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Was Gildy Lockhart a Squib?

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Luna Belle Pris He never demonstrates one spell correctly not even the memory charm. My theory is he had a house elf or someone else place those memory charms on the wizards he stole from. Since he has a wand I would say he' s a clever squib. Otherwise I might peg him as a mad muggle.

Gabby He's not a squib. JK Rowling said he was a wizard.

Iman27 He's a really failed wizard. He CAN do a memory charm... he used ron's dysfunctional wand in the chamber of secret and it backfired on him.

Jeni He's not a squib, he's a liar. He knows spells, but has spent so many years pretending to do all these amazing things that he's gotten rusty. He is very good at memory charms but as for anything else, if it didn't get him press, he didn't bother with it.

Nichola no, he says himself he wasn't a very good wizard but became really good at the memory charm and used it to his advantage.

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Interesting theory! But no. Gilderoy Lockhart had a wand, the thing that ONLY WIZARDS have. Squibs cannot have wands. Even if they got one, they wouldn't be able to use it. Lockhart was a fraud, yes, (one of my least favourite characters for that reason, behind Horace Slughorn) but a wizard nonetheless. He could perform the memory charm, as it worked perfectly, although since he used Ron's malufunctioning wand it backfired. An interesting theory, though, one that I never thought about.

georgia ☽ No, but he's not very adept at casting spells. The only one he can actually do is the Memory Charm, if I recall correctly... :)

Leah No way.

Ciara Gilderoy Lockhart is not a Squib - he just is not a very accomplished wizard. He was in Ravenclaw House, so I think that the Headmaster would have noticed if he was a Squib.

Kelsey Not a squib.

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