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The Walls of the Castle
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Selling or have a Giveaway? > Help author Tom Piccirilli in his fight against brain cancer

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Chris Morey | 20 comments Friends, please help spread the word about Tom Piccirilli's book launch this coming Tuesday, November 13th at:

Recently Tom Piccirilli discovered that he had a golf ball-sized tumor in his brain. While the surgery was successful, there is still much treatment to be done. Tom is now drowning in medical bills, and we here at Dark Regions Press are doing everything we can to help, but we're asking for your help too.

The Walls of the Castle by Tom Piccirilli is the first book in our new Black Labyrinth imprint, and you can get banners, images and more to help promote the book with the press kit at:

We are donating 20% of hardcover proceeds directly to Tom as well as 100% of ebook proceeds. So please help spread the word! The more sales of the book, the more money we can send Tom to help him and his family.

Thank you!

Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* (ErinPaperbackstash) I've been following the progress for him on his facebook page for awhile now. It's a shame he has cancer. I am touched by all the people coming together to help him out.

Chris Morey | 20 comments Agreed, Erin! There has been quite the movement. I think we all recognize how absurdly expensive medical bills are (especially brain surgery).

Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* (ErinPaperbackstash) Yes and it's so sad how common this seems to have become. My fiances cousin was diagnosed with brain cancer last month, and when they went to see how advanced, it turns out he only had 2 weeks to a month left to live! It's very sad as he's in his late 30's with young children. :(

Chris Morey | 20 comments So sorry to hear that. Best wishes to him and the family.

Chris Morey | 20 comments The Walls of the Castle by Tom Piccirilli is now available:

20% of hardcover proceeds and 100% of ebook proceeds to be donated to author in his fight against brain cancer.

Please help spread the word:

Here's a tweet that you can retweet:

Here's a Facebook status/image you can share:

Here's the URL to the actual product page:

You can find the press releases and press kit for the book here:

Thank you for any help with supporting Tom!

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