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It's all in the Game

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message 1: by Edan (new)

Edan | 39 comments I think Brian has dropped the ball in terms of presenting nominees for books to read. Brian, where are you? I will take over as leader on January 1st if you do not answer this call.

I've seen the promos, Donald, and I can't wait! I'm watching Season 4 over again, to prepare.

message 2: by Tina (new)

Tina The first episode of Season 5 is on HBO On Demand. I watched it last night and plan to re-watch again sometime this week. Kind of excited and very sad for this season.

I also watched a half hour retrospective with a lot of media/pop-culty talking heads going on about how brilliant the series is.

But what I enjoyed the most was listening to the cast talk about their favorites from the past four years; their favorite characters, scenes and lines etc. and even stories about their auditions.

It is interesting to hear how many of them read for parts that eventually went for someone else. I simply couldn't visualize the actor who plays Lt. Daniels as Bubbles (the part he originally read for). I also love how the actor who plays senator Clay Davis has to explain (with much laughing anxiety) to total strangers that he was not responsible for Stringer Bells' demise.

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