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message 1: by Julia (new)

Julia | 15 comments Mod
Discuss the best of the podcast below so that new listeners know where to start.

message 2: by Karena (new)

Karena (karenafagan) I have only listened to the first two since I just found you guys today, but I actually liked episode 0. It was nice to hear about people just like me who love books. =)

message 3: by Eric (new)

Eric | 30 comments I'm loving the podcast. So far, I've found the "story songs" episode the most intriguing. I haven't quite finished it yet. I'll have to find out whether you ever get to "Stan" by Eminem.

message 4: by Eric (new)

Eric | 30 comments I've gotten up to Episode 14 and, your discussion of Mary Karr's "Suicide Note: An Annual". I'm surprised that none of you picked up on the fact the the poem was most likely about the suicide of David Foster Wallace, with whom Karr was in a long term relationship. Like the character in the poem, Wallace used the noose.

message 5: by Julia (new)

Julia | 15 comments Mod
Hi Eric-- we actually DID figure that out partway through the discussion, but it was cut for time. Amazing how that episode all came together like that. We decided it was fine without that information so we could leave more time discussing the poem for the poem's sake.

message 6: by Elizabeth☮ (last edited Dec 12, 2012 09:35AM) (new)

Elizabeth☮ Eric wrote: "I've gotten up to Episode 14 and, your discussion of Mary Karr's "Suicide Note: An Annual". I'm surprised that none of you picked up on the fact the the poem was most likely about the suicide of Da..."

thanks for the info eric. i didn't realize that and i found the poem poignant, but more so now that i know for whom it was written.

i liked the discussion on life of pi and the follow up with deconstruction of the movie. i read the book when it was first released, so i enjoyed the discussion to remind me of some of the specific events that occurred.

i also liked the episode discussing a separate peace. it's been a while since i've read this book, but your discussion sparked an interest to revisit.

message 7: by Shelley (new)

Shelley (tortoiseshelly) I am just now listening to Episode 10, and I'm dying over the Gymkata and Mitch Gaylord on the high bar in the woods discussion.

message 8: by Tina (new)

Tina (godmotherx5) I have been listening since Oct 2012. In that short time, episode 16 has become favorite. The reasons for not reading "Pillars of the Earth" were amusing.

I had been considering it but was deterred by the size of the book. The conversation during the podcast humored me. The tidbits discussed about the plot revealed just enough without my having to read the actual novel. Fair warning was given with regard to spoilers. I appreciated the warning & learned the book is not for me.

message 9: by Eric (last edited Dec 30, 2012 03:20PM) (new)

Eric | 30 comments Back to "Story Songs": Thinking of Dylan's "Percy's Song" and "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" , and much of Warren Zevon's catalog.

Jim Croce, "Ode to Billie Joe", "Watching the Detectives"...

I recommend a "Story Songs II"

message 10: by Callie (new)

Callie (calliekl) | 12 comments On story songs- Metallica's "One" is a favorite, inspired by Trumbo's "Johnny Got His Gun". Heavy metal is good for this sort of thing.

Also, I would like to thank Tod for Poet Voice- now I have to make a conscience effort not to read everything like that, and especially not to add "I hate. You mother." at the end of everything!

message 11: by Elizabeth☮ (new)

Elizabeth☮ A great story song is "sun comes up, it's Tuesday morning" by cowboy junkies. There is no chorus. The song tells a life in the day of someone newly single.

I liked the tidbit on Shel Silverstein. We have an edition of where the sidewalk ends with a cd. It is quite interesting to hear Silverstein perform his own works. My readings don't quite compare, but I try.

message 12: by Kim (new)

Kim  (genuineKim) | 2 comments EVERY episode is my favorite seriously! Love episode 11 Winnie the Pooh.

message 13: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2 comments My favorite episode was the Sweet Valley High episode, for so many reasons! Julia giggles constantly, Rider is faced with books I read myself as a young girl, and Tod begins to show his true nature. Also because of this episode resolved to read Moby Dick before Tod. Love you guys!!

message 14: by Julie (new)

Julie | 1 comments I've just discovered your podcast 3 days ago, and was laughing so hard during the "library hobo porn" episode, I nearly peed myself! Thank you for having wonderfull book conversations in such an entertaining way!

message 15: by Opie (new)

