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Ice Queen Wanderer •The Cursed Prophetess• (Ari-la) | 8 comments Mod
Suggestions for Zombie Proofing your house. Also, your status.


message 2: by Mira (new)

Mira | 3 comments a lake would be nice, but a well may do
canned food is always good
guns, and lots of bullets
a jail would probably be the best shelter.
hb a nuke? do they kill zombies?
A group of people. Eventually a colony, then a city ...

message 3: by Cait Sith (new)

Cait Sith Fairy (WillowKeeper) | 2 comments Lets see, for me

1. My weapons
2. A Dr. Pepper
3. Ammunition

message 4: by t star (last edited Dec 01, 2012 10:49PM) (new)

t star (hidden32) | 3 comments Ill have to agree with Mira on a lake because therefore you have a never ending supply. Also guns and swords because who really knows how long a zombie apocalypse will last. Then food and company otherwise I will go insane. A large truck like in Zombieland and ill always be moving.

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ I agree with Hidden32

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