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This tower lies within the heart of Baulder's Gate and is the main home to those who are a member of the Wizard's Guild.

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*Xithen walked into the Wizard's Tower* "Welcome to the Wizard's Tower of Baulder's Gate! Home to the Mage's Guild. This is the great hall of the Wizard's Tower and this is where we'll be hosting our anual Magi Ceremony, where we formally introduce and intiate new Magi into their ranks and schools. Both Wizards and Sorcerers are introduced within their own ranks. And even those Warlocks that would consider themselves neutral beings and would like the the guild are introduced and are placed within their own smaller section and school which is still an important part of the guild. After each is introduced into their own groups, then can then decide and which division of the society of the guild they would like to join. Whether they want to join those who practice alchemy or those that practice enchanting or if they want to join those who specialize in magicks that provide other means, like for those young adventureres that need to know how to defend themselves and use their power to help them solve puzzles and destroy their enemies while doing whatever quest they are set out to do, either by someone looking for a hired hand or by themselves, looking for treasure or proving their self-worth." *He turned around and looked at Elm and grinned* "And, since you seem like you're a newcomer, that means you'll be intiated, as well! So we'll have a lot of fun with that!"

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Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments Elm followed Xithen to the Wizards Tower. He could see the decorations being conjured or hovered by various Wizards, Sorcerers, and even the odd Warlock. "So... What does it take to become an Archmage?" he asked. "Tempestarfe," he chanted, sending a small breeze to pick up and place several fallen ornaments.

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(( "sending a small breeze to pick up and place several fallen ornaments"? You'd have to recite an incantation, even for something that small. You can't just bend stuff to your will like that in this roleplay. ))
"Well, for starters, you have to be initiated into a part of the guild and into several sub-groups. Then you have to earn your ranks within those sub-groups by doing whatever prerequisits and requirements they tell you you need to do. After that, you move up to the next sub-group, only after being "promoted" in a sense, and then focus on your specialization and work your way to being the best in your group for that specialization. Next, you'll move up to the last sub-group and prove your skills by using some of the most difficult and most unstable magicks successfully without causing any harm to anything other than what might be designated to be harmed. Afterwords, you'll have to pass whatever test we Archmages give you'll have to develop a new spell. One that's unique and powerful--not just some weak, simple spell that's obvious but no one's thought of, yet. My Inferno is the one I presented during my test. You'll also need to keep in mind that your spell must be COMPLETELY original, must have a proper incantation, must NOT require any reagents, and must be able to be performed freely by both yourself and other Magi that might attempt it, as we Archmagi learn quickly and will attempt the spell, ourselves. If we have difficulty attempting it, that's a good thing, but only as long as we're getting some reaction from the incantation, rather than just blank words. But it's not common that we can't cast a spell one of our Magi develops. Also, not only will you have to pass a test, but you'll also have to be voted on whether you are truly worthy of being an Archmage and must be granted the title through one other test in which you prove your skills in various situations in the real world. And all of this usually takes about a hundred years." *Xithen smiled*

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By the time Xithen was finished, Elm already had several ideas for a new spell. "Usualy? So some takes shorter?" He asked, ready to take on whatever challenges were given to him. He flipped Frostbite out of its strap, and swept it across the clearing. "Walpurgischnat!" He said, hovering large rocks. When they got up to his shoulder, they spun and sharpened. When each was done, they ended up as half-a-foot tall, razor sharp rocks, ready to impale enemies. He turned. "How is that for an original? Or do rocks count as reagents?" He said. Elm hovered the stones all around the tower. "My gift to the Magi community," He said.