Opie | 2 comments I was hoping to hear the Decemberists brought up during the "Story Song" episode. As far as contemporary bands go, I feel like they have some many great songs that fit this category. Their three songs that comprise "The Crane Wife Parts I, II and III" is a re-telling of an old Japanese folk tale. And "The Mariner's Revenge" never fails to bring a smile to my face. There is an art that to both the music and to the storytelling that make them both worth mentioning. But again they have so many one could choose.

message 16: by Allison (new)

Allison | 2 comments Your review of The Pillars of Earth was HILARIOUS!

message 17: by Emily (new)

Emily (SereneandStrange) I agree that, The Pillars of Earth, podcast was hilarious. I also really enjoyed the End of Year Review. I got scores of new books that I wanted to read. Honestly, I'm so glad I have found this podcast. It has given me so many wonderful new titles to discover.

Patti's Book Nook (PattisBookNook) Sweet Valley High… Hands-down. I was traveling on a difficult road trip to see my mom in hospice house. Needless to say, I needed something amusing and silly in that moment. Not only did it take my mind off more serious matters, the discussion was a throwback to my childhood- what a frighteningly bad series that was- yet I read them diligently, even the college ones. Thanks for doing a podcast that is smart, entertaining, critical, and still down to earth. Very enjoyable!!

message 19: by Chris (new)

Chris | 1 comments I just finished listening to The Hardy Boys episode on the way to work this morning and have to say so far that is my favorite (although I have to catch up, so I might find another favorite in the mix!). My 10 almost 11-year-old nephew has grown to love these books, probably thanks to my influence! Last year for his birthday, he was thrilled when we went to a used book store and he was able to get so many books for his money! :-)

message 20: by Rincey (new)

Rincey (rinceya) | 1 comments I think the Hardy Boys episode might be my favorite so far. It was absolutely hilarious listening to you guys talk about it. And I also thought that they were like 12 years old! But I'm realizing that my favorite episodes are now when you guys absolutely hate the book.

message 21: by Elizabeth☮ (new)

Elizabeth☮ I am still listening to the hardy boys episode, but I thought it was funny when Rider said people say "good night" in place of profanity. Why so funny? I do this in front of my kids.

message 22: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessicaesq) | 2 comments My three favorites are No. 3 (Sweet Valley High); No. 20 (The Best of 2012); No. 22 (The Hardy Boys). But I've enjoyed every episode I've listened to so far.

message 23: by Eric (new)

Eric | 30 comments The best ones are the mocking ones. Sweet Valley, Pillars of the Earth, the Hardy Boys. Keep reading bad books, friends!

message 24: by Callie (new)

Callie (calliekl) | 12 comments Jessica wrote: "My three favorites are No. 3 (Sweet Valley High); No. 20 (The Best of 2012); No. 22 (The Hardy Boys). But I've enjoyed every episode I've listened to so far."

I just relistened to the Best of 2012 episode again this morning, and it is really great, because while you guys can mock certain books to hilarious ends, it's nice to hear you totally geek out about the stuff you love as well.

I would also like to confess that I started singing along at the end to No Diggity, and thoroughly enjoyed it... and it will likely be stuck in my head all day. Which is fine (unless you have to work with me).

message 25: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jentwist) | 1 comments I recently started catching up on the podcast using a latest/oldest method (I listen to the most recent then the oldest working my way in to the middle). So far I have really loved every one! So I'm very excited to see that the ones that are getting the most "votes" are the middle episodes that I haven't even listened to yet - Story Songs, Winnie the Pooh, Pillars of the Earth. I was just thinking this morning that I'm going to be sad when I finally catch up and I have to wait 2 weeks for an episode like everyone else.

message 26: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 7 comments I just started listening a week ago, so I haven't listened to them all yet. My favorite so far is the "Pillars of the Earth" episode. I agree with Eric that bad books make for entertaining discussions. How about a Nicholas Sparks novel?

message 27: by Sonia (new)

Sonia Episode 29! Where do I start! Incredibly intelligent discussion, heated debates, very funny comments. What more could you ask for? And the award for going-nuts-on-a-book-without-taking-a-breath goes to Rider. I agree with everything you said Rider about The Fault In Our Stars. And Julia made a staggering discovery about those one-word YA titles.
Wonderful episode!

message 28: by HeatherIlene (new)

HeatherIlene (Heather_Ilene) | 1 comments I really enjoyed the debates during the episode featuring The Fault in Our Stars. Fantastic!

