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I don't do a lot of songs, but when I'm bored I'll make up random songs and parodys to songs I've been listening to. If I make up a good one, I'll share it with you.

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This is a song I made with my friends at Girl Scout camp. It was at a horse camp, and Pioneer was where we stayed. Neigh neighs was our nickname for the horses

Parody to Katy Perry's Wide Awake
At Pioneer,
We ride neigh-neighs here,
and we have no fear,
of the councillors here,
At Pioneer,
How do we ride horses so well,
At Pioneer,
Our Letrians stink,
and the spiders blink,
we don't have to think
about the problems that we have
I wish I knew then,
what I know now,
would've saddled up,
Not fell down,
Yes the ground hurts,
But gravity's sweet,
Til I wake up,up,
In the poop pile,
Falling from neigh neighs,
Crashing to the hay,
Even though we're in pain,
Yeah, I'm falling from the hay,
At Pioneer,
Mucking, Stripping Stall,
Hold your nose it smells,
I need Fabreeze

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Yeah, I know. :D
Cracks me up all the time...

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