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While we're all desperately waiting for House of Hades, why not write a fan-version? I'll start:

Nico I

The one of the worst days of Nico di Angelo's life began when his friends Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase fell into Tartarus. And trust me, Nico's had a lot of bad days.

Riri rokie but what about Bianca

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((I edited it a little.))

Now six kids were standing on the deck of their flying warship, the Argo II, all blaming themselves for the fall and wondering what to do next. Nico knew that if anyone could get out of Tartarus alive, Percy and Annabeth could. But the others, who hadn't known the two for as long as Nico had, weren't so sure.

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Halle Nico looked at the other demigods on board. Jason and Piper sat together whispering, and Piper looked positively miserable. Leo was fidgeting with rubberbands and paperclips, and Frank was messing around with the Chinese handcuffs. He didn't even see Hazel on the deck. As his gaze bounced around the ship, Piper looked up and smiled at him. She had been the only one to really talk to him after Percy and Annabeth fell.

Marie Deep down in Tartarus...

Marie Annabeth and percy jackson thought they were falling to their deaths.

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((Umm...maybe you should stick to Nico's POV? I mean, it's his chapter...))

Suddenly Nico heard a voice behind him. "Maybe if you talked..." Nico spun around to find his sister (half-sister, he mentally corrected himself)) Hazel Levesque. As usual, Nico felt mixed when he saw Hazel. She was nice and all, but she just wasn't Bianca. Hazel walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder. "Maybe you should tell us what you saw in Tartarus," she suggested.

Halle Nico shuddered at the memory. "Hazel," he began, "I just can't, okay?" He got up and stalked over to where Piper now sat alone, since Jason had gone to help Frank with the handcuffs. "Do you know Percy well?" he asked her.

Halle Piper thought for a moment and shook her head, "Not really," she said, "but even hardly knowing him makes this hard." She smiled sadly. "I can't imagine how this is for you."

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Alex Grant "Hey don't worry about me.I'm all right",said Nico.Though actually he wasn't.One look at his face told piper that.

Marie "What should we do now?," asks Jason. Even though he was always the leader, Piper thought something about him was wandering off. Not completely stable.

Marie He thought back to what happened in the jar. The seeds. Everything.
Then Leo said, " Dude, you need sleep and the ship needs fixing so let's take a rest."

Halle Nico nodded in agreement. Leo looked around, then started awkwardly, "Well the only empty cabins you could use are Annabeth's or Percy's.." he trailed off.

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Halle Piper stood up. "Hazel and I could share, and Nico should take one of our rooms," she said. It seemed counterproductive. "It just wouldn't feel right to any of us," she concluded.

Marie Nico felt as if he was a stranger.

Marie He didn't even know who this Leo was or what was her name? Piper.

Yejoon Kim Nico sighed and nodded.
"Okay." He said, then followed Piper as she lead the way to her room.
He's worried sick about Percy and Annabeth, and him being an outsider in this group was too much for him. So, he tried to push his worries away and tried to relax.

Halle Piper looked at Nico. "Hey , you're fine," she said. "We'll get them back and save the day. Heroes always do."

Cadence But what if this time, it didn't work out?

Jesten "We'll all just have to get through this together," Piper said sighing.Then, she gave Nico a forced smile and walked out of the room.

Halle Nico sat down on Piper's bed and stared at the wall, thinking of his days trapped.

Halle (( Haha, but Nico wasn't there. ))

A knock on the door startled him. Leo, the captain, walked in.

Morgan "Um Nico, Jason needs you to um well tell him what you saw in Tartarus so we have an Idea of what we are going up against."
Nico shook his head. He wanted those memories out of there.
"You know that if you talk about it, the sooner it will get out of your mind." Leo said.
"Okay I'll be out in a minute." Maybe Leo was right.

Fatema percy and went n closed the doors of death

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Halle ((Nico wasn't at the dam.. ))

Yejoon Kim After taking a deep breath to steady himself on what he's about to do, Nico went outside to find Jason.

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Suddenly Nico felt a dizzying feeling as he stepped up. He staggered over, his face green, and slumped on Piper's bed. Everything went black and Nico fell unconscious.

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Nico was hurled into the black pit, feeling himself being sucked in. It was like a black hole, but he didn't have the santuary of a rocket capsule.

He landed squarely on his feet, then jumped at the temperature of the burning coals. Somewhere in front of him, a crack appeared in the floor- if you could call it that. Lava spewed out, the burning liquid flowing everywhere. Nico saw shadowy shapes, he heard screams so he tried to shadow travel- it didn't work. He berated himself for being so stupid.

In the lava Nico saw images so clear he could have been watching them himself. He saw his father cursing the old Oracle, the Oracle at Percy's time, and Bianca. He watched Bianca's death for what could have been a thousand times.

"Nico! Nico!" A hand was slapping his cheek, trying to get him to wake up.

Halle Nico blinks and sees Piper's concerned face leaning over his own. "You okay?" Piper asks worriedly.

