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message 1: by Mintcat (new)

Mintcat Roleplay in the Ilex Forest.

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Celest flew amongst the trees in the Ilex forest, saying hello to all of the pokemon she passed by.

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Celest was sitting on a branch with a Pidgey, feeding it berries.

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Mitsuka cried out as she let go of Kyurem by accident and started to fall to the ground. Celest heard the cry and used Psychic to catch her and place her gently on the ground, then she zoomed over and landed beside her. Your not hurt, are you little Eevee? Celest asked worridly

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) Kyurem landed on the ground. :3

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After Celest knew that Mitsuka was okay, she looked up at Kyurem, her eyes getting large. oh my...you certainly are a large pokemon was all she could think to say XD

message 7: by ✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (last edited Nov 17, 2012 10:51AM) (new)

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) Kyurem could tell what she was thinking of by her facial expression, and thought, Oh wow, I'm so surprised. Another Pokemon who thinks that I'm a monster. Whoope-doo.

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I've never seen a pokemon as large as you, are you a legendary as well? she asked, not knowing he thought that she thought he was a monster. she was just surprised because the largest pokemon she had met was a Pidgeotto.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) "Yes..." Kyurem growled, still being a bit passive aggressive.

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((aw...gtg be on later!))

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((Oh noes! D:))

((See you soon. :3))

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OH! Well, it is very nice to meet you then! I'm terribly sorry for my behavior, it is just so rare to meet another legendary that sometimes I think i am the only one! silly, isnt it? Celest said, zooming around the forest to collect food for the two guest pokemon.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) Kyurem didn't say anything...

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Mitsuka just watched as Celest zoomed around, her eyes all big.

Celest came back and set down a leaf with berries on it for Mitsuka, then set down a slightly larger one for Kyurem. here you are, eat up! Let me know if your still hungry after and I will be more than happy to get you some more! she said cheerfully

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) "Thank you." Kyurem said, and ate most of the berries in one bite.

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Celest floated in the air and ate some berries of her own.

Mitsuka ate the berries happily

message 17: by Azure (last edited Oct 04, 2013 04:04AM) (new)

Azure (AbsollutelyAwesome) | 19 comments Spirios landed, and walked over to Kyurem. "Hi! I watched your skirmish with those jerks from Lancunosa town. I have a message for you. But first, let me tend to your wound. "

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Azure (AbsollutelyAwesome) | 19 comments (uhh...Skitty? Can I pretend to be your sort of "guard" who helps to defend against that group which tries to kill you?)

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Azure (AbsollutelyAwesome) | 19 comments "You'll need more than berries to recover, won't you? Here, have this." She took out a super potion from her pocket, and sprayed it on Kyurem's wounds. She then took out five Durin berries and a weird berry that looked like a crystal, and handed them to Celest."Can you give these to Kyurem for me? The berries will help him regain full strength. The weird berry that looks like a crystal is a hybrid that I cultivated. They will boost the stats of ice types. I don't think it's fair that he's persecuted like that."

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