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A great book for all seasons

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message 1: by Mania (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:27AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mania A I've read the book when I was a ten year-old child and I still read it when I'm fed up with everything.This book can be a good book for everyone at every age with every mood.I love it.

message 2: by Benedict (new) - added it

Benedict Peng I love this book. I read it in the 5th grade. I think that the book is a perfect example of how we are all naturally sympathetic for the narrator. For example, when I first read the book at the part where the prince yells at the pilot, I thought that the prince was just being bratty. When I read the book again, I realized the prince was just mad, because he missed the rose and was worried for her. He felt that he had a duty to protect her and his little planet from all the baobab trees. When you read a book told in a 1st person point of view, finish the book, think about your impressions of the character, ans reread the book. As you read it for the second time, think about the characters and think more deeply about their traits and how they evolve.

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