Ethan "Yeah, just a little tired is all. It's been a kind of suckish day." He sighed, his pale face gaunt with weariness, and his stance was unsteady.

Halle Piper bit her lip. "A suckish couple of days," she corrected. "You've been out for around twelve hours."

Ethan "Wow, really? It seemed so short." He looked around the ship again, thinking about how massive it was and how long it must have taken to build it.
"So, was Percy and Annabeth falling into Tartarus real?" He asked, hoping the answer was no.

Halle Piper nods sadly, a tear escaping.

Morgan Nico just couldn't bear it any longer. He had to do something. He just didn't know what.

Ethan Piper wiped the tear off her cheek, seeing the determined look flash across Nico's face. She'd seen that look before.
"don't do anything stupid, okay? Just stay here until we have a plan. I know that since you're a son of one of the Big Three you're extra restless, or at least that's how it seems, but just sit tight, okay?" She pleaded, not wanting anyone else to die here in Greece.

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Im falling percy"s first thought was and out of nowhere he slams into a hard floor and says to himself get up your in Tartures no time to fall asleep as i force my self up i see Annabeth and my heart stops dead wen i see she is passed out cold, as he gets over to Annabeth he sees a giant spider moving toward him and without thinking uncaps Riptide and charges thinking protect Annabeth.

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I drop into a slide and go under the spider and slice of her two back legs and jump up and stab the spider in the back and the spider whips around and i lose my hold on riptide and get flung into the darkness and get up to see the spider going towards annabeth and think wrong choice spider

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i summon the will of the ocean to my side and out of the ground erupts a ten foot tall wave that tackles the spider and makes a whirlpool with the spider getting tossed around like a rag doll and i reach into my pocket and find riptide in my pocket and uncap it slice the spider in half and it instantly reforms so i turn the water into a hydra pump and i shot the spider about a mile into the darkness of Tartures and thinks it will be back

Morgan Annabeth starts to stir. Hallalugha he thought. He didn't know what he would do with out her.
"P...p..percy?' She wimpers. It pains him to see her like that, so alone and helpless.
"Shh I'm here." He says, cradling her head.

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as i sit there cradling annabeth i realize that tartures is full of monsters and i strain to listen and hear tons of monsters in the dark and i know we will die if we sit there so i pick up Annabeth half carrying half walking we leave that spot and after about 8 yards we find annabeths dagger and laptop and i think good another weapon

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i sit there on the ship thinking that every one is looking up to me but i want to tell them that im not as strong as they think and smile as piper comes over and sits next me

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((Not the first person! Heroes of Olympus is in the third person!))

Jason saw Piper leave her room. She'd gone in there to check on Nico. They'd all been pretty worried about him, because a) He had been to Tartarus and b) He knew Percy and Annabeth better than anyone else on the crew. He was in a bit of a worry about Camp Half-Blood. Even though it wasn't his native camp, in the months he had spent there it had become like home. And now the people from Camp Jupiter were going to attack it.

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Jason glanced over to where Leo was and felt a strange feeling of anger towards his best friend. It was his fault, Jason thought. If Leo hadn't fired that ballista, the people from Camp Jupiter wouldn't attack Camp Half-Blood. Or would they?

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as jason looks at leo he pulls something out of his tool belt and see him fiddle with it, he called it the Archimedes sphere and lately he has been obsessed with sphere and he called it "modifying" but he also brought a hole bunch of junk but jason wouldn't call it that because leo thought that the stuff jason called junk was something like diamonds

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Jason sighed and looked at Piper. "We need to IM the Camp Jupiter people," he said without thinking. Frank came out of the engine room, his face sad. "What's wrong, Frank? We were just going to IM Reyna." Frank sighed.

"Jason, come inside here. It's too late. Too late to save the Greek camp. Our fellow Romans have already got there," he mumbled.

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only two more days until we reach the house of hades thought nico but the romans are already beginning there assault on camp half blood. great thought nico wishing for some good luck but when do demigods get good luck. my life sucks thought nico

Morgan "We can't go to camp half blood." Nico sqid suddenly. Percy and Annabeth needed them to be there when they were.
"Why?" Hazel asked.
" They are going to need us to be there when they come out. But if we go to Camp, we wont be able to make it."
"I…I think Nico's right. Camp Half blood doesn't need us as much as Percy and Annabeth do." Piper says.

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yeah says leo i totally twinked out the hephaestus cabin and secretly set tons of traps around the perimeter so the camp is probably safe for some time but not forever plus tyson could go and save the camp and bring the whole cyclops army right. so safe right.

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Yejoon Kim Nico sighed and sat down, cross-legged on the floor. He doesn't know what to do. Camp-half Blood needs them, but Percy and Annabeth need them more.
"I wish I could split myself into two." He said miserably.

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((Please, Eragon, check your capital letters and grammar. I couldn't read your last comment.))
He stared at the nearest image; Octavian and four others running onto the serene strawberry fields, where the Demeter and Dionysus kids were growing the berries. One guy sliced a cut in Pollux from Dionysus' arm. Nico started as he realised that it was Dakota, son of Bacchus.

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