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Martin Just a few days ago I dove into this book and I absolutely love it. Now I am looking for similar books. I am not so much interested in the Gaming part but the the Quest itself. Like a good scavenger hunt, maybe in the real world or a fantasy one.
Please don't post any spoilers I'm not quite done with the book yet :-)

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Joe Waddington I read a book a quite a few years ago by Dennis L McKiernan (author of the Iron Tower fantasy series) which is somewhat similar to Ready Player One. Its called Caverns of Socrates - A group of seasoned RPG players are asked to playtest a new virtual RPG world, an they get trapped in the universe, and must complete the quest to escape. Its worth a read...

Danielle There is another discussion that asks the same question, sort of, and has lots of answers, I've gotten some suggestions there. If you go the the book's page then scroll to the very bottom it will show all discussions about the book.

Stephen Engel If you like this book than you will also like Ender's Game. I had a hard time fining other books that were as good as Ready Player One and there really isnt any like it. But deffinately try Enders Game.

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Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan.

Spencer Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson

Terri-Lynne Smiles "Multiplayer" by John C. Brewer. Both blend the real and the virtual very well. The differences are that "Multiplayer" is more in the suspense column, is set in the present day, and feels more like something that could happen than "Ready Player One." Not sure this is what you are looking for, but you might check it out.

Gary Welch If you are looking for more Quest then gaming, try Wilbur Smith.

Wilbur Smith:

River God
The Seventh Scroll
....and so on

Jackmeister Ready Player One was one of the favourite books I read, it was awesome, I heard they are trying to make a movie out of it but there are some copyright issues.

Spencer I read somewhere that Ernest Cline wrote the original script for the movie but the studio brought in another writer to rewrite it...makes me doubt if it'll be as awesome as the book

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