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Fighting the Storm (Cageside Chronicles: Tommy Knuckles Trilogy 1)
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message 1: by Jarrah (new)

Jarrah Loh | 4 comments Hey guys,
I'm a martial arts magazine editor from Australia, I handle the three big fight magazines here.

I have a previously published guide to UFC/MMA on HarperCollins, but have now release a new fiction series about fighting etc.

The first is called Fighting the Storm:
The saga begins with the lonely Mexican teenager, Tommy, who's been beaten up his whole life. But when ghosts emerge from his dead father’s boxing past, a new world of adventure, love and pain awaits as he learns to fight his way across the border to his father's homeland, and into the famed cages of Las Vegas.

Anyway, check it out and let me now what you think.

Goran Powell (Goranpowell) | 31 comments Mod
Hi Jarrah, I read the first in the series and i thought it was really good, i got hooked up straight away and i thought you handled the training and the fight scenes really well. My pile of 'to read' books is so high that it is in danger of falling over and injuring someone, but i will happily read the rest of the series when i get a moment. Congrats on a cool bit of fiction!

message 3: by Jarrah (new)

Jarrah Loh | 4 comments Thanks Goran, I'm really happy to hear that.
I hope you get to the other books, I look forward to hearing about it.

If you wanted, a quick review and rating for the book would help me out a lot! It's harder to get reviews if it's not something like 'paranormal romance' ha ha ;)

Good to hear from you.

message 4: by Jarrah (new)

Jarrah Loh | 4 comments Also, I was just checking out your book too, they look great! I'm snowed under myself, but I will definitely check them out!
I love the cover to Waking Dragons.

Goran Powell (Goranpowell) | 31 comments Mod
Thanks Jarrah, i have added a review. Will also add to

message 6: by Jarrah (new)

Jarrah Loh | 4 comments Thanks for the support Goran, I really appreciate it.

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