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message 1: by P.I. (new)

P.I. (thewordslinger) | 1 comments Hello. You indicate that you are seeking new authors. Do you have a preferred genre'?

message 2: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Kulman (andreakulman) | 2 comments I'm a new author of YA/Fiction and children's chapter books. I do not have a preferred genre.

message 3: by Turner (new)

Turner | 1 comments Mod
we love all genres,

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ I am a SciFi and Teen Author! So basically I am a Nerd version of a Gossip Girl!

message 5: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Kulman (andreakulman) | 2 comments LOL @ Isabella's comment. LOVE it!

message 6: by Bridget (new)

Bridget Morrow (bridgetmorrow) | 1 comments Hi thank you for the invite, I am a fairly new author and I write horror, and romance.

message 7: by Lara (new)

Lara Biyuts (larabiyuts) | 1 comments Hello. I am a new author of 6 books of fiction whose first historical fiction has the first reviews.
My book
A Handful of Blossoms by Lara Biyuts
as a guest post at The Pen & Muse
the review at Elisa Rolle Reviews http://elisa-Read
at Sam Kasbrick's Reviews
at Maggie Mack Books
About the author, please, read the interview at Roy Eynhallow's Creative World

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