie | 394 comments I'd recommend RJ Ellory's books specially A Quiet Belief in Angels.
I agree with Cam Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith is a cracker, his new book is on my 'to be read' bookshelf!
Also try The Whaleboat House by Mark Mills

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