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Michael took me a while to get into this book - it's not like his others - a bit darker - b ut once I got myself over the expectations of it being like the disk world I settled into a really enjoyable read

Eric Mesa Yeah, I thought it was pretty awesome and really made me think.

message 3: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl In both this and in his Discworld novels Pratchett wants to make us question our beliefs and assumptions - but this was more a straight-forward story and Discworld is sillier satire. At least, that's how I think of them.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't think it's darker. But it's not as well written. I think his illness shows. Having said that, it's still a good story.

message 5: by Tim (new) - rated it 3 stars

Tim Schultz This is definitely not Pratchett's best work, but still a good book.

message 6: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle Wardhaugh I liked it, though I like most of the Discworld books better. The characters are strong, and the setting is vivid. I can't see anything in it to make me think of Pratchett's illness. I do not see that comment as relevant at all. The story is thoughtful and carefully crafted. The end may not have been exactly what I would have wanted in an ending, but it was the most logical for the realism shown in the emotional development of the protagonists. For "darker" works, look for his Johnny trilogy. Those go to some interesting "dark" places.

message 7: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 02, 2011 01:21AM) (new)

Don't get me wrong - I love Sir Terry. I have every one of his books in hard back. But this one was slow to start. One thing that slapped me in the eye was the expression 'there was'. It's there all over the place and he's a better craftsman than that.

I don't know anything about you, Michelle, but I am 60 years old, about the same as TP. I cannot begin to imagine how I would feel to be afflicted with Alzheimers at our age. The way he is handling it is incredible and I salute him. If you look at 'Unseen Academicals' published the year after 'Nation', you'll see he himself admits he needs help now. I think it showed in 'Nation'. But - that's just my opinion.

message 8: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle Wardhaugh Greta wrote: "Don't get me wrong - I love Sir Terry. I have every one of his books in hard back. But this one was slow to start. One thing that slapped me in the eye was the expression 'there was'. It's there al..."

Perhaps you are right, but if we didn't know about his Alzheimers, we wouldn't be blaming our dislike of this difference of style and shift of worlds on it. I've heard other fans comment on earlier things like Good Omens as "not as good" without being able to blame it on a disease. (There they blamed it on Gaimen, but I like a lot of his work, too.) If Nation doesn't suit your tastes in one way or another as an ardent fan of Pratchett, I don't think it's right to just point to his illness and say that's the reason. Aging and diseases afflict different people in different ways. Maybe it is the factor that "ruined" the book for you, but I don't know enough about either to say that, and there are quite a few people who liked the book as it is. (OK, I know a bit about aging, but not how it is specifically affecting this author.) It is a good thing to have an opinion, but I think the text of the book itself (as in your expample of using "there was" too much) is a better place to look for an explanation as to why you don't like something than factors in the author's life that we don't fully understand. And laying blame that way implies that he will never be able to write well again. I pray that isn't the case and take each book at its own value.

message 9: by Garry (last edited Sep 06, 2011 01:19PM) (new) - added it

Garry Not as well written? I thought it was one of the better books of his in the way he wrote it - I mean the world just popped out of the pages in front of your face; although, I didn't like this one personally.I am a pure discworld fan, anyway, and nothing else of his will capture me besides the nac mac feegles.

message 10: by Red (last edited Apr 14, 2012 05:41AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Red Mcface This is my favourite book of all time. I cry at how beautiful it is at each re read.

Victoria Pearson I thought this was a beautiful look at why "no man is an island", and how we define ourselves through our interactions with others.
I also thought it talked a lot about suddenly having to be responsible adults, and in that respect the feel of the story reminded me of the first time I fell pregnant, that very definite cut off point where you can't hide in the security blanket of being a child anymore.

LindaJ^ I've not read a lot of Prachett's books, but I really liked this one. While it has its silly moments (which I loved), it does raise and thoughtfully consider many serious issues. I liked it better than the one disc world book I've read. I also loved Good Omens - maybe the funniest, serious book I've ever read.

message 13: by Hermine (last edited Oct 26, 2014 03:50AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Hermine I started reading the book on September 30, 2009.
I finished it a few days later.
It was my first book to read in the English language, again, and it is, and will always be, one of my favourits.

It shows the wisdom of the writer.

My favourite quote of all times: Daphne’s thought: This was no time to go totally mad. You had to maintain standards.

message 14: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Lovely.
This is my favorite of his, too.
I just don't 'get' his sense of humor well enough to enjoy his Discworld and Tiffany Aching books.

Hermine I think I can agree with what you wrote earlier about it in your first comment.
I never read the “Discworld” books, I don’t feel attracted to them.

I think Terry wrote Discworld for another audience, then Nation.

My opinion is that Nation is a lovely story for all ages, but I particularly would recommend it to young people, both girls and boys, in the age between 12 and 20. So I did, to my nephew, just a few weeks ago.

I read it because I wanted to read something of him, because I had a personal reason to read this book, and because I wanted a lovely book to start reading in English again.
English is not my first language.

And I think it is a lovely book “for everyone” who wants to start reading in English, all ages. :-)

Elentarri I didn't like this book. I didn't even manage to finish it. It's one of the few books I never felt strongly enough about any of the characters to bother finding out how their story ends. My boyfriend tried reading it and then promptly apologized for giving me such an awful book for my birthday.

I'm really happy that a lot of people on here liked the book though. :)

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