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What books did the movie cover?
Metastopheles Metastopheles Nov 11, 2012 06:23PM
Ok I get that most people here find the movie to be rubbish, I personally thought that the movie was really good it had a weird sense of humor that I can relate to I think what happened with this one was that the book set the bar very high which is awesome cause if the book made the movie look that bad it must have been a really great book, but my question is what books were covered in the movie?

The BBC radio drama was the original, and was excellent. The BBC TV series was very good, but with rather wobbly special effects (it was the BBC, after all).
Watch and listen to them, and pretend the movie was never made.

Jane And read the radio scripts.
Feb 20, 2013 07:46AM

Well, the movie doesn't follow the book very much at all. Technically, it would just cover the first, since it ends in exactly the same place as the book. However, the movie covers several things which are mentioned only in the later books.
Personally, I rather like the movie, and the books. I think the main reason most people don't like the movie is that it doesn't follow the books.
Then again, I'll just bet the books don't precisely follow the radio series they were based on either.
Funny is funny and a good story can be told a thousand different ways, far as I'm concerned.
Sorry, I ramble.

Stephen Truth, and well said. In the same way, radio drama (to which I listen on Sirius XM) requires auditory information, not only in the form of sound effec ...more
Feb 20, 2013 08:56AM

I was fairly happy with the movie. You can't really say that the book (or books) are better than the movie because in almost every case the book is better than the movie. The only exception is Stephen Kings "Secret Window", I liked the movie better. Adams did make slight changes to every incarnation of the story so you can't be that upset with differences. In general I thought it was cast well, and written about as well as could be expected. I do hope that the movie inspires some people to read the book and be creative on their own. If they make another movie I'd go to see it, I have this movie on DVD and have shown it to people who haven't seen it or read the book. It didn't spit in the face of HHGTG fans (not like Highlander 2 did to fans of the original movie). All right I'm done rambling incoherently.

Just the one. The movie was about as good as any movie based on a book. Rarely can a movie do justice to the book. Actually, I prefer the radio drama based on Hitchhiker. I think it was done by the BBC, but not sure. I heard it on NPR.

Many years ago.

I first came across this in the original BBC radio series and I can't help but still love this the most. The books stay pretty close to the radio series and are also great. The BBC TV series I thought was mostly dreadful. The film was okay.

There is a certain inevitability that people like whichever they heard/read/saw first.

The movie didn't cover any of the books. It was utter drivel. Don't waste your time or your money.

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