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message 1: by Aaron, Moderator (new)

Aaron Carson | 1216 comments My neighbours made this design outside my door in the courtyard of our building for Diwali. I like the footprints leading from the central Mandala to my door. description

message 2: by Nell (new)

Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 1682 comments That's lovely! Have a happy and magical light-filled celebration tonight :)

message 3: by Nell (new)

Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 1682 comments Here's an article and pictures on EarthSky about the real space-view of India during Diwali versus a fake one that's been circulating on the Internet.

message 4: by Aaron, Moderator (last edited Nov 19, 2012 04:45PM) (new)

Aaron Carson | 1216 comments Interesting. I still think it's kind of fascinating that they chose to depict a cumulative image. I don't totally understand the real image. I might be uninformed about satellite photography, but it does seem to be depicting lights around the major cities, but the blurb says that the light thrown by the festival of lights is too subtle to be seen from space.

message 5: by Aaron, Moderator (new)

Aaron Carson | 1216 comments Oh and a note about my photo. My friend says that the footprints are supposed to represent the Goddess Lakshmi's footprints. It's supposed to encourage her to enter my house and bless the premises with fortune. I was actually very heartened to see that my neighbours had done that, because they're not very fond of me. I'm noisy.

message 6: by Nell (new)

Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 1682 comments Goodness, I didn't imagine you as noisy. It was especially lovely of them in that case :)

message 7: by Aaron, Moderator (new)

Aaron Carson | 1216 comments I am not an obnoxious insensitive person, and I don't personally speak loudly, but I like to party. There are often several guys at my house at night, who are really nice young men, but they wear a lot of thug jewelry, and act tough, so the neighbours are afraid of them.

I like music, and I like to dance, and I'm quite fond of the sound woofers make.

My neighbours alternate between being sweet and helpful, and being nosy, gossipy and manipulative. I just keep a pleasant respectful distance, and I don't respond to the bad behaviour. I told them I will always respect their wishes, they have only to ask.

message 8: by Aaron, Moderator (new)

Aaron Carson | 1216 comments Happy Diwali to all our lovely readers.


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