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(( Sorry, I didn't get any updates and I fell asleep for I checked to see if there were any posts and I didn't have enough time to fully respond this morning when I did check because I had school. And ok, thank you. ))
*Xithen watched Elm recite his spell and move stone pulled from the tower to him and caused them to sharpen, then watched as they were sent around the room to levitate, still smiling* "Not bad, but you just defaced this room by doing that, since the only stone in here would be from the ground or the pillars. So I'd suggest, if you don't want to rebuild this tower, you fix those projectiles of your's back to the way they were and put them back where you got them, please. And, no, that's not very original, since we've already had spells like it be used. Maybe not in such multitude, but still too similar to be called "original". And, yes, stones are reagents, but, when your spell focuses purely on the element of Earth, then, no, they're not considered reagents, as long as you don't use them in conjunction with something else. As for your length question, 100 years is the shortest amount of time anyone has ever taken to become an Archmage. I say "usually" because there are times when an immediate replacement or additional Archmage is required or else there would be major problems. This allows whoever seems most fit to become an Archmage to bypass all subgroups and skip ahead to the Archmage test, the original spell presentation, and the self-quest to prove your worth as an Archmage. This particular event rarely happens and has actually only ever happened three times, so I wouldn't get your hopes up for that to happen."
(( If you want, you can have Ice Age be your original spell, but I wouldn't use it right away. Also, since we can't just progress a hundred years into the future, I'll have some major event come up later, when we have more members and you become a moderator (yes, I will let you, but only if you qualify), if you become one, allow your character to skip ahead to the last three requirements and pass them, if he can (it's not a guaranteed status, even for a moderater), and become an Archmage, if you want to do that. ))

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments ((Sure))
Elm nodded, and with another chant {Nachwalpurgh!}, he sent the rocks into the ground.

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*Xithen smiled* "Alright, then. Now, tell me: what, exactly, do you want to specialize in? What skills toward in magic are you looking to master? Do you have a preference as to what group you want to belong to? Do you have any kind of plan to"

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments Elm closed his eyes. "I wish to master the pure element Ice. It has always been a fascination for me and always seems to be the 'check mate' of the elements. The path of frost is where I shall prove my Magical abbilities, and study as my specialization."

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"Well, the Element of Ice is not really a specialization. It is a part of magic, itself, and is drawn from the Elemental Plane of Ice. Specializations are derived from the Schools of Magic. While you may focus on spells that revolve around the Element of Ice, you would most likely choose a specialization like Evocation, if you prefer combat, or, if you would prefer that you use the Element of Ice in a more "scientific" manner, Alteration, where you could mold Ice into whatever form and structure you seem fit to aid in your experiments. After all, no one's achieved absolute zero or sub-zero spells, yet, and that kind of knowledge could be useful. Either way, focusing on just the Element of Ice within any specialization is considered a spell-type mastery. I, myself, have a mastery in the Element of Fire and specialize in the school of Evocation. So, then, what school are you wanting to specialize in?"
(( Sorry, my I-touch's calibration is screwed up, so it takes me longer to type in what I want to type in... Also, absolute zero and sub-zero spells are off limits for lore purposes, so please don't try that. ))

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments ((I know how you feel. download the jellybean keyboard, its much better. And ok.))
"So, what would be all of the specializations and groups?" Elm asked, hovering fallen or unhinged items and fabrics by saying Tempestarfe! over and over again.

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(( Sorry, I was doing something. And what kind of shape do you think the main hall of the Wizard's Tower is in to have so many fallen or unhinged decorations and such? ))
"Well, as for the specializations, there's the schools of Evocation, Conjuration, Alteration, Transmutation, Illusion, and Necromancy. The different groups we have break off into a Mage's specialization or advanced or other training in the fields of stuff like alchemy or enchanting. After the basic groups come the more advanced groups like spell focusing or spell-type mastery. After that come the more difficult groups that focus on spell-forging and advanced usage of magic by using spells that summon creatures or shapeshifting."
(( Yes, shapeshifting is allowed, even in real D&D, but it has its own set of rules and requires a high level of skill in the Alteration school. ))

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments ((I also said unhinged, but ok. and don't worry about shapeshifting, I prefer the whole sticking to the shaddows thing))
Elm, finding nothing else to float, began thinking of his skill path. "Either Evocation or Transmutation. Both would be good parts to study."

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(( Alright, then. ))
"Both schools have their qualities. However, if you're looking to have a mastery in the Element of Ice, Transmutation would probably be an unwise choice because it has little to do with the Elements and more to do with physical objects and sometimes Quasi-Elements. I would choose Evocation, based on how you describe the Element of Ice."

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments Elm nodded. "Evocation it is, then." he said, moving towards the stairs.

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*Xithen watched as Elm started moving towards one of the staircases* "Well I don't know where you're going. You're supposed to be down here, working. Do you even know where that leads?"