And the most recent episode where you discuss Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter was great, too. I was listening to the podcast during my commute and nearly pulled over just to pick up a copy!

message 29: by Lucia (new)

Lucia (LucyHoneychurch) | 1 comments I loved the Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter show too! It was quite difficult to stop myself from buying a copy but I'm on a strict $ book budget at the moment. So I stopped by the library to see if they had a copy. They did. They were selling it for a quarter!! A hardcover. What luck! -- honest story. Thanks Disco folks. I'm off to read it now...

message 30: by Tracy (last edited Jul 30, 2013 04:00PM) (new)

Tracy (TracynotStacy) | 2 comments I just found your podcast, so I'm still catching up. So far though, the SVH discussion has been my favorite. I love this show so much! Keep them coming!

UPDATE: I listened to the "Flowers in the Attic" episode today and I loved every minute. It got me laughing pretty hard too. Thanks for that! 7/30/13

message 31: by Christina (new)

Christina | 2 comments I've only been listening since Episode 14, but my favourite so far would have to be Number 22: The Hardy Boys. I was on the bus while listening to it, and I could not stop laughing. People must have thought I was crazy, but I didn't even care.

message 32: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 2 comments My favorite is the story song episode. I was raised on Harry Chapin, but don't blame those who can't share in the joy. The episode is hysterical, though, and reminded how awesome Johnny Cash is.

message 33: by Ruthiella (last edited Jul 25, 2013 10:47AM) (new)

Ruthiella | 17 comments What I like best about pretty much any episode is how willing you all are to (a) disagree with each other (b) understand the other person’s point of view even if you disagree and (c) be honest about a book’s perceived strengths and weaknesses. The Fault in Our Stars episode is an excellent example of this. Having read it earlier this year, I am more of Tod’s opinion, but I could also recognize where Rider’s vitriol and Julia’s championing came from.

I listen to a few other book podcasts and I follow a few book blogs. I appreciate it when the podcasters and bloggers are honest about why they didn’t like a book. I don’t always agree with them, of course. Sometimes I yell at my I-Pod listening to Literary Disco, I admit it. But I do want a critique of a book by serious readers, not an advertisement from someone who has an agenda. So thanks guys and keep up the good work!

message 34: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey Buis | 7 comments My favorite episodes so far were Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles (brought a different spin on my read) I lobe this book like Tod, Sweet Valley (fun to go back and read, fun discussion) and the two essays about the shooting (great essays). I also made my mom listen to the latest episode about Thunderbird because she writes poetry and I made her read a couple of Lasky's poetry. I thought she'd agree with Rider's comments and she did. I also wanted her to do the Finnegans Wake Up Challenge with me. I do have some catching up to do (I religiously have to finish the book/story) before I listen so this might change.

message 35: by Kai (new)

Kai (ky02121) | 4 comments The Hardy Boys episode had me in stitches.

message 36: by Ashlie (new)

Ashlie (ardaigle) | 2 comments I'm only 5 1/2 episodes in after starting today, but episode 3, Sweet Valley High, had me snort laughing while on a road trip.

I thought the fellas were awfully good sports to even attempt reading it. I wasn't allowed to read them back in my day, but I'm thinking they later chucked the source material out the window as I remember the show have been a lot less rapey, though just as cheesy.

It certainly is stereotypical, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't remember some of those body image moments as a teenage girl, and a band geek at that, though thankfully my flair for the dramatic didn't teach those heights.

I am loving the "middle brow" and looking forward to all the rest, and what is my first official podcast subscription!

Catherine at The Gilmore Guide to Books (gilmoreguidetobooks) | 1 comments Ruthiella wrote: "What I like best about pretty much any episode is how willing you all are to (a) disagree with each other (b) understand the other person’s point of view even if you disagree and (c) be honest abou..."

I wish I could be original but Ruthiella summed up the main points for what I love about Literary Disco. I will add that episode where Julia introduced the Dangerous Animals book and Tod took off and ran with it, made me laugh to the point of choking.

message 38: by Lebo (new)

Lebo | 6 comments Really enjoying the 'Seating Arrangements' episode, despite the fact that I haven't read it yet. Loving the Finnegans Wake ideas too!

