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Caspen is sweet and always tries to take care of everyone. He is very shy and gets scared easily by many things.

Jared Leto :)

Caspen's mother was a hooker, who had him at 16. She would whore him around to men and women both. When he was 7, his mother was killed and raped in front of him while he was tied up. The man who did it took him and kept him locked in the basement.


So, how do you think we should go about this?

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This was about the tenth time Caspen was out and about after he got out of that awful place. He grabbed his tank top and blue skinny jeans and threw them on before he headed out to the bar. He had the fake ID in his wallet. Showing it at the door, no one said anything about it. He went over to the bar and ordered some shots.

•Natalie Sohinki• ~Right Now, I wish you were here with Me~  Blaine was finally happy to move on after breaking up with Jake, and he was celebrating, by possibly finding his Mr Right. He walked in, finally legal. He walked in and ordered Vodka Cranberry and scoped out the hot guys.

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Caspen sat next to guys way older than himself. He looked old for his age, but the white hair he brushed back from his face wasn't helping him to look any older. He looked over at the man next to him and briefly smiled, then looking back down at the shot glass.

•Natalie Sohinki• ~Right Now, I wish you were here with Me~  Blaine smiled back at the cute guy and chugged his drink before going on the dancefloor.

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Caspen watched the different people and the boy he had smiled at dancing. He had no idea how to do what they did. People would think he was crazy for it, but he had spent most of his life locked up in a basement, how was he supposed to learn? He just kept drinking and watching.

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(( hello? :) ))

•Natalie Sohinki• ~Right Now, I wish you were here with Me~  He danced and when someone asked him to sing, he didn't pass up the opportunity.


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Caspen smiled as the boy sang. He sat, bubbly eyes on Blaine. He had never been good at hiding how he felt, especially now.

•Natalie Sohinki• ~Right Now, I wish you were here with Me~  He glanced at the hot guy staring at him and blushed

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Caspen looked down at his hands and bit his lip, then looking back up at the boy. He stood up a bit, and then fell down, quickly trying to get back up. He blushed deep red.

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Capen looked up at him, "I'm so sorry... " He was blushing and completely embaressed

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Caspen shook his head, "I - I don't know... " He chuckled and looked back at him, "I'm Caspen, by the way."

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