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments "I would have liked to see the rest of the tower, but alright," Elm said, walking back down. "What should I do?" he said, strapping Frostbite.

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"Well, for starters, you could start preparing the place for the ceremony be rearranging the furniture and such so that they are out of the way, seeing as we won't need them. you know how to cast a purging spell? It takes some skill, but you might be able to pull it off if I taught it to you, if you don't know it already."
(( I'm actually working toward making Elm Xithen's apprentice after the ceremony, if that's alright with you? ))

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments ((Sure. btw, I posted in the wastelands on the Sin war.))
Elm shook his head. "I don't know. What do we need it for?"

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(( No updates... Alright, I'll get to it in a bit. ))
"Well, it helps get rid of any unwanted spells or magical enhancement that could pose a threat or cause confusion or chaos, like invisibility or shapeshifting spells. We want people to come in visible and as they are, so-as to make sure that no one tries to harm anyone else during this ceremony, as some people find it a good way to attempt to kill newcomers or high ranking officers, like the Archmages, like myself. It's mainly just for security reasons. Would you like me to teach you such a spell or should I just put the ward up, myself?"

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments Elm set his jaw. "I'd like to learn and perform it."

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*Xithen smiled* "Alright, then! Now, learning a spell through being taught it verbally is a bit different from memorizing it visually via a scroll or tome, as you should know, so focus carefully on my pronunciation and the way I hold the energy around me." *He placed his hands in front of them and focused his aim at Elm, his body shifted to set his balance to prevent unwanted idle sway or involuntary jerks from his body* "Now hold still; you may feel a bit of a shock, but this won't hurt you. Obida vandura vonkat." *A small ball of energy shot out at him and erupted in a pulse of energy*

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments "Obida vandura vonkat
Elm felt a slight tingle, then a surge of strength. The tingle grew, spreading up his arms. "Ovida vandura vonkat!" he yelled. The pulse ran out of his hands, knocking him off of his feet. He smiled widely. "Your purge! It purged my Arcane inhibitor!" He sent out another purge, less powerful but still more than he could do before.

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"My purge or your purge? You cast it on yourself, it seems." *Xithen started walking over to Elm* "And what do you mean "Arcane inhibitor"? What are you talking about?"

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments "The first time, I just said it, so it was yours. And, as for the Arcane inhibitors, they stunted the flow of Arcane energy, but are now gone. My magical strength has raised."

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"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about. You can't stop the flow of Arcane energy. You can't even stop someone from using Arcane energy, except for silencing them, which prevents them from reciting incantations. Well, that and comepletely disorienting them, altogether. But, even then, the very skilled Mages know how to cast some spells without having to recite an incantation, so even that won't do much."
(( You need to learn about how magic is used in this group as opposed to others because, unless you're going somewhere with this, you're character's not making any sense. ))

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(( Lag... Sorry... ))

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments ((ok))
Elm shook his head. "Forget I said anything," he replied.

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"Um, alright, then." *Xithen stopped in front of Elm* "Now, then. Since you probably don't want to be casting the same spell over and over again, which is technically impossible, since every spellcaster must rest after casting so many spells, based on their mental strength, or they'll strain their mind and risk losing the ability to cast spells, altogether, you're going to cast that spell on a magical object which will continuously draw in Arcane energy and form it into that spell. It does this by "memorizing", in a sense, the spell you cast on it by repeating the same manipulation process on the Arcane energy around the object to constantly "cast" the spell that was cast on it for a certain amount of time." *Xithen walked over to a nearby table and picked up a metal orb that was sitting on it, then walked back over to him* "Since this object is strong and was enchanted by a more powerful spell by a more powerful Mage, it will be able to repeat the spell longer than most other objects like this could. Also, objects like this can only take in one spell at a time and must either be canceled by a purging spell of a certain type or completely exhausted of its enchantment before another can be cast on it. This particular object is already warded from such purging spells, so that won't be a problem and, since we only need one spell to be cast on it, that won't be a problem, either. This object will be able to repeat the spell cast on it for eight hours, which is more than enough time for the ceremony to take place safely. So, do you think you can successfully cast the purging spell I just taught you on it?"

