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message 1: by Ed (new)

Ed (evd1) Tomorrow, I am honored to attend the national book award ceremony in New York City with my friend Cynthia Huntington a nominee for the poetry award. Here's wishing Cynthia the best for tomorrow

message 2: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Blatner | 2 comments but a place in which we become again
the original animal we were born to be.
--Cynthia Huntington

The above lines are from a poem from RADIANT. This is what I love about her work, her insistence on her body, on being a body among other bodies, among the trees and sand and water....she is rooted and not rooted at the same time to the earth. We need this kind of stuff now, earth stuff.

message 3: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Taylor (KerryT2012) | 18 comments Congratulations, what an achievement.

message 4: by Ed (new)

Ed (evd1) Cynthia did not win the award. It was given to 89 year old David Ferry, another excellent poet. Nevertheless I encourage all of you to read Cynthia's excellent unique uncompromising poetry. The evening was a thrilling memorable event and I was honored to be her guest. The nominated book Heavenly Bodies is available here. http://www.amazon.com/Heavenly-Bodies...

message 5: by Shelley (new)

Shelley | 65 comments Just to be nominated is an incredible validation. Good for her.

Rain, A Dust Bowl Story

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