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Akshat Akshat | 1 comments TBX eBooks is offering discounts on historical books with discounts up to 75%

Link - http://tbxebooks.com/collections/history

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Crystal Lee (CrystalLeeAuthor) | 67 comments Hi all. My new book, Hart Coursing: Hounding Anne Boleyn, is now available as ebook on Amazon.com. The paperback is on Createspace, and will be on Amazon in a few days. Next weekend I'll offer the ebook for free. If you want to go check out a sample of it, here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Hart-Coursing-H...

Several people on this group helped with pre-reading and editing, and I am so grateful for their help. Here's the summary for my novel (entire story told from henry VIII's perspective, and where he's the victim, not the tyrant). It's a different take on how things went sour with Catherine of Aragon, what happened with Bessie Blount, and Anne's role in the entire thing.

When Henry VIII realizes he’s trapped in a lengthy, failing marriage, to a drunken, depressed and aging wife, Catherine of Aragon, without a viable heir to the throne, he’s demoralized. He fights to win her favor back, showering her with affection, but to no avail. He must summon the inner strength to search for happiness with a new and honest woman that will love him for himself, and not his throne, fulfilling his greatest desires. But that can only happen if he can find a way to justify sinning in this fashion. Before he can even begin to do that, he must first overcome one of his greatest obstacles—his adviser and friend, Cardinal Wolsey, whose solitary goal is to try and secure his own place as the foremost authority of the Church of Rome in England, through convincing Henry to gain a male heir by taking on a mistress of his choosing, Bessie Blount. After some struggle, Henry falls for her, thinking her in love with him, but finds she is only infatuated with his power to give her security and some wealth. How long can Henry continue to argue the scriptures and manage this battle of wills with this man, constantly discounting Henry’s worries for his own immortal soul? It will require Henry engage in a daring hunt for an enduring love—one he eventually finds with the charismatic, honest and outspoken, Anne Boleyn—the woman that sets his heart free, giving him the inspiration and confidence to stand up to the Church of Rome, and therefore Wolsey, along with his passive-aggressive wife, ending his lifetime of being a victim and doing only what duty dictates. What will this reborn King do to find peace in the name of love, and to attain atonement for his transgressions?

Thank you to those of you who encouraged and asked me to publish it sooner, rather than wait a few years...

Hart Coursing: Hounding Anne Boleyn

I'm waiting for the Goodreads librarians to put me in as the author. There's another writer with the same name as myself. :/

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Cindy Brown (BeautyGoodBook) | 16 comments I look forward to reading it

message 4: by Rachael (new)

Rachael (MrsEpic) | 4 comments Sounds like a great book!! Cant wait to read it :)

message 5: by Vicki (new)

Vicki | 8 comments Can't wait to read it !!! I will never tire of this era of fascinating stories

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Crystal Lee (CrystalLeeAuthor) | 67 comments Thanks, guys. I'm still waiting for my paperback to be put up on Amazon... Hope you like it. :D

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Crystal Lee (CrystalLeeAuthor) | 67 comments Happy Holidays, everyone! My ebook version of Hart Coursing: Hounding Anne Boleyn is available for free today on Amazon. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Hart-Coursing-H...

I'll also be offering it free next weekend as well, so there are plenty of opportunities to grab ahold of this unusual story told from Henry VIII's perspective, where he's the victim, not the tyrant.

Oh, and the paperback's now available on Amazon as well. Here's the link if you don't own a Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Hart-Coursing-H...

Thank you! Enjoy your weekend!

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Crystal Lee (CrystalLeeAuthor) | 67 comments Hart Coursing is free again today and tomorrow for Kindle on Amazon. Here's the link if you're interested: http://www.amazon.com/Hart-Coursing-H...

Happy Holidays!!!

Crystal wrote: "Hi all. My new book, Hart Coursing: Hounding Anne Boleyn, is now available as ebook on Amazon.com. The paperback is on Createspace, and will be on Amazon in a few days. Next weekend I'll offer the ..."

Hart Coursing Hounding Anne Boleyn by Crystal Lee

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