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments Elm smiled. "I think I can do that," he said, holding out his hand.

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*Xithen smiled* "Alright, then." *He handed to orb to Elm* "Just remember to focus and cast the spell correctly. Then, when you do, I'd suggest hanging it up in the archway where the entrance is, so you aren't constantly nullifying yourself. Sometimes excessesive nullification can have a lasting effect."

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments Elm took the orb. Gathering his energy, he bellowed "Obida vandura vomkat!". The orb shuddered and started to hum. Elm walked quickly to the archway, and held the ball up. "Tempestarfe!" he yelled, sending the ball hovering into the air next to the decorations.

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(( Sorry, I've been busy... ))
*Xithen closed his eyes for a moment as Elm shouted as he cast his spell, then reopened them to see him walking to set the orb in the archway, still smiling* "That was a bit unnecessary, don't you think?"

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(( Sorry, I've been busy... ))
*Xithen closed his eyes for a moment as Elm shouted as he cast his spell, then reopened them to see him walking to set the orb in the archway, still smiling* "That was a bit unnecessary, don't you think?"

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Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments "How?" He asked, truly confused at why he would think so. "All I did was cast the spell into the orb."
((You got my invite to The Never War?))

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(( No updates... And ya. I'll take a look at it in a second. ))
"Well, yes...but there was no need to yell the way you did. Just merely chanting the words is enough. Why would there be a need to yell? Anyway, it doesn't matter. You did well, and now we have the orb in place and ready for guests to enter. But that doesn't mean we're ready to have guests come in, yet." *Xithen glanced around the room briefly, then refocused his gaze back at Elm* "Organize the furnature and other objects in the room so that we have enough room for our guests to move around in and socialize. Put everything out of the way, except for the tables. Have them at the side of the room so that people can sit down and enjoy themselves if they're tired of standing or want to enjoy their meal. After that, I want you to rearrange these decorations so that they match on both sides and fit to the occasion. And, when I say "to fit the occasion", I don't mean change everything to the way you think they should be; I mean to make them match with tonight's event and not stand out for some other event that has nothing to do with tonight. When you're done with those things, come upstairs and let me know and I'll have you started on your next task. In the mean time, I'm going to go work on getting some supplies ready--supplies that you're too inexperienced to handle." *He chuckled to himself a bit as his smile grew slightly, then turned around and started walking toward the stairs* "You have an hour to get your jobs done. I'll be waiting." *He walked up the stairs*

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(( :| ))

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments Elm watched as Xithen walked up the stairs, and pointed his staff. "Walpurgisnacht!" he chanted, and the sharp stones rose from the bottom of every chair and table leg. He levitated the chairs and tables to the side in a booth-like pattern. He then proceeded to decorate for another hour or so till he finished.

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(( Ok, now just finish up, then go upstairs. ))

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments Surveying his work, he headed upstairs into a small room filled with scrolls.

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*Xithen walked over to a small room and stopped as he saw Elm standing in the entrance to the room, and frowned slightly* "Are you looking for something?"

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments "You, actually. I'm finished."

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"Ah, I see. You've rearranged the furniture in coordinance with my specifications? You've organized and setup all of the decorations that are correct for this occasion? You've made sure everything is clean and that nothing is out of place?"

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments "Yes, yes, and yes."

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"Hmm. Alright, then. Then go downstairs and start making preparations by laying out food and drinks for our guests. Also, make sure the barriers by the staircases are setup, except for this staircase; I still need to go back and forth between floors before the ceremony starts."

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments "Okay," Elm replied, going downstairs. Coming to the bottom, he whispered, "Barriourus," and a breeze blew. He put his hand on the entrance to the stairwell, and a ripple went through, stopping his hand.

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*Xithen followed Elm down the stairs and watched as he setup the barriers* "You seem like your troubled about something. Is something bothering you?"

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments "No..." Elm replied, finishing up and getting started on the food.

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"I'm an Archmage, Elm. I'm not as clueless as you may think. Tell me what's bothering you. If something wasn't bothering you, you wouldn't be as quiet or slow. You can tell me what's wrong."

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 138 comments "I'm just devoted, is all," he said, placing food on the tables.

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