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Iced - Week Two (11-11 to 11-18) > Dani's Sword - WTFECK?

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A (AMB86) | 200 comments Mod
Dani's sword is fecking awesome! And it's easy to see what everyone covets it though, but do they realize the amount of work it takes to use it. Alot of things start to happen involving her sword? What do you think of it? Do you believe the sword should be shared or that maybe Dani shouldn't be the sole owner? What about Detective Jaynes actions?

Sue "DavinciKittie" Brown-Moore (davincikittie) | 119 comments Mod
Well, after reading the book from Dani's perspective, I'm definitely biased toward her, so I think she should definitely get to keep it. There is no other non-fae with her ability to keep and use the sword effectively.

Detective Jayne... ugh. I liked him in Fever series, but he REALLY pissed me off with what he did to her, even if he "made up" for it after. I think (hope) he learned his lesson.

I'm not sure the sword is really anything special though, other than a fae relic that can kill them. I think the difference in Dani's ability to use it and Jayne's is her greater-than-average strength and speed and her knowledge of what it takes to kill something like a Rhino boy from experience with using it.

If Mac doesn't have to share her spear then Dani shouldn't have to share her sword. When did she get it? I was thinking she'd gotten it from Mac in one of the Fever books, but from her inner monologue in Iced it almost seems like she's had it longer than that. Maybe I'm getting my timeline messed up - it's been a long time since I read the Fever series!

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A (AMB86) | 200 comments Mod
I agree she should def get to keep it. I understand Jayne but yeah he has no chance in handling everything that goes along with it. I find it a little selfish of him to be honest. What just because he doesn't have it means that the job can't get taken care of. Typical male attitude. I can do it better than you. I have always been on the fence with Jayne but this book really sealed it for me. I mean he was a complete ass about how he came to have the sword to begin with.

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