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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
Oliver's flat is incredibly small, covered from floor to ceiling with curtains, framed photographs of Muggle places and the odd piece of Gryffindor memorabilia. His floor is covered with clothes - all clean, but he has no wardrobe, so his floor is where they are kept. Oliver's pride of cats roam around the flat, scratching and damaging all of the furniture, so nothing looks new or neat. He has a small kitchen, a couch opposite a TV, a bathroom and his one, box-room of a bedroom. It's more of a bed-sit than an actual flat.

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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
Oliver woke up with a jump, then looked around with bleary eyes to see the time. He pulled his clock off the floor and looked at it - 9:20. He was officially late. Oliver sighed with a beatific smile, then rolled out of bed, unseating the cat that had jumped onto his chest. He showered quickly and grabbed a banana, then quickly threw on a shirt, braces, trousers and a jacket, all wrinkled and in their correct place on the floor. Oliver peeled open the banana, then turned on the spot, disapparating to the Ministry.

-Exit Oliver to the Atrium-

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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
15th December 2012 - Final day for MoM applications

Oliver groaned loudly as his alarm clock buzzed. He cursed and moaned as he rolled from the bed with an unceremonious bump and lay there for about half an hour. Finally, he dragged himself from the floor and begun his morning routine - showering, eating breakfast, dressing (in ironed, clean clothes, no less!) and combing his messy hair. Oliver gave himself a confident grin, loosened the dark blue tie that hung around his neck and apparated with a jumping turn.

-Exit Oliver to the Atrium-

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