With regards to the length of time in which Finnegans Wake was written, I imagine such an idea/project would be one very hard to abandon- being so unconventional and fascinating. In the same way that Rider was describing always having the need to take up the challenge and read it, the author must have felt about completing(despite it's mid-sentence ending) it.

message 39: by Matt (new)

Matt Whiteside | 5 comments I am pretty new to you guys, but my favorite episodes are the ones where my best friend Tyson Meek is mentioned :)

message 40: by Gail (new)

Gail | 10 comments The Best of 2013 offers everything that I love about Literary Disco. Titles for me to go and find that would not necessarily be on my radar, good talk, good laughs (I totally knew those were Neil Diamond lyrics).
Thanks for a great year of middle of the night listening.

message 41: by Eric (new)

Eric | 30 comments With Episode 47, you guys got me excited about reading fantasy again.

I may try Sanderson, Steven Erikson, or maybe I'll even go back and try to finish all the Wheel of Time and Thomas Covenant books.

message 42: by Erin (new)

Erin S | 1 comments Any episode with Poet Voice. I get strange looks at work for bursting into giggles when I hear Tod dramatically say "MOTHER"

message 43: by KC (new)

KC (heynowkc) | 2 comments Still going through them, and I am not sure I could say what my favorite episode was, but I loved the part in the Halloween episode (Doctor Sleep) when Tod and Julia are telling ghost stories much to Rider's annoyance.

message 44: by Melissa W (new)

Melissa W (melissawiebe80) | 3 comments Really liked the episode on The Fault in Our Stars; felt exactly like Rider did when I read the book this past spring (read it before I got to the episode).

message 45: by Debra (last edited Jan 08, 2015 04:00PM) (new)

Debra (dhanff) | 3 comments Just listened to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy episode. I was so moved when Tod described the context in which this novel became so important to him. I just picture this young boy reaching out for this book as if it were a life raft and it really affected me. People often give sort of cliche reasons to 'justify' reading fiction, but we don't often talk about how deeply the books we love can support us through difficult times . . . how very much those books come to mean to us. For me, it was probably Jane Eyre. Should I be embarrassed to say this? Anyway, Tod, your story made me tear up. Seriously.

message 46: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (JennyWatts) I've obsessively listened to most of the episodes after recently discovering the podcast. As a whole, the entire podcast is amazing, and you really can't go wrong with any episode. But I agree that our dazzling bookish trio are at their very best when they revisit, or visit, classics of our youth that may or may not withstand the tests of time. Or at least the same tests they withstood back then...

See: Choose Your Own Adventure; Hardy Boys (!!); Sweet Valley High (YES); Flowers in the Attic; A Separate Peace; the episode about High School English class and The Stranger; The Fault In Our Stars.

message 47: by Emilia (new)

Emilia Jordan (EmiliaJordan) | 1 comments Eric wrote: "I've gotten up to Episode 14 and, your discussion of Mary Karr's "Suicide Note: An Annual". I'm surprised that none of you picked up on the fact the the poem was most likely about the suicide of Da..."

Yes! I was waiting for that to come up the whole time. I love Mary Karr's nonfiction, but that's the only poem of hers I've ever read, so recognized it right away.

message 48: by Kendall (new)

Kendall (callmeCordelia) | 2 comments I started listening in December 2017 and am currently on episode 34. I decided I wanted to start from the first episode and work my way to the most current episodes. All the episodes have been entertaining and thought provoking so far, but one that really stood out was the Hardy Boys episode (#22) honestly because I laughed so hard. I'm really hoping there is a Babysitter's Club episode in the future!
I really love the variety of literature discussed. It has stretched my view and my tbr has doubled in size since becoming a listener!

message 49: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Abude | 1 comments I also started listening to the podcast in December 2017 and I absolutely LOVE it. I have no idea how I survived this long without it. I didn't think I'd have time to start from episode 1, so I began with the 2016 episodes and got caught up to current (January 2018), but I breezed through them so quickly and laughed so hard, I decided I had to start from the beginning. I just finished episode 2 and was dying over Tod's Poet Voice. I really love how articulate each of them are, and what very different perspectives they all bring. So happy I found them!

message 50: by Joy (new)

Joy | 2 comments Episode 90 New York Public Library was amazing. I would love for Gwen to come back!!

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