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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) (( Anyone welcomed to come and vist her if she is home :)))

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Angela walked over to her bed and sat down closing her eyes she felt hot tears falling down her cheeks and her pink hair falling in her face a bit

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Why must you follow me foxy " she wiped the few tears away not answering his question

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Its nothing Foxy i am just distracted by something but nothing to worry about " She said softly looking away from him a bit

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Then i guess youll be staying tonight?" She smiled a bit and playfully ruffled his hair like an older sister would do to her brother though angela was the same age as fox

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Good luck sweetie pie " she said teasingly smirking " I told you its nothing to worry about"

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Im sorry but i dont really want to talk about it my foxy " She hugged him back but pulled away a bit

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "And what might those two things be " She smiled at him

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "What i said before?" She tilted her head to the side slightly "Why?"

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "Hmm was it when i called you my foxy?" She smirked

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She smiled and kissed his cheek softly and hugged him lightly then pulled away " Nope " She said playfully and ruffled his hair softly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She smirked and her fingers lightly go down his chest she finds his ticklish spot and starts to tickle him and she giggled " Then suffer being tickled non-stop" She winked at him playfully

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She giggled as he stopped her she smiled softly " The reason why i am sad is just i was thinking of way before we ever made this circus " she said in a quiet voice she had been thinking of her past lately

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " How? How can i forget it? All those people...the fires they thought i started the marks they gave me by hurting me" Tears start filling her eyes as she spoke keeping her voice calm though " I cant forget it...." She said after a few mintues

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She nods softly staying cuddled in his chest her pink and white hair covering her face lightly she stops crying soon "And i have the best brother who always makes things better " She said softly "Though he can be a real fox though " She said teasingly and wiped her tears away softly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She giggled and pulled away slightly " Oh really? " She asked playfully she felt alot better now her eyes seemed a bit brighter

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Intersting " She smiled back at him her hands are still in his but she tskes one hand away to move away some of her hair

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She blushed a bit when he says that and she smirked " And my foxy is very good looking " She responded teasingly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Before she could say bye he left and she smiled a bit she layed back on the bed breathing softly closing her eyes resting the scars on her body burning but she ignored it

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She finally woke up after she finally did fall asleep and went outside of her tent going to the town quietly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She found her way back to her tent and closed the front entrance curtains on it and walked over to her trunk opening it she pulled out a piece of string and a small sharp knife she shut it then held out her arm she made a long cut on her arm wincing in pain as it starts to bleed a fire color she lets it bleed till the blood looks normal again she takes the string and gets a needle and sews the wound up biting her lip so she doesnt scream in pain after she finished she washed some of the blood off she sat on the floor leaning against her bed breathing softly she got the over-heated blood out of her and that made her tired

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Angela started to doze off when she felt a sharp been in her side like a whip and she gasped sharply " Damn it" she squeezed her side it felt like when she was with her family them always whipping her she felt another sharp whipping pain and this time she let out a sharp scream of pain though it was cut off short by another whipping feeling

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) The pain in her side kept getting worse she let out another scream she tried to call a name out but she couldnt get anything out just short screams of pain and sharp gasps she fells hot tears streaming down her cheeks

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She finally got a name in her head as another forceful hit goes to her side and she screams out for fox name though she thought he would still be in town she gasps sharply again as the pain keeps coming

Amber {We could have a life, us two. Maybe not like I dreamed, maybe not like you remember, but we could get by} | 617 comments Argent followed and walked in quietly.she tilted her head to the side

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She could barely speak from the pain and she gasped slightly this time "S-Side...whip..hurt" she only said simple words cause of the pain

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Her side didnt look different no bruises or marks but another whip of pain hit and she teansed up more her nails slightly dig into her skin her eyes stay shut tightly in pain

Amber {We could have a life, us two. Maybe not like I dreamed, maybe not like you remember, but we could get by} | 617 comments Argent looked at her medicine.Thankfully it was pain killers.She handed it to him "Will these reduce the pain?" she asked

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She could hear them not meds would work on her because of being a phoenix she is like fire on the inside it would only make it worse "Foxy " she said in a short breath between the gasps of pain and the crying it was much harder to breath

Amber {We could have a life, us two. Maybe not like I dreamed, maybe not like you remember, but we could get by} | 617 comments Argent looked deep in thought.She kept hearing voices talking in the back of her head. "I'll be right back" she said before walking out

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " I away" she said in short gasps though she could only wait out the horrible pain in her side she gripped softly onto his hand as the whip like pain hit her again

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She shaked her head softly she didnt know she moved closer to him and tried to just keep in her breath

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She cried in his arms for a few more hours the pain kept going but then it finally calmed down she felt very weak now and tired she let out a soft breath and relaxed a bit

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She slowly pulled her top on she still felt tears falling down her cheeks she shivered but she nodded softly " yes..better " she said softly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Yes the pain was still there but she didnt want to hold him back she just said a soft bye

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She was too weak now and wore out she closed her eyes her breathing is faint and short

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She was breathing so lightly that if you looked at her you would think she was dead her pink hair covered her face slightly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She hears someone in her tent "f-ffoxy?" she called out softly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She snuggled under her blankets she looked very weak she didnt open her eyes "Is Argent alright?" she asked in a weak voice it was tiring to talk

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She knew the answer but she couldnt tell him she stayed quiet and sighed softly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " There really is nothing to do i just need to relax and things " She said softly she snuggled into his arms like his little sister

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She smiled a bit "You never did tell me who your crush was..and we did have a deal and i already told you mine but you still havent told me yours" She looked up at him she still had that streak of curiousness in her eyes

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) she smiled lightly it was obvious that it would be rare if she made it. Angela snuggled more into him feeling his body warmth her breathing was still very faint

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) When she heard him say that she felt her heart drop she softly shaked her head "No..but maybe " she said softly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She smiled at him " But dont give your hopes know me better then anyone i can get out of any deathly situations so you might just be stuck with him after all " She giggled softly looking up at him

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She noticed his panick for the moment and sat up a bit moving out of his arms she smiled lightly "Go ahead foxy i know something got your attention "

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "Youre impossible "She said teasingly and she stood up she winced in pain a bit but then took his hand pulling him up "Come on i know something got your attention Foxy "

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She smiled and slightly pulled back kissing his cheek softly "Then ill go with you Foxy " she said softly and sweetly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "Im positive my foxy "She smiled at him

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