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Kendra (MadameJade) Has the college of Winterhold, lots of ice... Mostly it's unimportant.

message 2: by Kendra (new)

Kendra (MadameJade) An old man lived in a cottage by a river. It was a very cold river, almost never navigable. No one ever swam in it, and so when he saw the frozen form of an Argonian, passed out, on its shores, he grabbed it and led it to a campfire. There he nursed it back to health and eventually it was able to speak.
"I thank you for your kindness. My name is Hal'hem. I was trying to get back to the Black Marsh to gather a small Guerilla band."
"Well, we're about as far away from the Black Marsh as you're likely to get. You get lost?"
"No. I began my journey from the college a few days ago. The story of how I got to Winterhold in the first place is very much longer."
And he told the man of travelling with a shadow elemental and a ruler of lightning against the Thalmor, who eventually helped him invade the Dunmer's lands to kill their leader. They had been attacked and overwhelmed, and he had been taken as a slave. As for the others... he had never seen them again. The rest is in Character Creation.

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Sam | 15 comments A carriage troted past the old cottage by the river. It was a grand carrige, lined with gold with a white horse pulling it along the dusty path. Inside, barely visible, was a girl beyond beauty. Her hair was like fire and her eyes where like gold. She looked rather bored, like nothing could ever interest her.

Suddenly, one of the wheels broke. It spirraled off of the path and down into the river. The carrige stopped and the woman got out, frowning.

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Kendra (MadameJade) "What was that?" the old man asked upon hearing the carriage's wheel snap. Hal'hem rose and readied fire in his hands. "Stay here," he instructed the old man.
Had the Argonian been human and attracted to other humans, he would have been dumbstruck. As it was, all he noted about the stranger was that she was a female human, possibly part elf.
"Who are you?"

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Sam | 15 comments She glanced over and her outlook changed. A stunning smile replaced the scowl that was on her ruby red lips. "Oh hello dear," She cooed in an elegant voice,"I am in some need of assistance. You see, my carridge broke," She waved to the cart,"On my way to Solitude where I live."

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Kendra (MadameJade) Hal'hem had been in a position in which he had been hostile toward a man-elf who had been incurably cocky before, and then they had joined ranks. He wasn't about to do that with a prissy pampered princess, but he would try not to get her angry. He'd seen to much to think that he could take on the world. "Who are you?" he asked again, in a less threatening way.

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Sam | 15 comments With a curtsey, the girl chimed her response. "My name is Clare DeLun."

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Kendra (MadameJade) His mind clicked, and he felt a dark presence nearby. A powerful presence. The souls that he had eaten were getting better at communicating. "Get down," he told the one who he'd sensed, looking about for the source.

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Kendra (MadameJade) Okay, sorry Gemini. Let's say... he noticed that she was vampiry and clubbed her on the head before diving into a waterway. Neither of them die.

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Sam | 15 comments ((...))

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rachel Crystal-like snowflakes drifted from the dark grey sky, a think shroud of fog engulfing the small town of Winterhold in its hands. The young Arch-Mage gazed into the froze courtyard in the center of the college from atop the wall which shielded the small area, her golden blue eyes narrowed beneath her mask of Morokei. She drew in a breath, the cold air burning her legs as she turned back toward her quarters, a small flame swiveling between her fingers as she walked.

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